when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi 11~pavani


Hii darlings Tnk u very much for ur love,nd support

Rag:momm iam going to college

Laksh:i will drop u
Rag:no thanks I can manage nd iam habbituated for it
Sumi was about to say
Laksh:its ok if u don’t want me to drop u then I can accompany you to ur college
Rag(with irritation):u r disguesting
Nd left from there
Rag was on the way to bus stop some boys commented and visseled to her (he he he first of all she was irritated with laksh nd these poor guys made her mental)
Rag weto them nd slapped four of them who commented
Rag:wt do u think of ur self are ladies a toy to u nd we can’t do anything

Voice:ohh common its just a compliment from them to ur beauty
Rag turned other side nd gave an irritating look (yes it is our Laksh ).
Rag:wil u plzz stay away
Laksh:common y r u always soo serious its just a comment nd u r reacting as if they moilesh u
Rag:so wt do u mean we should stay silent till they moilesh us
Laksh:see u are again getting me wrong I want to tell that its just a comment think they are praising your beauty they have right to say wt they want nd haa if they touch u then u can slap
Rag:ok then I was irritated by uuu so can I slap u ??
Laksh:if ur hatred towards mee can be reduced by slapping me yes u can I have no problem
He didn’t complete his dialog she slapped him
Rag:now I can feel better (with a smirk)
Laksh hold his cheek with hand (really he didn’t expected it)
Laksh:ok ok now did ur irritation have become less
Rag was surprised for his reaction
Rag:nooo I want to give one moree shall I??
Laksh:ofcourse u r always welcome
Rag raised her hand but stopped(don’t know y she don’t want to slap him) nd she left
Laksh follwed her
Laksh:I tought u will definitely slap me
Rag:iam not that much cruel .
Laksh:I know ur heart is sweet like u
Rag gave a sweet smile
Laksh:u looks nice when u smile
Rag:I will ask u one thing tell mee
Rag:y u came hear
Laksh:to be frankly ur dad send me to see u I mean for marriage proposal
Rag was shocked
Laksh gave a sweet smile
Rag:nd he sent u??y he is doing all these ?
Laksh:he loves u .
Rag:fake love to show public that he cares about us
Laksh:common he really cares about u
Rag left from there crying
Laksh:plzz ragini listen to mee once

Sumi was dull nd sat at dining table
Laksh went out nd came home
Laksh:wt happened darling y u look sad
Sumi:don’t know rag didn’t came till now iam just worried
Laksh(shocked):she didn’t came till now ohh noo ok u don’t worry I will go nd bring her

At the clift area
Laksh:I know u will be hear
Rag turned nd saw laksh
Rag:plzz I don’t want to talk with any one now leave me alone
Laksh:I won’t untill u tell me wt is ur problem
Rag:fine if u won’t go then I will leave nd she is about to go laksh hold her hand
Rag:don’t touch mee I don’t like some one touching me
Rag:because I don’t trust any one mainly men .all are cheaters
Laksh pulled her towards him she was facing him (they have an eye lock)
Laksh:ur dad didn’t cheated u .try to understand him
Rag:noo I won’t
Laksh:ok tell mee how are u living all these days happily by living in a costly house nd ha u r doing mbbs who is paying ur fee
Rag was shocked
Laksh:no one is earning neither ur grand parents nor ur mom but u are living a luxurious life
Rag was numb as he is right
Laksh:really if u don’t want to depand on ur father first of all earn by ur own then u will come to know how difficult it is to earn money nd for whome we r earning won’t bother about us .u know how it hurts ??
A tear escaped from rags eyes
Laksh left from there angrily
Rag was broken

Laksh woke up late nd he was worried about rag nd went to check in her room nd didn’t found her nd went to kitchen nd saw dumi preparing break fast
Laksh:gm darling
Sumi:gm (she saw laksh searching for someone)
Sumi:rag left to college early .shehave a special class today (with a naughty smile)
Laksh blush
Laksh:maa she didn’t came till now?
Sumi:she called me nd said it will become late
Laksh was waiting for her nd listed to door bell nd ran nd opened it nd saw rag nd immediately hugged her
Rag was shocked nd she pushed him
Rag:how dare u??
Laksh:voo iam really sorry I was just concerned about u
Rag:I hate people who shows fake love and fake concern .it is better if they live In their own limits
Rag:mom plz I don’t want to fight with u for outsiders nd went to sumi nd kept money in sumis hands

Sumi:wt is this
Rag:my first day salary
Sumi gave a confused look
Rag:I joined as a tutore in a college nd this is fee given for tutions by my students
Sumi:wt is need of all this
Rag(looked at laksh):it is necessary maa some one made me eealise my responsibility maa actually he is right if he didn’t talk like that I may not know the fact that iam depending on a person whome I hate most
Laksh closed his eyes
Rag came near Laksh
Rag:iam studying by taking loan from bank not on depending on some one
Rag left from there
Sumi :wt happened Laksh
Laksh:I just want to make her realise about her father’s love but she took me wrong don’t worry I will make her realise

Sumi cuped his face nd blessed him
Laksh went to rags room nd saw her standing near the window
Laksh:woww nice
Rag ignored him nd started arranging bed sheet
Laksh hold her hand tightly
Rag jerked his hand nd slapped him
Rag:stay away from mee
Laksh:nooo I won’t nd he again hold her hand
Rag(irritation):wt is ur problem?
Rag gave a confused look
Laksh:yes u ..y can’t u understand ones love
Rag:love??it don’t exist if he loves mee then he won’t leave us
Laksh:he don’t want to leave u but u forced him to leave .he wants both of u y can’t u understand his helpless ness .ok leave about ur father did u ever tried to understand ur mother u know how much she loves ur father but because of u she is staying away from him

Rag was numb
Laksh:it is my fault to love u
Rag was shocked
Laksh:a person who can’t understand the love of her parents how can she understand my love
Epi ends screen freezes with shocking face of rag

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