recap- Part 2 continued

hi guys howz u all i knw nobody missed me but koi nhi srry for being late yaar i was sooooo much bzee wat i can say nw also i m bzee but i m managing to write my ff which i knw noone likes but pls agar pasand nhi bhi hai toh criticising commnt chalega but pls yaar commnt karna

AUr haan do u all remember previous part if no than a quick visualization is
:twi being scared of darkness both putting each other’s sweet names kunj sleeping on couch in twi’s room on chilly night of winters and twi putting her blanket over kunj and herself sleeping widout it

OK so nw lets start wid our new epi of twi THE INNOCENT QUEEN’S STORY ON HER DAIRY


kunj wakes up and sees that he is having two blankets upon him and then he gets up and looks toward his trembling INNOCENT QUEEN and as he has been entitled CONCERN KING by his INNOCENCE QUEEN he has to fulfill it so he ran towards her and some water was lying on the floor with broken pieces of glass so but he widout caring of glass ran towards twinki and stepped on glass which just pierced his foot very badly that no one can see him blood starerd to flow like rivers but he was just cared about twi and didnt realise what he has done to himself.

But due to red water spilled on floor of course blood and water he fell on twi.
Now he was above twi due to sudden jerk twinki woke up was not able to get up properly as he was herself having fever due to sleeping widout blanket the whole night but she tried to getup but failed again due to kunj being above her.Then kunj got up but was unable to stand so he fell down .Nw everything fades before twinkle’s eyes she could nt get to what has happened but she saw stream of red couloured water and

oh my god kunj wat happened kya hua pls kunj meri taraf dekho kunj tumhe kuch nahi hoga main hoon na kunj tum apni ankhen khuli rakhna main tumhe kuch nahi hone dungi bas kunj 2 min ruko acha ye batao tumhara koi family doc ka no. hai so i shld call.

kunj pointed towards a diary on front table twi in her that cond also ran and grabbed dat diary and got doc no. and she called him.
She then went to kitchen and brought ice cubes in plenty and then she saw kunj’s foot which was pierced like wood by saw.Tears were flowing from her eyes like anything she then moved her trembling hands towards his foot which was not of skin colour but fully red.Then she hold the glass piece and finally wid so much carefulness she was able to get that piece out only then kunj screamed on top of his voice but twi calmed him and wanted to take him to the bed was nt able to.THen she saw kunj was losing his senses sooo she tried to wake him up she cried like nothing before then only

Doctor;OMG kunj(Family doc) wat happened (to twi)pls lady help me to get him on the bed
And then both carried him to his bed and then she saw that ice has all melted then she ran away to bring more ice

Here doctor was removing blood by cotton balls then twi came and put kunj’s feet in ice due to which blood vessels constrict and blood stops to ooze somewhat she did not get it out till much blood stops and then doc do bandage and proper dressing and went away…………………..

ok bas aj ke liye itna hi srry i knw its very short but pls do understand i cant write more long yaar i ll surely give another epi today but pls tell me which u want this one or one from my other 2 ffs that are u to decide but i ll give surely byeeeeeeeeeee

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  1. Amazing epi.. loved the care n concern by twinj for each other.. well any ff will do as I love them all πŸ™‚ do cont soon ?

    1. Paavu

      Thanks sidvee I m happy dat u liked it

  2. Nice epi
    love twinj care for each other

  3. Maggi

    Cute one….
    Lykd twinkis concern..
    CNT soon

  4. dreamer...arundhati

    Paavu so concernful epi… Lol… But plz ctd soon

    1. Paavu

      Thanks dreamer u lijed it see I told u it ll be posted and I m wrking on my nxt one also but lol kya tha ismein???? Chal koi nhi love u acha ek baat batao tumhara accnt guest accnt kause vana I mean u were having user accnt as far as I knw

  5. Paavuuuuu di I was a silent reader of ur ff but today I couldn’t control that’s why broke the silence I just love ur ff plz continue and pst soon eagerly waiting for the nxt epi…..bye bye love u

    1. Paavu

      Thanks manu I m very happy I cant tell dat a silent reader of my ff bcame actve omg thanks dat u liked my ff thanks soooo much love ya I m working on nxt epi

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  7. Chiku

    Cute one❀️❀️❀️
    Lovely episode
    Plz post next one soon

  8. Awesome epi…

  9. Loved each and every part of this episode….

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  11. Ranabulbul

    Mujhe or padhna hai …
    No this is worng …plz na post soon plz…
    It was so lovely….
    I loved it post soom

  12. awesom…amazing..Cute epi…
    Luved it.
    Eagerly waiting for the next epi…
    Do post soon.

  13. Hmm.me too is a silent reader…………hehehe but I broke my silence……….. before only………Maun brat toot gya………????
    Now coming to the ff………..ohh……..it was fabulous…………very nyyycccc

  14. nice part
    continue soon

  15. Ramya

    Hey paavu awesome loved it

  16. Shreya098

    Nice part paavu..
    Looking forward to the upcoming ones

  17. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome πŸ™‚ Post soon πŸ™‚

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