I WAS ABOUT TO FALL IN LOVE……..(PART 16 & 17) and a bad news

Hlo sweetusssss hwz u all?? I m srry I m extremely late…… pls srry chapal jutte anything……. and ya missed me????? And ya srrrrrrrrrryyyy fr nt commnting on ur ffs recently was really bzee srrrry PRESHA, ROSHINI, PURVI, RAMYA, SIMIYY ADYA and u knw many moere pls frgive me…… missed u all alottttt and srry I was to post an os on xmas bt I cant even post my ff sooo srrry guys and der is one BAD NEWS fr u alll which I ll give in end.
And pls guys if u really need early update comment oderwise aftr bad news u all havr to decide wat to doooo……..

I dont knw if anyone missed me or not but one person missed me and my ff and dats cute vaasu/zoya ( TWINJ SIDMIN) I was not to post dis toooo as I was bzee bt ur wish my command dear  LOVE UUUUU

SPECIAL THANKS:RIDDHI, ROSHINI, RUTU PRESHA U four commnted fr frst time I m soo happppy love u and ya love to all who commnt lov e u alll muahh

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And ur demand I ll surely complete dwar love uuuuuu,

Thanks dear

Thanks sooo much dear fr commnting and brking silence love uuuu

Ty soooo much dear love uuuuuu

Hi rutu darlinf love uuuu yrrrrrr ty fr commmenting dear breaking ur silence truly nw onwards more better I ll write cos nw I m boasted by a silennt commenter commenting tyyyyyyyy love u dear keep reading fr more suspenses and revelations………..

Ty dear fr always commnting love u dear


Thanks soooo soooo sooo much and ya ty fr being concern dear

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Love u soooo much meri innocent sistaaaa….

Awwwwww I m sooo happpy I m dancing cos rosh dear u commnted I m happy cos I love all ur ffs and wenever I get time I vommnt I knw nf always cos of tome bt smtimes I do bt read sabhi karti hun and I m happpy u commnted and ya same here black os I jstttt love ittttttt

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Link fr 14 epi

Link fr 15 epi

RECAP:kunj’s pain expressed to twinkle and some sad moments……………

**********EPI 16****************

Kunj after dat hug and immense crying slept on twinkle’s lap only on bed in kunj’s room…..

Twinkle caressed his hairs and she too slept leaning on bed back…….

After 5 hrs……….
A scenario of our hero kunj’s beautiful black room with contrast grey white interior is shown

Two souls sleeping forgetting about der pains are sleeping but………

Really dey have forget der pains?????
Haverrally kunj got out of wat happened hrs bfore…..????

Lets seeeee

A voice:
My life pls dont ho away pls I ll not leave u pls come nothing can seperate us pls come back pls……..

Oh its kunj’s voice….but he s sleeping
Ahead lets seeee

Jaan pls dont go away frm je hw can I live if I have heart but nt its heart beat…….

Listening his voice INNOCENCE QUEEN twinki wakes up but shr doesnt wake up kunj and listens to wat he s saying……

Ku:(while sleeping) hw can I live if I have blood bt no lungs to purofy it,

Hw can I live jaan widout u…..

U r my breath my soul ….
Hw can I live widout my soul pls mera bacha guys its fr his love only nt any child dun get confused) meri jaan meri life my soul my breath my heartbeat dun leave me…………..

A pause…………..
Twinkle is witnessing the pain which is only thing filled inside a pire man’s heart his best frnd”s heart and her only support her CONCERN KING…..

She starts to sob little by seeing his condition and starts to caress his hair…..

She want to banish his pain bt fr dat she need to knw his past……..

(Shout )NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  u cant leave me alone
…. ……
U cant leave me in dis dark world alone it ll be lightened by you……

Yes its kunj’s voice
Tears starts gushing frm his wetty painful closed eyes…..

(Yrrr I cant see him in pain bt I had to do dis as its emotional and love fffffff sooooo)

Twi:kunj pls wake up kunj wat happened
Kunj was panicking uncontrollably. ………..

Kunj get up pls her tears reached kunj’s wet eyes mixing their tears………..

(Guys pls imagine in ur minds wat ll happen u ll surely cry if anyone sees yrkkh u must have seen yesterday hw kartik was crying on her lap guys its more than dat its dat we cant try to stop our tears)

Kunj wakes up with a sudden gush and caught twinkle in his tight embrace…………
Awww so emotional and cute……..

That embrace that hug is so tight dat not even micrometre or a single air particle can pass two bodies pressing as one body of kunj mormally its dat two soyls are melting……

Kunj: MY LOVE U ll never leave me na promise me hunhhh u came back I knew u ll come back I knew u ll never leave me how can a breath live widout lungs…. a heartbeat widout heart… thanks bacha fr cming back (crying so much taht twinkle’s top is fully wet)

Twinkle is dumbstruck by wats happening………


Or chahiye chalo I write nxt chapter too bt I ll post here only cos I cant post many times as I m bzeeeee…..

************* EPI 17************

Twinkle rubs his back to comfort him while he squeezing her bare waist as it was a crop top …… His nails although not sharp but left der imprint on her waist and sm blood started to ooze out from der…….

She feels pain bt nt more than wat he is feeling…..

Hug is very intense…..
Song plays….
Tum aa gaye zindagi aa gayi
Dil ko mere raunkein mil gayi

(He is crying profusely)
Rab kare wakt bhi ruk jaye yahin

Ye pal main jee lun zara…
Ab dur jaana nahi………………
(Ok guys anyone can guess which is dis song my favourite bt u have to tell widout searching frm met its a task and ya j ll complete sng in comming epis nt nw fullly…..)


Kunj comes into lil senses although nt fully br lil bit…..

Kunj:bacha why h r calling me kunj u call me smthng else dear….

Twink: kunj its me twinkle not ur leave please dun cry kunj I cannot see ur condition
(They are facing each other bt kunj’s hands are on his bare waist only………)

Pls kunj why u r doing dis to u will ur love be happy by seeing u like dis…..

Shouts ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrhhhhhh kyun kyun kyun

Yeah kunj shouts……
Kunj shouts: kyun kyun uss bhagwaan ne mere saath aisa kia
(Why God did dis wid me why???????)

Kunj gets up and starts breaking the things……….
Kyun kyun

Glass breaks and kunj falls on his knees on floor crying like helllll……………

Glass pieces are near him nw he bending his knees fall down on floor and glass strucks in his hand bt he does not care at all….

Twi:kunj kunj wat happened koi hai??? Is anyone der

A bodyguard comes…

Twi: pls help  me to take kunj towards bed ….

They bth give him shoulder support and lied him on bed…..

Twi:pls go and get a medical kit fast I said (shouts) (crying)……..

She cries and caresses his hairs while he cries and lays his head on her lap…

Kunj: twinkle…

Twinkle : wipes his tears wid tissue and says

      Kunj pls dont dis to urself wat ll u get by dis all will u get her back frst off all I dun knw wat ur past is bt nw u keep quiet I promise u I ll make u happy …  nw pls keep quiet his eyes are blood red fully cant even be seen……..

Bg:mam frst aid box ………. .

Twi: ty nw u may leave

I FEEL PAIN!!?????

She does his bandage properly and nw kunj is quiet bt nt responding ….

Twinkle shakes him a bit and nw he came to senses……..

Kunj:twinkle u wer is my LOVE meri jaan wer is she wer is she tell me (jerks twinkle)

Twinkle:kunj pls try n understand dat she s nt here u were imagining pls kunj control urself pls u cant lose…..

Kunj nw is bit ok
Kunj:twinkle srry I hurted u dwn stairs srry bt……..

Twi:(cuts him) kunj pls my CONCERN KING pls I understand ur pain no need to say srry fr dat pls dun cry again…. wipes his tears…

Kunj notices tears in twi eyes and clears them saying: INNOCENCE QUEEN why u cried??

Twi: wo u were in pain I cant see my frnd in pain soo…

Kunj notices blood oozing out of twi’s bare waist….

Kunj: twinkle wat happened???

Twi: wer???

Kunj: twi see ur (pointing towards it)
           Why its bleeding???

Twi: sees it and says kunj its less only u dun wrry woh wen u hugged me….

Kunj cries

Twi: nw why u r crying??

Ku: wo due to me u got hurt so

Twi: dun cry its nthng In  frnt of ur hurt

Kunj: no its my mistake and I ll crrect it

Twi:bt kunj its ok I ll do

Ku: no……. I ll do u u just lay down sidewise do as I m saying….

Twi:but kunj

Kun: no bts and wats u also did my bandage na I ll do so lie as I said…..

Huhhh two epis enough frm nw I ll reply to ur comments in comment box only yrrr diff to write here uske badle long epi de diya karungi ok byeeee

Precap:some lil bit romance and ya priya’s wish gonaa fulfill tom towel romance ok and his stry to twi

BAD NEWS↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Guys I ll post tom two epis as den tu will nt take any submissions and ya time fr BAD NEWS maybe gud fr u all
Its dat I ll nw afyer giving tom epi will come back in feb as full jan I m bzee in exams canf even open tu soo srry maaf karna shld I end dis ff if u say tom wid jst short summary or u all will remember its stry its ur decisioN I leave on u all……..

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  1. hey paavu….nice and cute epi…its k paavu i understand exam r more important….best of luck for ur examx

    1. Paavu

      Thanks adeeba and thanks fr understanding me

  2. Sohi

    Hey paavu how are you
    The episode was too emotional
    If you are coming back in February then plz end this ff as per my suggestion.
    And start new story in February. As till that time we will forget the story
    Rest is dependent on you
    Do continue bye

    1. Paavu

      Hi dear I m fine I missed u yrr ty fr ir precious commnt and ty fr ur dear suggestion lets see wat majority says love uuuu

  3. Omgggggggg omggggggg…….
    Finally my swttttiiii, cuteiiiiiii, Innocent Queen is back with bang…..
    U know ur soo much innocent, ur heart is soo much pure.. That u can’t imagen… Ur the most lovely girl that anyone can fall 4 u.. That’s why….. I Love u, I Love u sooo much to the infinity yaar….
    Even m also wanna meet u and want to hug u as tight as i can…. U stole my heart with ur swtt, innocent talks…
    Truly agr main boy hoti to India mein akee tumhe proposed karleti…he he..coz how can a girl filled in her heart with so much swttness and innocent ness… And thank u 4 giving me my name water lily i love it… And Ur really very much special 4 me… Thats why i want u to feel special in my cmnt..and i want see u when u read my cmnt and while blushing how much u look like in cute si red tomato wala face…he he.. And don’t cry again coz pushpa I hate tears in my lovely behnas eye’s.. I want to see u only smiling.got it.. And don’t wry u know i to love everything in emotional very much as u r.. even romance to.. See our likes r same.. So carry-on sister the way u want to shape up ur story..I’ll support u always… and will be love to.. And dont wry jitna time lena hay lelo but plzz plzz dont end ur ff its humble rqst from ur behna plzz..coz I love this ff very much and u to..he he…..
    And in advance..to wishes from ur sister..
    Happy new year..hope will ur next year and rest of year will be the best and filled with lovely memories.. So stay happy always and keep smiling..
    Many many hugs and kisses from ur mad sister..he he..ok bhtt karli bakbak now going warna ab sab bolenge ki oh god yeh ladki kitna bolti hay..but kya karu tujhe dekhke baat nikalti jarahi hay rukk pana mushkil horaha hay..OK stopppp. oh god yeh to nahi rukegi may hi jati hu..he he..
    I Love you soo much my innocent behna…
    Muaaaaahhh..finally may gayi.. Bye..

    1. Paavu

      Arreee yrr u r saying dun cry bt hw yrrr u r always making me feel special and make me go red and make me cry aftr ur extra sugar actually sugar itself caramel all sweets of universe put together comment is ur…
      Actually u cant imagine hw innocent are u hw pure hw sweet hw cute hw lovely how adorable are u hw awestruck are u yrr u descripted me bt y are more cute lovely means miss universe yrrr love uuuuuuuuuuu
      And ya sachi yr agar tu mujhe propose karti na toh main bji accept kar leti ya fir tujhe maine prop maar daalna tha meri WATER LILY lovr u to the core………….

      A VERY HAPPY NEW YR TO U main chahti hun ki GOD gives u all u want every happiness comes to u muah love u and ok dear I ll cont it ok love uuuuu ab main jaun main bji nahi rukungi ok live u

  4. Presha

    Hey paavu lovely dear loved it to the core

    1. Paavu

      Thanku soo much presha dear

      1. Presha

        Same to u

  5. Adya

    Ishu di ..
    Sahi kaha apne… Ab na pakkad pakkad je peetungi… Firstly you are sooo late you are hell late.
    Di …. It’s ok if you couldn’t comment… I won’t mind coz you are my sweetoooo diii…. Nd my sweetheart… Di.. jitna time Lena hai you can take… But plsss don’t end it… Plsss di… I love it extremely. Don’t end. Nd I’ll always wait for your comments…. So jab bhi time mile.. just a word would be enough.
    Today’s episode was soooo emotional… Thoda Rona aaya but it’d ok… I’ll manage… Waiting for the next one eagerly…
    Di… A very very happy new year. In this new year may all your wishes come true. Love you di….
    All the very best for your exams… All the very best…. Go nail them…
    Post soon… Nd be happy..
    I love you my ishu di…. Just love you till infinity…

    1. Paavu

      Aww tu peet le meri dear cutie suzi love u yrrr first of all HAPPIEST NEW YEAR TO U and mauly GOD gives all happinesses of wrld to u and ty fr wishes for my exam

      ok dear nt ending it bt isse yaad rakhna and ya exns me toh nahi kar sakti comment bt pakka uss ke baad saare find karke I ll commnt live u cos I love ur ff muahh love uuuuuuu

      1. Adya

        Happy new year Di… Love you !

  6. SidMin23

    It was nice and kunj emotional and twinkle was also concerned for him and waiting for more of this ff and twinj moment of course

    1. Paavu

      Ty dear I ll post soob den exams.. den feb

  7. SidMinTwiNj

    Ishu thank you so much for posting it though u have a hectic schedule… It’s so emotional I legit cried imagining Kunj crying u know I love Sidhant Gupta more in emotional scenes so this epi I thoroughly enjoyed by imagining Kunj crying and I too cried… Precap????? can’t wait for it… Dear I wouldn’t mind if u post late… I would wait for it…

    All the best for exams… Rock the exams and back soon…

    Happy New Year in Advance…

    Love you??

    1. Paavu

      Are thanku wanku mat bola karo yrr zoyu lo e u fr u anything okaww ya I too love emotional sid ty fr ur wishes….

  8. Chiku

    Its lovely???loved it. Awesome ???????amazing.
    I love dit
    Happy new year in advance ???????
    All the best for ur exams????
    Love u?

    1. Paavu

      HAPPY NEW YEAR CHIKU DEAR love u and ty dear

  9. Hey paavu after a long time but episode is so emotional n awesome
    N all the best fr ur exms
    N plz don’t end this ff
    Will wait fr ur ff

    1. Paavu

      Ya dear lo g time bt kya karun ty soo much fr precious commnt and ok dear majority says nt to end soo ok dear I ll not

  10. Hey Paavu,epi is soooooooo emotional n awesome N DONT END THIS FF (I M Silent Reader FROM PAK)

    1. Paavu

      Maha dear I m sooo happppy u read and comment on my ff literally I m soo happy dat u commented yrrr ok dear ll nt end it love uuuuu

  11. SidVee_Yashvee

    Amazing.. and very emotional.. couldn’t imagine twinj crying???.. and plz don’t end this ff.. I’ll remember the story and u can continue this story in Feb.. but plz don’t end it.. rest is up to the majority 🙂

    1. Paavu

      Ok dear itni request ii lllllll not end it lo e u dear muaahhhhh ya pain u felt hmmm??
      Ok dear HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U

  12. Baby

    Tum aa gaye zindagi aa gayi
    Dil ko mere raunkein mil gayi

    (He is crying profusely)
    Rab kare wakt bhi ruk jaye yahin

    Ye pal main jee lun zara…
    Ab dur jaana nahi………………
    Jo……tu mera HUMDARD HAI

    yr m soooo sad to know like i tld u srsly aisa lagraha hai jaisee kisi ne saans rok di hai
    gala daba diya hai sochke hi darr lag raha hai ki tu chalejayegi fir mera…..mera kya hoga
    whom will i talk wid at night my muffin………….
    or such khun i too got jelous seeing priya’s comment hahahahaaaa………………….
    chal mein bhi pagal hun tu janti hi hai kitni baar toh tuhi bol deti hai 😀
    yr how will i stay away from u u r my jaan my muffin………..my bestiee i mean haan ha toh hai or upar se my sister……………..
    jisse mein sab kuch share krti hun apna pain apna sab kuch………..
    or ab………well leave naa centi ho jaungi or kuch bol hi nhi paungi abhi toh or nhi bola jayega ro roke mera sir dard ho raha hai………………..

    episode was beautiful emotional adorable……….lovely n cute♥
    promise karo jab bhi free hogi u wuld leave a msg for me n wen i wuld b free i will chck n drop a msg for u………pleaseeeeeee…………………

    bas episode ke baare mein kuch nhi khe skti tujhe pata hai mast tha bt abhi it was lke i was about to fall in love but even u know i fell in love as always…….♥♥

    love u jaanu♥♥♥♥
    will miss u like anything any pagal………

    urs CUPCAKE love u ♥♥♥ 😀

    1. Paavu

      Ya u guessed it rt crrect sng ok yrr I m sad too pagli tujhe chod kr jaane ka dil toh nhi krta bt karna padega yrr bt I ll leave msg today also I lefy bt u chal leave it I m happy u liked the rpi yrr I knw yrr its diff fr bth of ys to livr widout talking to eo bt u kbw yrr exms sooo pls frgive me ok dear love u HAPPY NEW YEAR meet me der come I miss u

      1. Baby

        Love u Jaan m out of town n will come back by 4th or 3rd n m hving fever too soon can’t talk shayad n I hv also mailed u my one shot n pswrd for tu account in d morning nly if Pablo post it I will talk to u later make change if u want vaisee shayad zaruat nhi….love u muffin chupke se m msg ing u…..

    2. Paavu

      Ohh thank GOD u msgd me yrr meri toh haalt hi buri ho gayi thi ki wat happnd my cupcake is not msging nt receiving msgs hua kya yrr issse I was jst apna hangouts check karna dear and ya u r having fever pls ab tu mujhe new yr pe rula rahi hai jaan ok u jst check ur hangouts wahan pe hai sab yahan pe nahi chal ok dear sure I ll post and why changes kabhi zarurat nahi padegi any change ki thanks fr msging and making ke relieved love u HAPPY NEW YEAR….

  13. RUTU.....

    Lovely episode dear and emotional one too and best of luck for your exam

    1. Paavu

      Tu dwar fr precious comment of urs and tyfr wishes

  14. SidMin

    Awesome 🙂 Loved it too good 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂
    Happy new year 🙂

    1. Paavu

      Thanks so much dear love u too


  15. Ramya

    Hey paavu so sryyyyy fr late dear
    N ha wt u r talking about chapal dat u will get den fr ur kind info everyone can understand ursituation as we all r students only n better u don’t say it again n ha plssssssszhhhhhh don’t end it in short write as d way u want it In start n I’ll never forget ur ff I’ll wait fr u so forget about it n concentrate on ur exams n as soon as u complete dem come back wid a blast n ha it will bad newss dat u won’tread tu fr some days but I’ll be hellhappy when u will return but ek chota said request hai bura Mat mana

    Atleast kunj ki pyaar ka naam ya phir thodi so hint dedo jiske liye itna tadpta hai srsly I was having tears while imagining kunj condition
    My suspense queen don’t be sad be happy n do good in exams n I have not recognise dat song sry
    All d best
    Love u loads
    N bein touch when u r free
    Happy new year
    Keep smiling dearies

    1. Paavu

      Awww my loveliest queeen no srrry at all dear lo e h yrrr and thanks dear fr understanding my situation dear live u ya exms are must imp so ok ty sooo much to undrstand yrr LOVE UUUU
      And ya dear i m sooo happy h told dat u ll remember it dat means a lot lot to me……

      And ur request dear ok main kyun marungi apni queen ko hunnhhh are dear main apne 2 posts mein uske LOVE ka naam bata chuki hun its “JASMIN”…… but I have not revealed d look dats a suspense fr sure….

  16. Jiya_Ani

    You have just left me wordles..I can’t say anything.. Truely.. I don’t know what to say or write…just come back as soon as possible… And rock your exams..


    Vaise what did you meant that Tu will not take any submissions!???

    1. Paavu

      Hi dear love u muaahhhhhh a HAPPIEST NEW YEAR TO U first of all
      may u get all happinesses of the world love u
      I m soo happy to see ur commmt it means a lott to me wow u peft wordless I m sooo happy dat u liked it and ya dear sure aftr dat I m gonna come back wid special epi fr all of u

      And ya that lind is dear when we submit our article telly updates mentioned der dat dey ll not take submissions in 31 and 1 due to bew year holidayys dats it sooo I told dat

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Ohhh!!..I thought ..Tu ffs are ending??…and A very happy new year to you too ?

  17. Aanya_pandey

    Dear that ws such an amazing episode.. emotional n romantic n all.. jst si much in love wid it.. n yeah.. plz don’t end it here.. will b ok.. to b waiting for ur updates..
    N a very happy new year girly!!!

    1. Paavu

      Thanku so much ur comment means a lotttttttt to me love u and ur pretty comment….

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome emotional sad epi…..happy New Year

    1. Paavu

      Thanks dear love u HAPPY NEW YEAR

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