hi guys iss baar toh i m not so late do u missed me and do u all like the concept of my ff well u all shld be ready to have major twists and turns in nxt episodes………………….

ok so here is link of 5th epi

RECAP:Twinj taking care of each other as cute innocence queen and concern king.Kunj gets to knw dreadful past not full past bt a little torture or moment of past ans kunj gifting her dresses to wear…………….

Ok now proceed to epi 6 of I WAS ABOUT TO FALL IN LOVE
OK SO guys do you remember this alll is past only read in twinkle’s diary by herself…………………………………
I will show present moments also bt most probably from next episode

After some time
Twinki came out after bathing in a beautiful dress gifted to kunj.It was a white crop top with black horizontal strips on it with a white plazo and a beautiful short shrug over that top.
Two cute eyes took a lill glimpse to a gorgeous girl with wet hairs.The girl is none oder than twinki and that two beautiful eyes which were not concentrated on the laptop on that person’s lap were just mesmerized to see or capture that view in heart.
That two cute eyes were of(as obvious) kunj his innocence queen’s concern king.
How is the file sir

kunj(seeing towards twinkle):innocent,cute and lovely……………………..
voice:sir how can a file be innocent….cute and lo……………

twi:kunj see someone is der on video chat asking u something
Kunj:(coming in senses):oh srry rahul
So the voice was coming frm video chat

kunj:rahul file and presentation was good bt jst mail it once to me i ll read and let u know pts………….ok
Kunj closes the laptop.
He moved his left leg down from bed but as he was going to move his injured leghe screamed a little in pain.

Twi came running towards him and……..
She lifts his left leg to the bed and makes his back support to the back of bed.
Twi(sobbing wid tears in eyes):kunj pls kunj hw many times i ll tell u pls dont move if smthng happens to u hmm. pls dont hurt urself if u need smthng pls tell i ll bring that fr u pls.

ku(clearing her moist eyes wid his thumb):pls meri innocence queen dont shed these tears ur tears are more precious dan that diamonds too and i was just getting up as my whole body is pain……..
Twi::::; what and u r tellin me now hunhhhhh PLS kunj i know that i m nothing to u i m just a orphan who was thrown and u gave her everything
Shelter ,this beautiful dress and most importantly a best friend

Kunj(keeping hands on her mouth):shhhhhhhhhh. pls twi pls dont say like dis to u i have noone in my life nw only u r der my best friend so pls dont do LIKE my LOVE DID…..(TEARS ON SAYING THIS BUT HE HIDES)
Twi sensed pain bt thought it as not the time to talk about it.
Ku:i wanna say dat i m sitting frm a long time so my full body is aching

Twi:ok but u dont move if u wanna go outside in garden i ll take u ok
Twi gets up and was about to turn tolift kunj up but due to mat her leg twists and lo……….and behold………………
She was abt to fall but her concern king’s palms held her shoulders while she was having her palms landed on his chest.
They both share an eyelock.
Ik din kabhi jo khud ko tarashe
Teri nazar se tu zara haaye re
Aakhon se teri kya kya chhupa hai
Tujhko dikhaun main zara haye reeeee
Ek ankahi si dastannnn dastannnnnnn
Kehne lagega aiiiiiina
SUBHANALLAH jo ho raha hai pehli daffa hai wallahhhh aisa hua
” ” ” ” ‘ ‘ ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “” ‘ ” ” “” ” “” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ‘ ‘ ‘
(They break their eyelock and feels some awkwardness.Twi takes kunj up and gives him support through her shoulder.His arm rests on her shoulder now and both look toward each other)
Meri khaamoshi se baatein chun lena
Unki dori se taarifein bun lena-2
subhanallah……………….sng ends

Twi takes him downstairs vry carefullyand tok him to the garden to make him sit on the chair.
Twi:yes kunj bolo”””””””””””””
Kunj:twinkle u r looking very beautiful
Twi(blushes):thhhh….thanks kunj i ll just come pls dont move pls
After 20 mins
Twi comes with a plate.It was breakfast for kunj
Twi sits on other chair near kunj
Twi:kunj see pls have it u r weak have this aloo parantha with curd
Kunj:thanku twi i was feeling hungry and also these are my fav
But wer is ur plate>?

Twinkle:no i ll eat afterwards u eat
Kunj:no twinkle u have to eat
Twi:pls kunj i m nt feeling hungry u eat

Kunj:promise na u ll eat
Twi:kunj promise

KUNJ(SMILES):ok and starts eating
Wow twinkle its yummy i m getting such paranthas after many years my LOV…..
NO leave it is very yummy u shld try it and he puts a bite in her mouth instantly
Twi starts coughing ah..ahr..ahr,…………

Kunj(panicking) twi drink it fast
He makes her drink water and they both share an eyelock
Their eyelock breaks and.
Kunj(tears in eyes):i m srry twi bcos of me/………………
Twi(stops him):hey my concern king dont take tension i m f9 see u just eat oderwise it will be cool down
Kunj starts eating and chanting while twi eyes him lovingly and smiles
Twi:kunj smthng is stuck near ur lips a food bite it is

KUNJ tries to clear it bt cannot and then twi moves her finger around his chin to clear the bit.
ON twi’s touch kunj closes eyes and feels some connnection to her and same with twi/………………….
Screen splits on both of them’s connection wala confused face……….

PRECAP:A leap of one month and kunj taking twi to goa his permanent residence

So guys hwz it pls do drop dwn ur commnts yaar pls i need all of ur support

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  1. dreamer...arundhati

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  2. Wow amazing n cute epi.. twinj scenes were ???.. that line “how can a file be innocent, cute and lovely” was epic???.. waiting for the next ❀

    1. Paavu

      Hey thanks sidvee I m happy u liked it srslythnks and I m happy u liked dat line I ll try to reach up to more of ur aaspirations thanks

  3. Maggi

    Very cute…
    Short n sweet…
    Luvd it
    CNT soon

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    awesome amazing fabulous epi

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  6. Chiku

    Wwowwwwww it’s awesome ? lovely
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  7. Ramya

    Paavu amazing fabulous loveed it kitna pyaara hai n do kunj has any bitter past I know all my doubts will clear slowly can’t wait plsss asap n I missed u alot
    Loved it N love u

    1. Paavu

      Hey ramya thanks as always fr being a regular commenter and wait as we ll proceed new mysteries ll be unfolded so….

  8. Loved it sorry for not being able to comment on your previous episodes Was going to leave TU but khya karu I guess I am addicted to it πŸ™‚

    1. Paavu

      Hey yaar sidmin pehle toh thanks fr commnting ab pitaai khaani hai bata haan why u were gonna leave tu hum tere bina kaise jiyenge sanam ab khabardaar dobara aisi baat ki toh haan keh deti hun……

  9. Paavu

    Hey ramya thanks as always fr being a regular commenter and wait as we ll proceed new mysteries ll be unfolded so….

  10. Adya

    Whohhhhhhhh di….. super episode
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  11. Hey pavvu,
    awesome plus amazing.
    Luved it.muaahhhh.Post soon.N who is kunj’s love.Desparately waiting to know kunj’s love.

    Lots of luv,

  12. Sameera

    Wow yaar paavu awesome just loved it soo much ????????

  13. Aksa_Nikoria

    Awesome..loved it yaar..too fantastic..
    Loved twinjs concern towards eachother..mmmmuuuuhhhh..
    Do cont soon di..cant wait for the nxt part
    Love you πŸ™‚

  14. Vipul

    Hey Paavu! it was amazing awesome cute episode….. loved twinj concern n care for each other…… it was superb…… come soon with next….



  16. Baby

    woohhooooooooo ishu jaan yr dear sis d episode was ummm………
    kya khun tune firse merko speechless chod diya miss intelligent kun yr kunj chod dia speechless matlab kya likhti hai tu osm ahaaannn loved it sooooooo much or abi itna lamba cmnt toh nhi kr skti bt sch mein u nailed it………… πŸ˜€ β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ love u dear gud nyt…. πŸ˜€

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