I WAS ABOUT TO FALL IN LOVE……..an os(PART 13) 2 bdays tooo


hi dearies missed me i think ……. no chalo koi nahi i missed u dears ab is fractured haalat mein apko ff de rahi hun pls dearies commnt zarur karna plssssss and keep supporting….

many off u asked me to add some scenes so i am trying to add in my dis and further epis too i ll try.if u all any of u have more wishes commnt it plss..

ok wait frstly happy bday to u happy bday to u happy bday dear chiku happy bday to u (i knw i m late) bt u knw fracture and all ok so one more surprise i ll post an os which i was to post on ur bday bt time shortage so pls wait fr of i ll post fr sure…

and ya
happy birthday to you happy bday to u dear shriti (forever fan of twinj) happy bday to u meri frnd my hangouts frnd too lo e u

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le meria tera jealousy wala scene add kr dia pls demand more i like wen u all ask smthng and dekh iss fracture halat mein bhi today epi is long so enjoy love uuuu amd ok i ll take care teri buddhu di buddhu nahi hai ki apni sis ki baat na maane….

thank dear ya i ll add wat u want thanks fr commnting love uuuuu

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hayeeeeeeeee meri jaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn………….
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waise sahi kaha tune itne long commnt ko dekh kar tujh pe hi stry likh dun aur teri naaton se mujhe tra moood pata chal jaata hai jaisa tune kaha ki u was happy acha dear nw i m gonna wrt dis epi a long one fr u dear readd it
love u sooooooooooooooooooooooo much jaan love u yr☻♥♥♥☻

recap:kunj bringing twi to airport as dey have to go to his native place sm people misbehaving wid twinki and kunj saved her some emotional cute moment……….
nw further. ………….

**********epi 13***********
twi wore the jacket over her torned top due to that boys……
she sat nearby nw also in a sub – conscious state…..

kunj kept his soft hands iver her softy softy hands to rrlieve her…
her eyes shrewd a beautiful tear which fell on his hands…
he lifted up his …….

face to look her state…..
he became sad…..

ku:twinkle…..twinkle look at me….. hey (shaking her but no response…… .)

he kept his both hands on her …..
wet beautiful and innocent face…….


a sad one a despaired and a shocked face…….

she came to a conscious state and looked towards….. noooooonooo…….

she just jumped on him and hugged him tightlyy………………..

he was firstly shocked but to relieve her he tooooo reciprocated her hugggg

both of their hearts echoed
no one was tissue for my tears
a healer for my pains till u came
was i really about to fall in love? ???

the hug was a tight enclosure to let no
…..damn air pass through them…..
she threw her tears on his shoulders and….

made the hug tighter and tighter so that…
none can touch herrrrrrr

a fear was the thing which was a cupid now but ………… his love????

he rubbed her hair and den was tge announcement for flight boarding was
really by god the most idiotic thing left to


kunj broke the hug and …..

held her by shoulders….

kun:twi none can even see u with bad eyes till i m der pls dont cry .i dun knw bt i cant see tears in ur eyes ….

meri innocene queen (kept his one hand on her soft silky golden black hairs) pls dont cry i like just a big cute smile on ur face pls chal lets board flight warna yahin rwh jayenge chal common…….

he stood and….

turned to go bt saw dat she was sitting…

kunj holds her hand and they moved…

in aeroplane………..
they both entered and a beautiful air hostess
welcomed dem..
kunj felt some awkwardness bt he ignored…

it was a business class and both sat on comfortable seats..

air hostess:sir do u wanna do some rest can i do this seat straight so that u can lie on….

kunj:oohhh nonono
aihos(air hostess) dun listened him and she sid dat bt nt of twinki….

twinki felt jealous and angry and did dat itself…

aihoss was satnding der only staring kunj…
kunj was feeling awkward. ..

twi:u can go frm her we can call if we ll call

aihoss:no mam this is business class so here each member is entitled with personal attendant

aihoss bent down and sensually touched kunj
and tied his belt but twinkle jerked her hand and said dat she can do it she can pls leave we dont want her….

kunj was shocked by her innocence queen’s reaction…..
(guys u told so i added jealousy part oderwise it was difficult cos she can feel bt being innocence queen she ll not shw na as she is innocent in my ff bt as u wish u all are imp fr me)

kun: yes pls u can leave
she left and den..

kun: twi wat was dat..

twi:nthng kunj wo i was jst upset leave shes gone and by d way look we r gonna take off are u nt excited

kunj gets happy seeing her bit happy.he keeps her hand o her cheek and………

kunj:innocence queen pls hasti rahe kar (keep smiling always. ………)

twi:thanks concern king fr consoling me u r soo nic ty

kunj lays hus head back to seat and lookes as if was habing some fear

twinki noticed it and kept hands on his hand

he look towards her

twi:kunj wat happened kya hua why u r looking paleee……..

ku:wo twinki hasna mat bt mujhe height se darr lagta hai (hey guys u told to add it so i did but kunj in twink place))))

twi:oo koi nahi but tum toh window sude bhi nahi baithe??????

ku:twinkle u r really innocent queen u dun laughed my love ws also ….. (tears are gushing from his pale eyes …….)

twink:(cleared his tears)………..kunj i dun knw wats ur stry bt nw at least fr me dun cry plssssssssss…………………………..

ku look towards twink and says ty

now dey bth felt a jerk

yesss tge plane started to take offff…

kunj clutched twinkle’s hands tightly…..
and closed his eyes…

twinkle can sense fear by his face…

she kissed him on cheeks just to bring him to other discussion and nt abt fear……..

he was surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he opened hus eyes and forgot dat plane was taking offfffffff………………

he looked towards twinki in a shock…..

kunj:twinki wat was dat why u kissed me ??????? hunhhh dat rt only my lov……………

twis eyes were moist
kunj noticed it….

ku:nw why u r crying..
twi (sobbs): hw u can think i kissed u u can take it in wrng way hunnn!!!!
kunj was baffled

twi:see nw we r in air take off was ezee nw u can see of i wld nt have been kissed u u wld have a fear only to eradicate it fr some time i did it i dun wanna steal ur love’s rtsss

ku:twi srry pls maaf kar de maine tujhe do baar galat samjha pls frgive me he removes his belt and leans down on knees…….

ku:twi i m srry i was shocked kyunki wen me and my lo… travelled in planw i was having dat fear nd she also kissed me here only to relieve me sryyyyy maaf karde i overreactwd… (he was crying as it reminded him of his love)

he gets a small flashback

an aeroplane was shown. ….
a beautiful girl was shown helping kunj release hus fear out…..

girl:kunj baby pls look towards me see in my etes u ll not fear …….

kunj looks in her eyes and he forgets everything nw she kissed him on his cheek

she kissed him on his cheek by capturing some flesh on his cheek in her lips as if tasting dem…..

kunj was relieved…..
he moves his gace and both shared a passionate deep lip lock…
both fondled each others mouth in 360°
thry were tasting each oder’s mouth lips tongue everything……..
that was der private jet so none was der………..

**********flasback ends**********

twinki: kunj ok i frgive u i knw u have sm bad past and sm gud one too u ll tell me in gia n as u promised!!!!!!!

kunj:yes twinkle ty fr forgiving me and i promise you i will tell you everything. ……..

kunj due yo fear of heights held her hands tight and asked her if he can hold

she nods yessss

he smiles and holds her hand resting his head on hr shoulder……..
twi was a bit means wat is dis bt wen he kept his head on her shoulder she felt situation and lets him rest and adores him caressing his soft hair ……

twi rests her head on his head which was on her shoulder and both slept ……..

aftr 3 hrs (guys delhi se toh 2 and 1/2 lagte hain so amritsr se 3 lagte honge i think)

announcement:pls travellers pay attention fasten ur seat belts as we r going to land in nxt ten mins…..switch off ur electronics ……..

kunj wakes uo by announcement and sees that he cant get up cos his head was on teinkle’s shoulder and her head on his therfore he can get up…

he moves his eyess uo to look sleeping beauty he adored her bt…..

ku:oh we have to land twinki get up

she was nt so he lifted her head up and rested on seat….

her hair came on her face…..

he removed dem and she was looking just perfect. …… …

ku:why i feel i knw h ur innocence ur…..

she wakes up and sees him eyeing her……………….

twi:kunj wat happnd smthinf s der on my face? ??
clwaring hrr face

kunj:ys smthng s der



twi:ohh u r na sachi me sweet concern king ty fr being my friend. ……

ku:actually ty to come in my life as my only support aftr mt l….. (sad) as a frnd chal nw plane is going to land we shld be ready to leave. ….. ….

twi:yes ok
plane lands and dey bth gets out of it……
dey bth collect baggage and jst den two men (bodyguards of kunj) came and held his baggage

both:gud evening sir and.. (towards twi) mam

kunj:shes my frnd

twi:gud evening. …

m1:sur so much criwd and reporters are der luking forward fr u so lets go

twi sees him confusingly…
kunj:twi dunt be co fused i ll tell u frst lets go…..

dey bth walked and people surrounded dem a lots of reporters tooo

kunj sarna the biggest business tycoon of asia is backkk…….

twi gets shocked
she knew he was rich bt bigge…. .

rep1:sir whos dis gurl wid u as far as we knw u dont have any gf aftr…..

kunj:no queries pls twinki lets go

he holds her hand and both walked out and sat in car….
his eight oder mercedes cars were aftee nad bfore his bmw all black in colour presenting a beautiful line..

twi:ku dese all cars are??

ku: mine fr my security .
twi ws shocked

kunj:i knw u r shocked bt… leave
epi ends on his face and twinkle’s astonished face…..

precap:a lavish bugalow in a beautiful landscape is shown beautiful than most beautiful hotel or palace….. (oder in nxt part)
and are u ready to knw his love mystery. …. it lk be revealed soon wid a new mysteryyyyyyy

huhhhhh guys today it was long say na?? maine apni fractured si haalat mein bhi itna long likha hai sorf aapki demand par and fr my chiku nd shruti (frever fan of twinj)
happy bday shruti and belated happy bday chiku dear…..

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  1. Amazing paavu pls reveal the love mystery I always hope it’s twinkle and take care of ur health

  2. Anshikajainn

    Sooo nice but pls tell us who’s is this love is she dead or she is alive but left him

  3. Chiku

    Hey paavu??????
    Happy to see u back. Hope u r fine now. Episode is lovely. Just loved it. Its sooo cute??????????
    Thank u sooo much for uploading ur ff for me??????????
    Plz paot mext soom
    Take care
    Love u???

  4. Aanya_pandey

    Superbo yrr.. jst too good.. hope kunj’s love mystery is solved soon

  5. Hey my swtt Queen… Sry 4 not cmnting ur prvs epi I was very ill now m filling better….
    Plssssss tc of ur health and u don’t need to write long epi in this fracture hand……m not tell u m warninggggg u got it………….
    First get well soon, tk mdcn regular OK… and tc urself……..
    2 days epi was sooo beautiful and swtttt….luv it very much…..the jealousy,,,kiss part was awesome…..but who’s kunj love plssss revealed soon and kunj ne fb me us ladki ko kiss kia..keu???? Uske jagah to tw hona cahiye thana……koi na tum ho to kya tens….ok get well soon and then post ur epi….
    M waitinggggg…..luv u…….

  6. SidMin

    Loved it awesome thanks for adding the scene 🙂
    Loved it and that Kiss feeling Sad for Kunj I want to know his Love Please na 🙂
    Post soon Happy birthday LD 🙂

  7. Ramya

    Ishu tum na hamesha suspense queen rahegi n idont aur mujhe kitne din wait karna padega bt ha yeh kunj ki love kon hai mujhe uspe mujhe bohat gussa aa raha hai srsly kiss vo bhi twinkle nahi uske love ke saath Sach vo kon hai yaar
    Thoda tho hint dede bilkul samaj nahi aa rqha ki vo kon hai n episode ki mai kya kahu afterall u know my suspense queen will write superbly so batane ki zarrurat nahi hai awesome plsss asap take care love u

  8. Foreverfanoftwinj

    Dekh behen
    Tu na seriously mai kya bataun
    Tu kya hai..
    Shabd nhi hai..tere lie
    Par emojis hai
    Bataun kaunse
    Ye dekh
    Ab ek janwar wala ??????
    See even fox loved ur surprise..
    And even I
    just this fr u ???????????❤❤❤❤❤??❤❤?
    U seriously gave me an amazing surprise
    Thanx a lot fr it…
    My hangouts frnd…
    And Haan may u also live thousand years ❤❤❤❤
    Koi toh hona chahiye hai…
    1000 saal tak company Dene k lie ??
    Thanks once again
    Love u❤❤❤
    Bye ???

  9. SidMin23

    It was awesome and amazing and thanks you for adding out requests in screen. Keep posting episode and I just love it waiting to know the mystery.

  10. Simiyy

    Paavu it was really good
    Post the next part soon
    load of love

  11. Haayeee Paavu it was amazing n fabulous epi.. loved twinkles jealousy n kunjs fear…. their bond is so sweet…. I hope twinkle hi kunj ka pyar ho…. ab jaldi se suspense hatao….n post next asap..

    Love you…. take care urself


  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    paavu as usual awesome and cute epi

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    srsly i was shocked biggest business tttycoon
    n twinkle ne toh yahan aane se phele socha bhi nhi hoga………….
    srsly darling u nailed it
    mein kya khun speechless
    i mean my muffin tune toh mujhe andar i mean m nt able to type yr itna cute episode twinjs talk srsly fabulous n yr yeh love mysteryyyyyyyyyyyyy…………………………
    ohhhh god kon hai ye jisne kunj ko kissss……..krne ki himmat ki..
    haye tu naa meri jaan lele
    phele toh huh leave dat yahan nhi
    srsly u nailed it i was stunned i was shocked wen i read bodyguards media cars n all n all
    amazing or abhi toh d villa wooohhooo its gonna b beautiful jaan….
    take care get well soon n den post or yeh mystery reveal it soon……………. 😀
    love u ♥♥♥♥♥

  14. Hey pavu I’m very sorry for commenting late was not keeping well… As always the epi is so amazing… Love it… Very desperate to know Kunj’slove story… Post next pretty soon…


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