when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi 5~pavani


Hiii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support

Sanky:you hear
Ragini:sorry I was mistaken
Sanky:u came to right place only
Rag:u r not..
Sanky:iam not dev iam from marriage beauro from which u got this match
Rag(in mind):they gave my details in beauro disgusting
Sanky:come sit he will be hear with in 5min
Rag sat she is very tensed to face him
Sanky:soo which type of husband u want ?
Rag:I don’t have any expectations
Sanky:y?? Soo? Every girl have many expectations for her marriage
Rag: but I don’t have (she is about to tell something his phone rang)
Sanky:haa swara wr r u people
Swara:we r stuck in traffic wil bee there soon
Sanky:its already late u know naa I hate being un punctual
Swara:common we r not doing it intensionally
Sanky cutted the call in a range
Sanky:they were stuck in traffic I already told them to bee fast but…
Rag:its ok no problem I can wait
Sanky:I hate this kind of people
Rag:its not that much serious that we start hating them for these silly reasons .
Sanky:but time is precious we should use it carefully if it pased then ir won’t return
Rag(gave a sweet ):even life too won’t return if it go away .
Sanky:so wt do u mean
Rag:nothing just enjoy every movement of life heartfully .insted of hating people start loving them try to understand their point of view
Sanky:(with a smile):if they make u fool everytime by saying these foolish reasons
Rag:wt happens just we becomes fool once again is ur ego values more than a life if they were really in troublee
Sanky was impressed
Sanky:well for the first time someone changed my view
Rag:soo u changed ur view
Sanky:not fully but from now I will atlest try to understand them

Their conversation was disturbed by swara
Swara:soo hear we came
Boy comes forward and extend his hand to rag nd his face is shown as dev(dev from ek hasinaa thi)
Dev:hii iam dev
Rag stood up from her place nd shaked her hand by introducing herself
Sanky:ok ragini we will leave u people carry onn
Rag:no problem u can stay hear
Sanky:noo its ok u people enjoy
Swara:hii ragini iam swara partner of this beauro nd best buddy of dev
Rag::nice to meet u swara
Sanky:nd she is my..
Rag:fiancee right
Sanky:how do u know.
Rag:just a guess
Sanky:hmm she is my girl friend nd pointing towards rag she is ragini
Rag:the mall girl .
Sanky smiled
Swara was shocked
Swara:so u r the one for whome he is crazily searching
Sanky was shocked
Swara was pulling his leg to irritate him
Rag:what???he is searching for mee???
Sanky:voo to tell u thank u
Dev:hmm it seems u all know already
Sanky took swara from there by saying
Sanky::u carry on
Dev:soo miss ragini
Ragini:mrs ragini laksh maheswari
Dev was shocked
Rag:yes I want to clear u every thing
She told him about her past which is muted to us nd tears escaped from her eyes
Dev:he is very nice guy
Rag gave a warm smile
Rag:it depends on u to think about our relation nd I already told u I can’t forget him
Dev gave a sweet smile
Dev:iam happy that u told it urself nd I know it before only uncle aunty informed it when I called them
Rag:still u came to meet mee
Dev:just to see a girl who can love that much
Rag:ok friends
Dev:y not a fiancee
Rag was shocked
Dev:yep u listened it clearly how can I loose a girl who can love unconditionally
Rag:don’t bee silly dev its not a joke its life wt about ur parents will they accept Dev was numb
Rag:soo don’t make any decisions in hurry
Dev:till I convence my parents we can be friends right
Rag:we will bee always
They were disturbed by swara
Swara:so how was the datee?
Dev:its awsome
Sanky was waiting for rags ans
Rag:ok we will meet again dev now I have to leave
Sanky:so do we think ur meeting is sucessful
Rag:not conformed we will meet again nd will confirm it nd tnk u for u people to make me meet dev
She said bye nd left
Sanky:soo how was she
Dev:she is puree nd sweet
Swara:so y u want timee
Dev:to convince my parents
Sanky:for what???
Dev:she is a widoww

Swara nd Sanky were shocked
Swara:u really want to marry her
Dev:ofcourse she is nice
Sanky:iam proud of u dev
Dev:hope my parents agree

Scene shifts
Rags phone rings
Rag:haa maa
Janaki:how was dev
Rag:I can’t believe u applied my name in a marriage beauro
Janaki(by giving fake smile):voo actually ha ur dad did it
Rag:disgusting maa u never said to mee
Janaki:leave about it how was dev
Rag:he is nice maa I told my truth its his wish that he will marry me or not
Janaki:hope itspositive
Rag:ok maa iam in hospital will talk with u later
Scene shifts
Sanky was thinking about rag
Ap comes ap:wt r u thinking about
Sanky:told about rag(he don’t know about her past he just know that she is widow)
Ap:hoo she have gone through a lot in her small age
Sanky:still she smiles nd behaves as if she is the happiest girl in the world
Ap:well that’s so sweet of her she has a positive mind
Sanky:I don’t know y but day by day iam feeling there is something btwn us I feel strange when iam with her I fell iam not mee iam someone else
Ap:u love swara right??
Sanky:don’t know maa iam confused .u know iam very practical person I only think with brain .my mind says I love swara but my heart is not accepting it .for the first time it is trying to say something .

Epi ends screen freezes with confusing face of Sanky
Sorry again for this boaring epi

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