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Hi bubbliess missed me i think ……. no chalo koi nahi i missed u dears….
I know u all told me to tc of myself and believe me I m bt today got dehosptalized and I m at home so ab I have my phn haan hun main injured and fractured bt nw I m postung cos in jan I m at full leave ll return in febbbbbb bt till dis dec u may have epis……

If anyone want any scene pls say it…


One more thing dis epi is dedicated to my cupcake(baby) too as I have to say srry to her fr not being active on chat wid her cos of my …….. cond so ye le cupcake meri jaan meri cuteee
Pls its fr all who are loyal commntrs of my fffffff…….

Thanking speech:
Ty dear fr commnting and ok I ll take care of myhealth and ty so muchhhhh

Ty dear and u ll surely get to knw wait…..

Hi dear hw was ur bday nice n and ty fr liki g epi muahh love u

Aanya pandey
Tahnks dear

Hey dear dun be srry fr nt commnting health is more imp tc of urself and wohhhh itni care ok baba le lungi medicine par epi toh dena padega cant live away frm u all love u ty sooo muchhhhhh

Thanks so much dear mili love u muahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Teri ishu hamesha suspense queen rahegi hain acha kar dungi reveal jald hi as I told n and are itna gussa bechari pe kunj ki live pe hawww jald hi pata chale jayega whos she okkk
Thanks fr liking
Love u


Dekh behen
Tu boht hi swtt hai I mean tune toh fox ko bhi mera ff read karva dia muahhhhhhhhh thanks fr commnting and ty ya I ll give u company fr 1000 yrs ok
Thanks once again
Love u

Thanks dear and hw many times I ll say dat dun say ty dat I added wat u asked ur wish my command love u yrrrrrr

Thanku so much dearrrrr

Neha dear thanks fr commnt I m happy u loved it and I m happy u posted ur ff I was waiting fr dat love u

Twinjfan tamanna
Thanks so much dear love u

Baby (meri pyari si swt si cupcake meri jaan)

Cupcake jaan phele toh mujhe maaf kar de srry cant reply any of ur msgs as u knw plus smthng more I ll tell u………
        And dear thanks so much fr long and beautiful teri tarah swt commnt
Ooo u were shocked mercedes and all koi nahi dear dun be I m happy u pike it…..ya twinki ne sachi nahi socha tha…
ohhhh god kon hai ye jisne kunj ko kissss……..krne ki himmat ki..??
Yehi line u asked jald hi pata lagega dear dun be upset bt think who is it??
haye main teri jaan kyun lun koi apni jaan leta hai tu hi toh meri jaan hai jaan
srsly itni baar kaha hai aise na kaha kar live u lotssssss

Twinj Sidmin:
Dnt say srry dear I undrstand take care I m also nt well as I told and ya as I told his love stry will be revealed to u all soon

RECAP:twinkle ko laga jhatka ki kunj hai biggest business tycoon of asia…..unka plane momentsss and allll

************Epi 14***********
Kunj and twinkle sits in car .It was a black mercedes awesome one… followed back and forward by 10 more mercedessssssss….. (cupcake u liked it na as u told)

Twi:kunj mujhe….

Kunj (cuts her):see twinkle I knw wat u wanna ask or say but pls be my frnd
Dont break our frndship cos I m rich and dont think dat like oders dont care relationships……..pls dont leave me ever promise u ll remain my frnd na please twi (crying )

Twi wipes his tears and………

Twi:kunj my concern king who said dat I m thinking dat u r not caring fr relationships did I?????? …………………….

No na dennnnnnnnn.
Acha by the way tumhari innocence queen ne tumse promise kia hai na ki I ll always be der as a frnd fr u den why u are taking tension hunnnnh……
I ll not leave u ok waise one thing more u r such a big business tycoon den why u saved ne dat day (1st epi guys) and brought me to ur home cared fr me and fr me delayed ur office cared fr me u urself got imjured by glass wen I was not well…

Businessmen dont do such works …as I know..

Kunj:twi see I dont have anyone in dis wrld nw not my love either (teary eyes)…………
I want smone as a frnd and u knw wen I saved u dat day I just dont knw by seeing innocence in ur eyes I can just not stop myself to befrnd u not all businessmen are same…………..

Twi:ok my concern king I ll be ur frnd always and pls dont get hurt by past I knw its diff bt at least u have smthingg to tell na abt ur past I……leave it
U ll tell me na u promiseddddd

Kunj:yes twi sure I ll frst lets reach home ahhhhh look der we reacheddddd

Twinkle suddenly looks outside the window and her eyes popped out……
She was going to faint now……oh she s fainting nw nw nw………

Kunj asked her wat happened??,

Twi:popping her eyes in surprise
Kunj I think ur driver forgot ur address wer we r dis is not a house dis is a bungalow actually palace driver I think u r new……..

Kunj (rubbed and pinched her cheeks) oh u r so cute dis is my house only twinkle come lets go …..

A big black gate of royal but modern architect opens wen kunj presses a button on his mobile. ……

Car entersssssssss a big garden (guys the garden only is as big as powers court garden of ireland my fav visiting place or u can say its just as big as triple of the garden of soty varun dhawan house garden )
A pathway goves entrance fr car all cats enter and one bodyguard opens the door of car of both twinkle and kunj…….

Kunj wears his goggles (awwww he looks killer) and steps out…….

Twinkle comes out innocently bt more she is shocked………….

Kunj comes to twinkle and says:
Twinkle why u r scared be open none will say anything to u u can do anything u wish….

Now twinkle felt some relievedddddd

She saw a fountain there sprunkling water wid a albaster cut girl’s statue in it……..

Twinkle ran towards it and saw water lilies in it……

She jumped and
Yeahhhhh I love water lillies.She cutely started playing with water…

Kunj adores her lovingly…..He sent all his bodyguards to do der wrks while 30 – 40 gardeners were taking care of garden (nw dis much big garden so people are needed more naaaaa)

They all were wrking at diff places wer twinlle stood there none was der…..Beautiful sun rqys of goa fell on her innocent face making it shine more she was playing with water and she put her legs in it as she was wearing a skirt as I told earlier……….

The small fishes inside massaged her tired feet……..

She was playing wid lillies wen she saw kunj was eyeing her….

She felt smthIng she dun knw herself…..


PRECAP:one more sad moment…..

Bye guys hope ll post soon cos den in jan no post…….

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  1. Anshikajainn

    Soooòoo ccuuuuuteeeee

  2. Chiku

    Awesome ??

  3. Haaay….meri sista tu agai….m really happy to see u again Janu…I missed u soooo much ….or care kese na karu tuhi bol…ek hi to swtttt si behen hay hamari….dil ki bhttt acchi and pure heart…..or isliye teri innocence pe to hum v fida haye Janu… ….ur very special 4 me…..plzzz take care of ur health….
    Now coming to the epi….kyaa bolu may yaar…its just splendid…the way u showed kunj rich life..oh god he’s very powerfull man…m speechless… But firbhi wo kitna good insan hay yaar and twinkle ki innocence just love it…its soooo swtttt and cuteee bilkul teri tarah…..and u always say that which scene i want to but may kese bolu its gutter mind thinking.. But tujhe nai bolungi to kisse bolu ok bolti hu but marna maat,,I want twinj both in a towel romance wala scene,,oh god mujhe sharam arahi hay….hope u don’t mind..OK sryyy 4 that…

    OK post next epi soon… And plzzzzz take care of urself..love u sooooooo much meri swttttt sista…ummaaahhhh…stay happy…,,

  4. Awesome

  5. Super duper episode

  6. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 🙂 Kunj house is so big Loved it 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  7. RUTU.....

    Hi, I’m one of the silent reader of your ff paau really loved it I was reading all your ffs from before but I registered on tu today itself for commenting on my favorite ffs that’s why commenting today you write really very good yaar just loved it ???

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  9. Aanya_pandey

    Jst loved d episode yrrr.. loved it soooo soooo sooo much

    1. Aanya_pandey

      N yeah dear hope u r fine now.. as u told abt ur health.. hope u r recovering well

  10. Ramya

    Wowwww ishu it’s just amazing Superb
    Lovely it’s beyond anything sry fr late
    I’m happy nw u r great
    Take care love u suspense queen

  11. SidMin23

    Beautiful episode

  12. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh god muffin
    yeh cupcake kya kahe ab matlab speechless
    pheli baat mein toh teri baate padte hi blush krne laggyi thi or kuch bol bhi nhi paa rhi i was nt able to thnk yr matlab itne saare spcl cheezein spcly merko sry bolne ke liye ohhh i tld u noo sry jaan hey bhagwaan uske baad mere querries ke liye bhi itna pyaara msg matab kisiko blush krana ho yaa fir kisi ko smile krana ho toh tee pass aaye
    matlab kaisee hot chocolate ki jaan……….haan haan nhi bol rhi or episode

    .speechless bhai phele toh mein pad hi nhi paa rhi thi itna spcl feel krati hai tu hmesha mujhe or uske baad wen i read i was like ohhh my goodness a palace n guards n gardners 30 to 40 ohhh lalalaa amazing awesome fabulous lovely beautiful adorabl gorgeously written as always as beautiful as my muffin 😀
    love u lods sry late hun i know♥♥♥♥♥
    love u lods♥♥♥♥

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