HI GUYS HOW R U ALL miss kiya mujhe????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I guess no chalo agar kia toh bhi padhna agar nahi kia toh bhi plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Acha first of all epi uske baad sayu ke lie bday treat and in end ap sabke ke liye ek news good or bad u guess

RECAP:glass pain………incident and all

ok so nw epi

twi’s pov(first pov of my ff)
i am just not knowing what is going on in me my mind and most didicantly in my heart at the time when i gaze at my concern king’s injured foot which was just bcos of me.He cares for me soooo much thanks god ki apne isse meri zindagi mein bheja aisa insaan jisne mujhe na jaante hue bhi mujhe sahara dia mera saath dia mujhe protect kia thanks baba g thank u sooooo much ab toh iss ke liye jaan bhi deni pade na to woh bhi hans ke de doon but pls baba g mere kunj ko trheek kar do.Hey baba g main yeh kya bol rahi hun MERA KUNJ nahi twinkle tu aisa nahi soch sakti wo sirf apne LOVE se hi pyaar karta hai aur tu to sirf uski frnd hai par kyu main iski taraf khichi ja rahi hoon kyun ab aisa lagta hai ki zindagi mein ab kunj ke alava na mera koi koi muqaam hai na mera koi wajood hai yeh mujhe ho kya raha hai baba g par twinkle thaam le iss dil ko sambhaal le is naazuk dil ko jo boht dhoke kha chuka hai or boht baar toot chuka hai ki iss baar toota toh shayad phir kabhi nahi judega par mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai ki kunj sirf or sirf mera hai kyun kya lagta hia yeh mera kya lagta hai:?????????????????????????????????(thanks god for sending him in my life the person who gave me support protected me and did sooo much for me.now if god u ask me to give my life for him also thye4n i ll sacrifice my life also widout any questions happily but pls god make my kunj alright i want him fine just do dat god pls i beg u pls save MY KUNJ.Hey god what am i saying MY kunj no twinkle he is nt urs but he is only of his love so twinkle u even cant think to love him no u cant but why am i gettin attracted towards him why????????????????????? why cant i stop myself why it seems to me that widout him neither i have any destination nor my ownself why?????????????But twinkle hold this heart take care of this heart it shld nt slip it has got many mistrusts nw it will break for frever dat it ll never join)


POV ends
he was having blurry vision but nw it was clear.He can see his innocent queen and feel his hands sinking in pool of warm soft liquid which was his queen’s tears.
He feebly spoke
Twi:(crying)kunj u woke kunj i m srry u got hurt bcos of me only why u ran towards me why are u sooooo good why u concern for me sooooooo much why kunj why dekho meri wajah se tumnhara kya haal ho gya i pray ki babaji pls kill me as i m siiner to kunj pls give death to…………….

Kunj kept his soft hand on her dulcat lips(sweet) and both gazed in each other’s chatoyant eyes.It seemed that they both are just conflating and melting in each other’s deep eyes which have much to express but those soft lips were out of wrds.Their eyes worked as emollient for their pains.

Ku:Twi aisa kyu keh rahi hai agar aisa hai toh bhagwan pehle mujhe iss duniya se utha le par pls tu aisa mat keh pls pls

Tw(still crying):kunj pls dont say like this pls kunj but why u have hurt urself why u didnt saw glass on floor

Ku:toh aur kya twi(than wat else twi) u were trembling in cold her and see(puuting his hand on her forehead) omg twi see u r having sooo much fever i cannot see u in pain tere liye main duniya ka koi bhi dukh seh sakta hun chahje wo maut(death) hi kyu na ho main tujhe taklif mein nahi dekh sakta twi ……………………

Now he was shocked on wat he said and similarly twi was double shocked they both shared a deep eyelock
After a few mins ku broke d silence
ku:by the way twi u tell why u put your blanket on me i was already having one???
twi:woh kunj ya u were having but i saw u were shivering so i gave u mine one bcos of me only u have to sleep on couch and that also in ur own house

Ku:hey twi first of all its ur house also as nw we are frnds and i guess we ll share as its a rule of frndship ok and ya i have one more surprise actually dis is nt my actual house ya its my bungalow only ut i actually live in goa in south goa which is very calm and peaceful place away frm city’s hectic life as i like nature and peace i ve just came here for a bussiness meeting and…..(self talk:finding my LOVE )but i m sooooooooooooooo happy that i came here bcos it made me meet to d most caring and innocent person of the world so we ll leave for goa tomorrow.

Tw:kunj u have already given me so much that i cant even retutrn dat and i m a burden on u i ll find me a place to live u go and enjoy ur life

Ku:hey wat i told that nw u r my family so we r going to goa not a wrd against this decision otherwise u r nt my frnd also
Tw:listen kunj pls dont say like this pls uy r my only family nw ok i ll come wid u but pls promise mee dat u ll never brk our frndship pls kunj pls promise me

Ku:ok meri innocence queen i kunj sarna frnd of twi swears dat i ll nvr evr brk or think to brk our frndship

Tw:thanks ku(smiling lightly)but kunj as we r nw frnds so i request u pls can we leave for goa after u bcome alright

Ku:hey twi nthng hapopnd to me and nthng will as far as u r wid me

Tw:kunj pls i cant compromise wid ur health pls kunj

Ku:ok as u say

TWI hugged him saying thanks but then she parted awkwardly
Ku:its ok twi its frndly hug dont be awkward
twi smiled but as she was having fever so she was feeling weakness which ku noticed and he said that make him stand she asked why he said that he wanted to get medicine for her as well she said no heinsisted then only a lady knocks the door

Ku:kamla anti thanks u came pls anti bring fever medicines for twi she is my frnd and ya pls bring ice cold water in big bowls and a a hanky for keeping on hjer forehead

Ka:ok kunj beta i ll
AQnd after few mins she came wid all the things and she also cleaned the room as there was glass blood and all and she left the room

Now kunj was in half lying position on bed and twi was sitting at side of hime on a stool he told twi to come on bed and sit beside him after his insistence she came and then he opened medicine bottle to feed her
Tw:kunj u pls take rest i ll eat
Ku:no twi u cared for me i denied no then u also keep quiet and take this medicine

tw:ok kunj
ku:wow twi at every pt u prove me rt thgat u r innocence queen u r aggreeing to eat this bitter medicine that’s wat make u diff frm every girl
ok nw take it she ate it and then kunj told her to lie down on bed so that she can do cold hanky on her head she did and then kunj wid great difficulty sat on bed to do dat but twi said pls kunj dont trouble urself
Ku:twi i m hurt at foot and not at hands so u keep quiet and just rest then i ll ok
and he starts doing ita nd dey both share eyelocks and twi fall asleep and kunj looked her as she held key to his heart lovingly

Jisse zindagi dhoond rahi hai
Kya yeh wo muqaam mera hai
Yaahan chaain se bas ruk jaun
Kyun dil yeh mujhe kehta hai||

Jazbaat naye se mile hain
Jaane kya asra ye hua hai
Ik aas mili phir mujhko
Jo qubool kisi ne kia hai

Kisi shayar ki ghazal
Jo de ruh ko sukoon ke pal
Koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar

Naye mausam ki sehar
Ya sard mein dopahar
koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar

Jaise koi kinara deta ho sahara
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par
Koi raat ka taara
Krta ho ujala
Waise hi roshan kare wo shahar

Drd mere wo bhula hi gaya
Kuch aise assar hua
Jeena mujhe phir se woi sikha raha…

Jaise baarish karde ghar
Ya marham dard par
Koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Ya sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar….
song and epi endssssss
hey guys aj ka toh long tha but unfortunately it is last epi which is long and shayad its my last post as i put my all efforts in my writings to bring out the best but i got vry less commnts only fifteen guys pls do commnt as i m only able to write small epis due to less time otherwise i will stop writing and ya i ll be latte in my posts due to bzee schedule if u all need m,e to post i can do but i promise i ll post once in 2 weeks and also whenever i ll get enought ime so pls support me otherwise i have to stop writing wid heavy heart so its all on u pls do commnt even silent readers pls brk ur silence p[ls guys and ya….. neeche dekho see down a treat for sayu’s bday sab padhan aur pls epi ke baare me aur mere decisionn and note ke baare mein bhi commnt krna plssssssssssssss


us ladki ke liye jisse khudane itni fursat se banaya hai
us ladki ke liye jisse khuda ne kala or hunar diya hai
aisa hunar jo shayd kismat walon ko hi milta hai
or wo hunar hai apni sundar words se auron ka dil jeetna
i am proud that i know that girl

these all bday gifts are for u sayu love u sooo much.

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    Awesome ❤️
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  13. SidMin

    Amazing Loved it awesome the episode was too good and Twinkle’s POV was superb You can’t end it 🙂 I okay if you post once in 2 weeks 🙂 So don’t end Pls…………
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  16. Sayeeda

    Paavu yrrrr yeh kya u r sad ….but why jaan coz of less number of comments….I know it really hurts but plzzzzzz don’t be sad nd keep a belief on u coz u r an exceptionally beautiful amazing writer…..
    The way u depicted Twinj concern for eo is too adorable…. those dialogues…..my goodness they all were enhancing the worth of the episode……..plzzzzzz yrr don’t do this… don’t snatch a wonderful writer like u From us ….I know I’m not commenting now a days but it’s a matter of few days after that I will be back in original Sayu avatar …

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for ur wishes…..those lines r still driving me crazy…..sacchi yrrrr u love me soooo much….. Paavu jaan u means a lot to me …..I really don’t have words to tell u how much happy I’m now… seeing so much love From u ppl for me makes my tiredness flew away……. this is the best bday ever coz u ppl r with me ……

    Love you sooooooooooo much….. love you??????????????????

    1. Paavu

      really sayu jaan i love u and u r really my jaan haan i was going to end bcos is mein bhi boht kam commnts the but apke iss pyaar bhare commnt ne mere aasuon ki nadian shuru kar di i cant control my tears ap mein aisa kya magic ho jo ap rula ke bhi khushi dete ho aur wo jo lines maine ap ke liye likhi wo sab mere dil se nikli hain i love u ap apne bzee schedule se bhi mere liye commnt kia love u most in thius whole universe bas ab main apne ff ko boht improve karungi ki all shld commnt but i ll not end whether there are less commnts bcos till u r wid me i need not be sad llove u mere aasoon or mera blush apke commnts padh ke increase ho jata hai that also billion times love u such a sis such a bestie khuda sirf kismat walon ko hi deta haior wo jo lines i have written that are micro part of a billion as u cant be described in words nahi toh words hi khatam ho jayenge love u the most

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