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Recap: kunj cooks for twinkle m in b/w reminds of his moments wid his LOVE…. They eat nd left for his office…..

EPI 22

Diary continues…

Being away from you
Not being with you
Makes me realise
These hours these minutes and seconds are far more than centuries…
Being with you
Makes me realise these centuries are nere seconds…..

Two pure souls with pains in hearts leave to office…
Twinkle having unknown pain seeing kunj who has become the most important person now in her life in pain…

And kunj in pain of not being with his LOVE which pricks his hurt always…

A point of realisation approaches in twinkle’s cerebrum ?(brain)

Kunj was walking forward and there was pace bw them..

She walked towards him but twisted her leg nd fell…

A sweet bt pain bearing voice peeps through her.CONCERN KING’s ears…

He rotates just to see his INNOCENCE QUEEN lying down on grass of lawn… with hairs veiling her cute face…

Ku:JASMIN…… JAS MY LOVE my jaan kya hua

He soulfully runs towards her with eyes filled with tears….

Jasmine what happened….

He ran crying towards her and made her sit on the ground itself…
He removes her hair from her face and tucked her hair behind her ears..

Kunj shouted in worry:jasmine my jaan are u fine I told u….

His worrying voice was interrupted by sweet voice…
Kunj hey kunj what happened I m twinkle..
She tapped his cheeks.

Reality strucks him….
Kunj whispers twinkle…
Where is my jasmine she fell she must be hurt she need me where she is and he started to cry sitting on grass with head in his bent knees….

Twinkles heart pricked seeing his such state…

Twinkle comes in sense and sits near him…
Kunj look at me she said lifting his head…
No dont pls dont cry I understand shh no u ll not cry u ll be strong she pointed clearing his lachrymal fluid(tears) ?

He hugged her lightly..
She tapped his back..

Kunj with broken voices utters :twi my jaan my jas she wer s she ..

Twi was crying seeing his state but cleared her tears and faced him…

Kunj listen shes der wid u in ur heart she said taking his hand to his heart side…

He calms down…
Kunj I need to know wat happened wid u…. Then only I can do something… u have loads of pain in ur small heart. U all alone bore that pain till now but enough now I m wid u ur friend…
People must be thinking u as most happiest asia’s biggest tycoon but for me u are my friend with whom u can share everything I wont judge u but I ll help u I will be wid u come stand…

He stands up nd gives his hand to help her stand up…
She smiles lil nd gives her hand..
She stands but wasnt able to walk as she sprained her leg…..

Ouch she uttered..
My INNOCENCE QUEEN has turned CONCERN QUEEN TOO bt look wats dis come I ll help u nd he picks her up in his bewildered arms….
She said its ok but he says shhh…
Keep quiet twinkle yrr m gelping u na

Twi:call driver this lawn is very big it will take us good enough time to reach car he ll only come na…

Kunj smiles n says..
Are innocence queen chill car is near only n we r not going to offi e its evening I ll take u my fav place.. My jas’s fav place…. N u can ask me wat I wanna ask der…

She smiles and nods..
They left from der…

Huhh guys I m tired now n bzee too soo bye guys next epi dun knw wen…
Bye guys keep commenting.. If this time less than 20 comments so I have to think over…. Huhh guys pls do cmmnt…

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice love it.

  2. Lovey_kz

    hi paavu the epi is just awsm loved it thank you for posting plz post next asap and post your os

    love you

  3. Sohi

    Lovely episode
    But I want to ask you one thing from a long time is kunj has some connections with a water tank that he always keep crying
    And he cries more than twinkle yaar ?????????????

    Well now paavu it’s high time yaar, u should reveal his past now

    Waiting for the truth to reveal

    Do continue

  4. I am speechless. U r a best writter

  5. Presha

    Loved it..
    Too good…
    Oye socha bhi mat discontinue krne ka…samjhiii
    Love u

  6. Hi paavu, I am a silent reader…ur ff is amazing ????plz post soon yrrr bbye..luv u???

  7. Purvi128

    Ishuuuuuuuuuu????????????? My butter cup…!!!!!!
    You always made me speechless by ur every episode…! How can u ryt so well… I m speechless..! Suchhii mein u r the best writer…! Pata hai aj tk kisi ff ke liye itna wait nhi kiya me ne jitna tere is ff ke liye kya hai..! I always prayed for u to come back nd see my prayers are answered..! U came back….!!!!! Aj kuch zyada hi bio ka bhoot chada hua tha kya…????? cerebrum,lachrymal fluid…????
    Such mein kitna rota hai bechara Kunj…! Ab jaldi se reveal ker dy jasmin ka face…..!!, kab se wait ker rahy hain sab…! Per tujhe suspense me rakhne me bht mazaa aata hai na…???
    I hope u get 20+ comments…!!!!!!
    Plssssssss post soooooooonnnn….
    Or wait mat karana….!
    LOVE U LOADS BUTTER CUP ?????❤❤❤❤????

  8. Ayesha51

    please reveal the
    mystery of jasmin soon
    lots of love paavu di
    love u a lot

  9. koi ladka itna rota hai kya.I feel so bad for kunj.tum aur kitna rolaynga isko lol.its very emotional epi.post next epi soon

  10. Baby

    oooooooooo my goodness. you seriously are such a darling paavu.
    well maybe your name is ishuuuuuuuuuuu as told by purvi. really sweet name.
    seriously I was waiting for your ff like what not. I am smiling like a fool. specialy for me yyoohooo. thanks a lot fo rposting dear.please post all your ffs na.. and reveal thee past too please. all are requesting dear seriously not able to wait anymore. who is his love and why does he always keep crying.
    loved it though.
    lods of love.

    1. excuse me who are you…..?

      1. She is a registered member and you are not !

      2. Ammmazinggg again ????? Yee SUSPENSE bardasht nahi ho raha Hai?…..Ab raaz khol bhi Doo naaa…..
        Kab take karogi Na..na..na..na..na???
        Bye and post soon ???

  11. Hey paavu yr epi was emotiona…. Cute… Lovely…. Luvd it….
    Sorry for not cmnting in previous epi…. But yr plzzzz dont say that u have to think everyonr is bzy…. Abi hmra ramzan chal rha ha so is wajah sa bzy ho plzzzz post nxt asap…. Luv u …. Waiting for nxt….

  12. Hey paavu… The episode was too good… I was ur silent reader but today m commenting.. sorry I may not comment after that coz of my busy schedule but I’ll definitely read .. it’s amazing .. plsss reveal the past soon….
    Post soon
    Love you

  13. Simiyy

    Hey Paavu
    I really enjoyed it
    cant wait for you to reveal the past
    Post soon and don’t be disheartened if you get less comments
    Loads of Love

  14. lovly epi

  15. Baby

    myyyyyyyyyyy jaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn………♥
    thanku sooooooooo mch babes………♥
    srsly donno who d heck was that……..
    uhhhhhhhhh……….I am soo damn jealous of did coffee…….huhhhhhhh………
    srsly itna cute itna mast dhamakedaar episode……..
    par tu yeh kunj ko rulati kun rheti hai haan…..
    aadaye badi funky hai aansuon ki tunky yeh chora bada drama king hai…..huh……….♥
    har time bas rona rona dukhii atthmmaaa…….♥
    its high time yaar…plsss schi mein aabbb naaa reveal d past muffin……..♥
    well srsly itna delightful endearing adorable biological captivating beguiling temperamental sentimaental melodramatic passionate zoologic botanical episode it was…….♥
    really touched my middle part of d heart……which is my core hub neucleus kernel eye bosom ………♥

    it is literally singing in the circulatory system of my heart in which rhythmic contraction and dilation is taking place……..♥♥♥♥♥

    the lachrymal fluid is also coming soo touched I am……. 🙂 😛 🙂

    basically what I finally mean to say is I loved it…….♥♥♥♥♥
    n I love u tooooooooo more than anything………..♥
    hahahhahahaaaaaaaa………call me soon yeh mera cmnt read krte hii………..haaahhahahahaahaaaaaaa………….. 😉
    bas merko zinda zaroor chod dena terko pta hai naa kun……….padna hai yrrr mujhe abhii…….. *pout* n *grin* n also *bye* n yeah *love u*

  16. Ramya

    Suspense queen
    Phir se suspense
    I’m getting irritated by Jasmine she is coming in between them
    Who is she is she another twinkle??
    CBt wait to know
    Love you keep smiling

  17. Twinj

    Hey paavu
    Epi was a blast….ummmmm suspense…not again……I do agree with pirvi…asj tujh may kuch jyada he bio ka bhoot chadgaya tha….anyway I loved it…
    ufff kunj ko maat rulau..chubta hae….
    don’t think much n post the next part asap…plzzzzzzz….

  18. Grt episode?

  19. Fatimaa.

    Heyy paavu….
    Previous me to comment kiya tha…
    I m sorry i forgot this one….
    Well this was just awesome amazing….superb..

    I lovedd it..
    Love uh❤❤

    1. Paavu

      Srry nahi pls jaan nikal dungi love u okkkkk daring girl han

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