Hey guys, I am starting an ff on Ishqbaaz so here is the promo and intro.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi: An business tycoon strict and serious. Hates mid class people. He is played by Naakul Mehta.

Anika Mittal: Calm and matured, an orphan, but has good values. She loves her brother Sahil a lot. Played by Surbhi Chandna.

Omkara Singh Oberoi: Quite, honest and loyal. He is an artist by profession. Played by Kunal Jaisingh.

Ishana Behl: Talkative and makes-her-own-rules. She is selfless yet a bit childish (makes jokes on situations). Played by Vrushika Mehta.

Rudra Singh Oberoi: Childish, immatured and only cares about his looks. Played by Leenesh Mattoo

Radhika Arora: Bold, beautiful and believes in love. She runs a radio called “love for life”. She never cares about her looks. Played by Nikita Dutta.
The couples…
Shivika (Shivaay and Anika)
Ishkara (Omkara and Ishana)
Rudhika (Rudra and Radhika)
Shivaay drives the car very fast, and nearly crashes to beautiful girl. The car stops and the girl opens the door of the car and says “listen Mr Driver, you nearly crashed into me, so next time be careful” calmly. Shivaay replies “you listen, Shivaay Singh Oberoi never listens to people and who are in front of me?”. “Ok, I am just saying it for your safety” the girl says kindly. “I don’t care what you say, I know my safety right” Shivaay says rudely. “Do not try to take advantage of my niceness, it is ok that I didn’t report you to the police” the girl says and leaves. She thinks “he is so rude”. She was none other than Anika.

Ishana comes to visit Omkara’ workshop, by mistake she touches an idol. Omkara says “do not touch that”. “Alright, alright, Mr. saru, don’t have to say it this way, take a chill pill man” Ishana says weirdly. Omkara thinks “this girl has lost her senses, oh well I should concentrate on my work.

Rudra at home listens to Love advicer. She advices some one “not to care about looks, if she or he likes you then will not care how you look, but they will still love you”.

To find the answer, read my FF when I post forst epi.
Thanks for reading, Ishqies. Bye!!!

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  2. I would like to give u a suggestion instead of putting nikita opposite leenesh u better pair her opposite kunal and take out vrushika

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    Nyc start..post nxt part soon?

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