when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi 10~pavani


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Sumi was in phone
SumI: haa shekar tell me fast y u called this early
Shekar:is ragini awake ?
Sumi:if she is awake will she allow me to talk with u
Shekar feels bad nd a tear escaped from his eyes
Shekar:when will she excose her father .
Sumi:don’t worry she will understand it soon
Shekar:I hope the day comes soon
Sumi:k tell mee y u called
Shekar:voo I have seen a boy for ragini he is son of my friend dayal nd he will come to see ragini
Sumi:what??but if she comes to know that he was sent by u ..
Suddenly some one grabbed phone from sumi nd sumi is shocked to rag
Rag:if he left us for them then there is noo need to bother about us nd she saw phone nd cutted the call
Sumi:wt is this rag.
Rag:this is his punishment for his deeds
Sumi:he married her to save her from society who misunderstood their friend ship as affair
Rag:how can u take his side maa he cheated u by marriying her nd he left u for her
Sumi:he never left mee I send him as I tought he have her responsibility too
Rag:soo he went with her not tought about u once also
Sumi:he never leave his responsibility he always cares about us nd he still loves mee
Rag:then y he didn’t came when I told him to choose any one of us
Sumi:as sakshi needs him more .she has no family to support her I have our family nd ur dads family to support mee
Rag:iam not mahan like u I can’t tollerate him nd I don’t want any of them to talk about him in this house
Sumi was about to say something bell rang
Dadi opened the door
A boy entered the house with a huge smile
Rag was shocked to see him
Sumi:u r…
Boy:laksh son of dayal nd Janaki
Sumi:ohh yaa shekar told about u come in
Laksh was rags shocking face nd blinked his eye to her
Rag came to senses
Rag :get lost .y u came hear
Laksh:ur dad send me
Dadi nd sumi hold their heads
Rag:what?? She eyed sumi angrily
Sumi:he is son of dayal uncle .u have seen him in ur chaild hood
Rag:soo y he came now
Sumi was about to say something
Laksh:to irritate u..
Sumi(in mind):now iam gon
Rag gave a deadly glare to sumi
Laksh:ok if u want to say me any thing u can tell me directly y r u staring aunty like a hungry lioness
Rag:gave an irritated smile ok then u get lost nd tell that man to stop thinking about us
Laksh:that mann..who is that mann??
Rag:the man who send u hear ..
Rag:my dad..
She realises wt she said nd a tear escaped from her eyes nd left from there
Sumi was crying
Laksh came near sumi nd cuped her face
Laksh:don’t worry maa very soon she will start loving her dad like before
Sumi:thank u beta
Laksh:ok no more cryings maa iam soo hungry plzz give me something to eat
Sumi:ohh iam sorry I forgot about that nd she left
Laksh looked around nd saw rags photos nd smiled

Rag returned nd saw laksh who is laughing with his mom nd dadi
Rag:won’t u leave now ?
Sumi:shut up rag
Rag:what wrong I asked?
Laksh hold sumi hand
Laksh:its ok aunty I don’t mind nd turned to rag
Laksh:I came to enjoy my vaccation so I won’t leave that early so better get habituated to mee
Rag:noo way I can’t bare him that much longer
Sumi:then go to ur room nd sleep quite with out making noise
Rag left from there with irritation .
Sumi:soo do u like her ?
Laksh gave a sweet smile
Laksh:not only like I just love her .
Sumi:she.will be very lucky to have u in.her life
Laksh gave a sweet smile

Rag woke up an went to wash room nd came out
Rag(in mind):wt is he doing .waitttt y am I thinking about him nd went to kitchen to have coffee nd saw laksh helping sumi nd stared him lovingly she heared a sound nd turned back nd found nothing nd again turned to see Laksh nd didn’t found him

Voice:searching for mee??rag saw laksh near her nd jerked him
Rag:y will I search for u??
Laksh:I know u started feeling for mee
Rag:wt rubbish?
Laksh:I can’t understand y u girl always likes when boy helps any poor or help any one who is in need or he makes her family happy .really u will not change

Rag :shit up
Nd she left from angrily
Epi ends screen freezes with angry face of rag nd smiling face of laksh

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