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********EPI 12**********
They both enteeed the airport and firstly went toward the ticket counter to approve it and deposit liggage which alisha has do e packed fr kunj.

They then did all the formalities and sat near the drome no wer their flight was.

Kunj was a bit frustrated
Twi:kya hua mwre concern king wat happened yrr

Kunj: oo meri innocence qieen kuch nahi I m frustrated cos I have to travel by airpost means o had my private jet bt pilot was today having some problem I cant travel in des

Twin (keeping hands on his palm):listen kunj everyone is equal u shld try to be open to all then only ur pain ll decrease oderwise it ll go on heaping only u understand what i am saying so pls do na as I say

Kunj was touched …….
by her wrds he felt he knew her bt hw …….

He nodded in yes to her and they both sat der on chairs.

Kunj was sleeping means resting now bt twinkle was reading a magazine wen two boys brat ones came der and…..

Boy 1:hry s*xy u look hot come we ll take us wid u and have some fun u r soo hot (by bringing his hand on her bare half covered thigh as she was wearing skit and crop top given by kunj)

She got scared and the othe boy slid his hand on her bare waist and hold her both hands the other one closing her mouth so that she cant call smone….

She tapped her legs ther were less people on that place wer dwy were sitting bt by tapping of her legs kunj woke frm his rest and he saw wat he cant imagine his innocemce queen in danger…..

He got up in a heroic style and widout anything saying he ran and started beating the two boys blue – black dishoom tha tha dishoom legs tha………………………

Kunj-u spoil brats come here by ur father’s money and do all dese with other gorls u dont have mothers sisters at home
Security arrives

Sec man:sorry sur srry for inconvenience leave him sir bt…
kunj was not leavibg them but twinkle came and freed thwm and said to security to take dem

Kunj was not calming down and was really very furious bt twi calmed him down…….

He removed his coat and made it wore by twinkle.Twunkle on seeing her state was soobiing and nw crying sitting down on floor motionless wen
Kunj (tapping her cheeks):twinkle twinkle wat happen spwak smthng na pls spk

She just hugged him tightly as yo never leave him never ever leave him

She cried in his embrace not leaving him bt hugging him tight as jst one body dey are

Kunj knew her state so he hugged back her tightly and calmed her by rubbinh her hai

Kunj:hey twinkle pls dont cry I cant see u crying pls don’t cry pls dey have gone nthng will happen as far as I m jere ok I ll not let u happen anything
Shr was jst crying in his embrace
Kunj:I know u wld be reminded of the day we met cos one man was misbehaving wid u der too bt leave none can harm my INNOCENCE QIEEN TIL then when her CONCERN KING IS HERE OK
Now come I want to give y smthng
He opens his kit side kit and took ulout a girl’s jacket to give ger she was not seeing as she was motionless.

He clicks his gingers in frnt of her she comes in conscious and cries wen he cleared het ears and said her not to cry and wear that jacket as wearing kunj’s coat wld be an odd optiin

She takes it wid questionable eye
Kunj : I asked alisha to pack this in kit only as luggage is nt here bt we may need jacket as goa is nwadays bit raint so nw lets proveed announcement is made.

She wears the jacket handlinh his coat to him
He moved forward and was abt to go wen
twinkle held his hand

TWI:kunj pls dont leave me stay wid me pls
Kunj:twinki I m here only none will harm u ok come he moved her up by holding his hands and day moved hand in hand
and boards rhe plane………..

End of today’s epi……
I completed twinj sidmin’s wish of cute twinj scene more I pl add in next and ya sidmin ur wish ll be complete on nxt epi
ok nw bye….
wat???????? Precap chahiye ok have it

PRECAP:twinj’s plane journey and smthng mysterious happens .Who is his LOVE U ll come to knw in coming episodes so….

PLS COMMNT… ……… …….

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