when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi 4~pavani


Hiiii darlings iam really sorry for not replying actually its Sunday naa soo busy in kitchen nd ir jijuuu was also there sooo nd ya lovely nd megha darlings ur guess is right

Rag don’t know wt to say her heart started beating fastly
Sanky:I was searching for u from yesterday
Rag gave a questioning look
Sanky:actually to say thank you but u suddenly ran away from there soo
Rag gave a fake smilee
Sanky:ok iam sanskarr .
Sanky:nice namee .ok I want to ask u something ?
Rag was tensed
Sanky:y u ran away that day
Rag:voo …actually…I remembered that I have to attend an operation soo
Sanky:soo u r doctor
Rag gave a sweet smile
Sanky turned to boy
Sanky:ok wt u studied
Boy:I did mba sir
Sanky:if u r ok u can join my office it is a marriage buero u can handle account section
Boy:tnk u very much sirr
Rag:thank u ..
Sanky:u r always welcome
Rag:ok I need to goo .tnk u nd nice meeting u sanskar .byeee
she left
Sanky:she is different
Suddenly his phone rings
Sanky:haa swara tell mee
Swara:how boaring u r .u don’t call mee nd if I call u are asking y I called
Sanky:iam happy now plzz don’t argue nd spoil it
Swara:happy ??
Sanky:I met her??
Sanky:the mall girll
Swara was frustrated
Swara:if half of the imp have given to mee of which u r giving to her then I would bee the happiest person in the world
Sanky:iam sorry
Swara:wt ever will talk to u later.
She cutted the call
Sanky:cut the call nd remembered about rag

Scene shifts
Swara:do he really love mee meeleatleastdont care about mee mee should call me to convconvence atleast but noo

Scene shifts
Rag was sitting in her room by holding a photo .
Rag:I can feel ur presence .I know u r near mee nd will always bee .a tear escaped from her eyes she closed her eyes

A boy comes to her nd wipes her tears she opens her eyes and saw him nd a broad smile appears in her face
Rag:I know u r hear nd watching mee
boy:y not u r my wifee naa
Rag gave a sweet smile
Boy:u are breaking my promise .
Rag looks confusingly
Boy:u promised that u will never cry nd see now u broked it
Rag:u will come infrount of mee only if I cry that’s y Iam crying
Boy:soo u r cheating
Rag:hold his hand nd say
Rag:plzz don’t goo
Boy moves away from her she tries to hold him but he went

Rag woke up with a jerk by saying
Rag:plzzz don’t goo away lakshhh !!!
She opened her eyes nd sees that its her dream
Rag wiped her tears
Rag hold his photo tightly
Rag:I can hear ur heart beat when Iam with himm .he is different nd he is not like u .he don’t know how to enjoy life how can he keep u happy when ever iam with him I feel iam with u.
Door was knocked
Rag:haa maa coming
Janaki:u r not going to hospital today
Rag:is there any work
Dayal:u r going to meet the groom
Rag:I already….
Janaki:enough I don’t want to listen anything we have listened a lot now I won’t .we also lost our son but we didn’t stop living we r living for u nd I promised my son that I will keep u happy always .
Rag:maa iam happy with his memories maa.I love him nd can’t love any one else .
Janaki:if u love him soo much then y r u not listening him .do u think he will be happy to see u alone for ur whole life .nd I can’t see my son like that nd I don’t listen to u now.a boy will come to meet u today at coffee shop I will give his no go nd meet him

Janaki left from there
Dayal followed her
Rag was stunned
Dayal nd Janaki room
Janaki was crying
Dayal:y r u forcing her
Janaki:I can’t be selfish if she is not ready to accept the truth then it is our responsibility to make her move on I know it id difficult for her to forget him but she should .he is no more .
Dayal consoled her

Rag knocked the door
Janaki wiped her tears
Rag:if u r felling iam burden then ok iam ready to marry but listen maa I am ready only for u nd I can’t love him nd I will marry only after he completly knows my truth Nd if he is ready

Janaki came near her
Janaki:do u feel u r burden for us ?
Rag was numb nd she turned her head
Janaki turned her towards her
Janaki:see in my eyes nd say it
Rag hugged her nd stared crying
Janaki console her
Janaki:I know he will accept u heartfully
Rag released the hug nd gave a fake smile

Scene shifts
A boy is waiting for someone his back is shown
Rag came to coffee shop
Rag(in mind):now I should think how to spoil this match nd firstly wr is this duffer

Rag was irritated as she is not intrested in this

Rag saw a boy sitting there nd went to meet him
Rag:hii iam raginii
Boy turned his face nd both were shocked seeing each other
Epi ends
Screen freezes with shocking faces of rag nd the boy

I know its small nd boaring too but sorry

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