HI GUYS I hope u ll are fine waise maximum aj to sab ke exams khatam ho hi gaye hai toh pls yaar commnts toh dil khol ke hi ndena padega pls pata hai I was so disappointed ki aisa kaise itne less commnts but jinhone kiye unke liye bhi bada wala thanks aur silent readers ke liye bhi critisims are welcomed but pls no abusive language ok toh batana ki kaisa lagega aage ka epi aur jo aj padh rahe hain unke liye link hope it works

Aur haan guys one more problem is there are tension nahi actually wo jo pichla wala part tha usme mene na LOVE said by kunj uspe focus diya tha or tu walon ne use bhi small kar diya but its capital kyunki…….suspenses ok aur haan yeh epi itna long nhi hoga as I have to write other 2 ffs also and guys I need SUGGESTIONS FROM U REGARDING MY THIS OS CAN I CALL IT FF BCOS AS I LL WRITE SHORT ONES AND STORY IS ALSO REVOLVING IN MY MIND AND DAY BY DAY IDEAS ARE ALSO INCREASING DAY BY DAY SO ARE U ALL OK IF IT LL GO UPTO sixteen or seventeen oarts are u all ok aur pls guys one request is there pld do commnt or I ll have to stop it

Guys last meiun note pls do read very imp and then thanks giving also ok no more chit chat and hold on ur hearts for 2ND PART OF MY OS “I WAS ABOUT TO FALL IN LOVE”



Ku:twi u should no go to sleep tomorrow oh sorry today as it’s already midnight we have to goi on shooping for u

Twi: (tears in eyes)kunj why are u doing this much for me u r so good but l have always been a burden pls God I don’t wanna live in this world pls take me aw………

KU(keeping hand on her mouth): twi now I should give u paper wid stampletter that u r not a burden but a friend of me and(having tears in his eyes)I was all alone now god has given me a friend how he can sieze u from me

All this while twi was only looking at him and now they shared a cute eyelock

Saason ko played in bg
(pls guys do read song perfectly portrays the situation and written wid dedication so pls)
Saason ko jeene ka ishara mil gaya
Dooba main tujh me to kinara mil gaya

Saason ko jeena ka sahara mil gya
Zindagi ka pata dobara mil gaya
Tu mila toh khuda ka sahara mil gaya(2)

Gum zda gum zda
Dil ye tha gum zda
Bin tere bin tere
Dil mein thaaaa gum zda

Aaram de tu mujhe
Barson ka hun main thaka
Palkon pe raaten liye tere vaaste main jaga ……..main jagaaaaa(2)

Mere har dard ki gehrai ko
Mehsoos karta hai tu
Teri ankhon se tera gham maloom
Mujhe hone lagaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tu mila toh khuda ka sahara mil gya(2)

Main raaz tujh se kahoon
Humraaz ban ja zara
Krni hai kuch guftagu
Alfaaz ban ja zara(2)

Juddaa jab se hua
Tere bina khamosh rehta hun main
Labon ke paas aa ab tu meri
Awaaz ban ja zara
Tu milaaaaaaa………………..

Song ends..
They break their eyelock and twi got up
Twi:kunj I m going to sleep u sleep as well
Kunj nods but as soon as twi turns to leave kunj’s room lightning and thunder sounds made her afraid and then to add more love god seized electricity by his nature power.As soon as light goes twi screams lightly but in darkness as she was near kunj’s bed she stumbled and fell down on bed on top of kunj.Kunj’s hands were tightly holding her waist while her hands wer tightly squeezing kunj’s sweat shit from chest part.
In nervousness kunj ttok out his mobile and opened flashlight but it was not much but surrounding only them.Now they were engrossed in each other.only they can see each other’s clear face which was shining due to a new feeling unknown to them.It seemed as the two bodies will melt in each other and in these chilly night only heat is there.They were so much engrossed in each other that they did’nt realized the situation and twinkle’s silky hairs were being a hindrance in their unknown feeling.Kunj not being in his senses took his chin up and wid that he tucked twi’s hair behind her ear.now they came back to senses and composed themselves.

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