Hi guys see main ghar pe baithi bore ho rahi hun boht zyada bed rest sucksss huhhh so decided to give my 15 th epi…

Kabhi socha na tha ki ap logon kw saath yeh 15 epis otne haseen honge commnts aapke humari himmat hain yeh hai bronze jubileeeeeee love u all plssss commnt….

Kunj was moving towards her….

He hold her hand and took her out of water means her legs by jerking her from hand…..

Twi was scared……

Kunj held her hand tightly and bought her inside the lavish bungalow…

Twi:kunj leave its paining….

He left her hand and nw dey were inside satnding in hall…… under a lavish beautiful modern chandelier (jhoomar)
(Guys everything is so beautiful royal bt modernnnnnn)

Twi:kunj nw wat I did… why u r behaving like dis I nw why u pushed
me out of water cos u r remembered of your LOVE yes na I ll not be angry on u bt pls calm down plsssssssssssss

Kunj: I m srry twinkle main kya karun main kya karun main kya karun ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (he screamed)
Kyun kyun kyun bhagwan kyun mere saath aisa kyun kiya tune kyu……..

Kyun why u snatched my love….Kya galti thi meri.Hum dono ne tera kya bigaada tha she prayes u den why u did like dis……….
He was crying endlessly….

Twinkle was seeing him painfully and had tears in eyes.
She thought dat due to seeing her frnd in painnnn

She shouted fr a servant
Is anyone der

All the servants were watching wat was happening bt dun dared to go to dem out of fear……..

Then kunj’s bodyguard arrives and helped her lifting kunj….

Kunj was in sub conscious state .His one arm rested on twinkle shoulder wid head too and other on bg’s shoulder……

Twinkle’s jacket was wet that it was fully concentrated nw…..

Bg took dem to lift (ya giys lift cos its very big house…. and rwached 1st floor and den to his room….

Twinkle asked bg to leave…….

Twinkle entered the room wid kunj on her shoulder support and ……………………

whole room was black toooooooo whole interior black (guys its my fav colour so here I thought it to make kunj’s love’s fav colour as he told twi earlier)

But d room was beautiful tooooo modern room black in colour wid smthing white touchhhhhh

It was so beautiful (Guys kaartik’s room in yrkkh is awesome too have u seen bt dis was far more awesome)

Twi made him sit on lavish oval bed of back and whote colour……

He was nw emotionlessly sittinggg

Twi saw dis and wanted h to cry so dat he shld lighten up….

She sat on her knees and touched his knee as he was on bed….

Twi patted him
Kunj pls say smthing kunj kunj……

Just then she sat on bed side of kunj….

Just den she felt a grrat hard hece around his waist squeezing it…

Yes it was kunj hands squeezing her waist and his head on her shoulder ar bit down frm shoulder…… (bit more intense than twinj hig in tei during manohar attack )

She didnt resist but reciprocate seeing his condition…..

She was caressing his hair by one hand and oder was holding his back while kunj’s both hands crossed each oder and squeezed her soft waist covered by jacket…………

It was a very long hug of 20 mins….
Kunj was crying madly and loudly….. and now twinkle was wet fully due to his tears……..


Twinkle’s waist started paining due to that squeeze….
Der bodies touched each oder as one body only………

Then twinkle made him free frm hug

He felt bit embarrassed and asked srry frm her for grting her again…..

Twinkle:no meed to kunj I knw wat pain u r going through ur love ……. at least u have smone fr whom u can cry but….. ok lwave nw please freshen up and u must be tired jst take rest…..

And ya kunj can u pls tell me which room I shld use…….

He is not able to speak also due to cont crying

Twinkle wiped his tears and said
Now u ll not cry u ll tell me ur stry ok nw pls freshen up plssss

Kunj:twinkle u can take room dat is beside dis one
And u need smthng u can call lafy attendant…Her no. Is der in ur room near telephone actually every servant’s no….

Twi:ok kunj

Kunj helf her hand
Twinkle pls sit wid me na fr smtime I m feeling very lonely pls …If u wanna go if u r tired u go ut was jst a request of my to my innocence queen……

Twinkle sits and
Kunj u order to me and in frndship no request I m here only wid u bt dont cry see I m here…

She sits in front of kunj and kunj rests his head on her lap and asks fr her permission
She nods yes by her eyes…..

He rests on her lap then……She caresses his hairs…….

Kunj:twinkle u knw wen my jasmine left me I was alone saily my cond worsened and nome was der fr me…..
Now u r der fr me as a frnd u relievd me ty so much fr being my frnd pls nvr leave me pls never ever in ur life leave me plsssssssss

Twi:I m also lucky dat u came as a frnd in my life which was jst useless and meaningless bt now I ll live fr my frnd fr u I promise I ll never leave u ever okkkk nw u rest….

Aftr smtime kunj sleeps on her lap only and twinkle also sleeps resting her head on bed backkkkkkk.They botth looked cute enoughhhhh.Like swans ….having frndship and an unknown relationnnnn……..



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  1. Chiku

    Comgooo gor bronze jublie?????????
    Lovely episode
    Try posting soon
    Loads of love?

  2. Oh god 1 hi din may 2 epis or itna emotional or pyara epi…. Its just mind blowing yaar…. itni acchi kese likhti hay tu ab bolhi de mujhe….well kunj ki dard or saha nahi jaraha yaar…itni taklif hay uske dil may…yaar kon hay kunj ki love.?? M going mad because of suspence…plss jaldi se is suspence ko reveled karde yaar…
    And 1 more thing i told my wish ur previous epi…pls marna maat usee padhke…if u want then add but don’t force urself if u don’t want……but
    Ab to or wait nahi horaha precep dekhke…..plzzzzzzz meri behna jaldhi post karna next epi,,, can’t wait u no na..lol…
    Love u soooo much meri innocent sista….

  3. Roshini125

    Hey its really nice, I think I am cmnting fr first time I am nt sure but I followed ur ff daily, it’s nice n cute….n one more thing black n white is my favourite colour my wardrobe is full of them nly my mom always scold me fr that..heheheh. ..

  4. Emotional episode but superb

  5. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Black is my fav colour too 🙂
    Oh so Kunj Loved Jasmin 🙂
    Love you and Post soon 🙂

    1. Paavu

      Hey dear I mentioned Jasmine earlier but I din revealed the face ok so guess the face actually it’s diff to guess I ‘ll reveal soon

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional epi…& congo for completing bronze jubliee

  7. Aanya_pandey

    This ws soo emotional episode yrr.. jst soo good..
    N hope u r doing well wid ur health issues??

  8. Presha

    This is so emotional u really penned down d emotions very well

  9. Adya

    Awwww ishu di !
    How r u ? Hope you r fine..
    Well the episode was damn .. wooowwww I love it… I mean that is superb ….
    Itna emotional ? My god !
    Post the next one soon …
    Love u .

  10. Ramya

    Hayeee mai marjava
    Ishu episode was superb awesome amazing Superb lovely fab marvellous aur kya nahi words Kami ho Gaye it’s superb

    Amazing kunj ke liye bohat bura lag raha hai n awesome episode
    Take care
    Love u

  11. SidMin23

    It was good episode and Sidhant fav color is BLACK AND BLUE It say IN interview too and waiting for next post

  12. Hey paavu this epi is so emotional… The way Kunj was holding twinkle and crying in tei during manohar attack is one of my fav scenes… I so much loved that scene… Aur haan my favorite color is also black Sid’s fav color ??? Aur Sid and I share same date of birth 23rd I wish month is also same but koi ni I’m happy with same date…

    Paavu tu bahut buri hai aur kitna wait karwaogi to reveal Kunj’s past… In next epi u have to show his past OK… Plzzzz

  13. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhhh god muffin
    i mean m serious it was sooo damn emotional
    bt y kunj always hurts twinkle
    well jasmine kunjs love i dont know y kaafi time se i wantd to is twinkle jasmine same
    memory loss or wat yr tooooo excited dont know cant w8 u know its jst a guess b dis cupckae heeeeeeeeeeeeee………………pls post soon pyaari kahani kunj ki jubaani
    bt first take care of my jaan ohh voh toh………… 😀 my perfect jaan hai ♥
    srsly luvd d episode motions se bharppoor n lift ohh god wow srsly osm……. 😀
    love u lods yr my dream home i gues hehee♥♥♥
    love u lods♥♥♥

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