Hi guys hw are all
Ty sooo much sayoo di fr cmmnting on my ff I m so happy pls vm back na…
Love u ritzi sis and oreo tu toh maar dalegi mujhe……..

Ok so I dun have much time so I m giving short epi bt bfore dat pls read previous epi
M giving link if u all dun remember dat…
Episodes 18 to 20

Recap:twinj awkward moment kunj reminds of his moments wid his LOVE…. Twi console him…
EPI 21

Diary continues…
Twi takes kunj out of his room after consoling him…

Twi:kunj now u ll not cry again ok…
Twi pov
I have to make him smile ummmmm ya idea…

Twi:by the way kunj I m angry wid u….

Kunj:sad and tensed. Wat happnd twinkke srry if I did hurt u again sr…

Twi:shhh dukhi atma ho tum har wakt dukhi han I m angry with u cos tum mujhe apne hometown srry cool city GOA nein le aye and ghumaya bhi nahi hmm very bad…
Goa is so nic place na mujhe dekhni hai…

Kunj:han goa meri jaan ki fav… Teary eyes…..

Twi notices this….
Twi:kunj pls dun be sad pls u promised me and han apna office nahi dikhayange MR ASIA…

Kunj : wat MR ASIA are pagal ladki m not mr asia I m awarded Biggest business tycoon of asia tum bhi na kuch bhi bas…

Twi smile seeing him laughing…
Twi:haste raha karo ache lagte hooo

Kunj :ty twinkle for coming in my life as my friend…

Twi:ty to u too my Concern king

Kunj:ok my INNOCENT queen ab se no ty no srry ok…

Han bhukh lagi hai

Kunj:bhuk toh mujhe bhi lagi hai….
They both moves towards kitchen

Twi:kunj itna bada ghar how do u remember places in ur own house..

Kunj:dis house was dream of smone…

Twi understands and changes the topic

Twi:ok ok ab kuch khilaoge bhi….

Kunj:han chalo

They gies to kitchen

Kitchen was in itself a class… Omg it was really very elegant kitchen with elegant lights and decor…

Twi:omg is it a kitchen so cool
Kunj :wat I wanna eat

Twi:ummm kuch bhi chalega…

Kunj:aise kaise acha ruko main tumhe apni fav dish khilata hun…
Kunj starts cooking….
Twi:kunj ek baat poochun

Kunj:hmm ask
Twi:u are so rich business tycoon n u r cooking urself and nt ur cook

Kunj(teary eyes)
Thinks something…..
Kunj:tum pagal ho han tumhe kuch ho jaata toh meri jaan nikal jaati… Bacha aise kaam kyun karti ho jisse tumhe meri jaan ko dard ho or tumhe dard hota hai toh mujhse bardasht nahi hota tum neri jaan ho bacha…
The girl is has his Love
Jas:ahhh suno baby..

She had cut her finger by knife..

Jas:look bany its so small cut tumne apne pyaare se hands se bandage bhi kardi na ab ek sweet si kisshi de do it will get alright…

Kunj is angry with her and sides his face…

Jas moves his face to her side..
Jas:bacha my shona my babu kya hua choti si toh chot hai maan jao na.. Pls pls pls and she kissed his forehead..
He. Doesnt agree
She kissed his eyes..
Then his cheeks and pecked his lips…

He hugged her tightly n starts crying….
She caresses his hair while hugging him back….
Kunj:(while sobbing) bacha u know na u r most important for me tum mujhe boht mushkil se mili ho I dun wanna lose u…
Promise me from now u ll not do any kitchen work… Not even cut anything.. I always deny u to do des works but u dun agree but today u have to promise me….


Kunj:no buts and whats i ll do these works ok I promise me

Jas:kunj pls

Kunj:no bacha

Jas:ok huhh
Kunj smile
U look so cute wen u r angry chalo I ll cook smthning for u….

Kunj comes out of his world and was sad..
He tried to ignore matter and said leave twinkle

Twinkle said that if he remembered that he has to tell her everything of his past

He nods his head in yes
He cooks something gud for her and they both eat…

Umm yummy twi says….
Ty said kunj …

They finished and left for office….

Recap dont know wen I ll post so srry guys..
Srry for boring epi srry bt bzee today so written in fast speed haha nd bad linguistic terms…. Srry next time I ll write wen ll br lil free which I also dun knw wen I ll be and wid better linguistic terms in english only no hindi….
Today I myself is feeling so bad that I ysed such bad language in it not effective and beautiful ones how can I bt time lack huhhh

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  1. Awsm yaar i feel like keep on reading but u didn’t even upload the nxt soon I have to wait but i am being restless plsss post soon

  2. Presha

    Hey janam…
    Its beautifull…
    Loved it…
    Love u…
    Post wen u r free…

  3. Fatimaa.

    Heyy paavu…
    M glad dat u r back…
    Seriously i missed this story soo much….
    This was as usual fab????????

    Just lovedd it..
    Post soon.
    Lots of love???

  4. Sohi

    Nice episode

  5. Omg…….is this trueee??????you are backkkkk……yayyy …???????hugs and lots of loveee?…….we missed you?…..but ?…glad that you are back?…..the episode was amazing but I want to know who was jas?post soon ???ok buee

  6. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Areeee PAAAVVVUUU! You are back! I m so so happy! Yippee! Missed you so much! I didn’t knew that u left TU for a period of time, when I came back. I was so sad for not seeing your comment on my post then everyone said that u left TU bcuz of exams. Now I m so happy to see you back. This epi was so special! This was so Amazing! Just loved it to the core! Beautifully written!
    Post soon!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  7. SidMin23

    Love it and finally your back I was misssijg this ff do post soon

  8. lovly epi

  9. Ramya

    Ishu it’s so cute
    But who is this jasmine suspense queen
    Kab kologi suspense
    I’m eagerly waiting
    Post when u r free
    Love you keep smiling mount caramel

  10. Baby

    ohhhh god my baby…….♥
    love u soo mch..♥
    thanks for posting it……♥
    itna emotional ♥
    itna cute…..♥
    uff jst wow…..♥
    m in love as alwys ♥
    dekh ab koi siyappa nahi krne wali mein…..♥
    toh isliye alvida kheti hun….fir milte hain jaldi jaldi…….♥
    love u sooooooo mch jaan…….♥
    muaaaahhhhh bas ek cheez bhott sad lagi kunj twinki ko bhott hurt krta rehta hai yrrr………♥
    loved it……..♥
    love u soooooooooo mch sis…….♥
    my muffin post soon….. 🙂

  11. hiiii
    I am coffee big fan of urs obvio coffee nahi hun asli mein hahaaahahaha but well poor joke naa
    loved the episode
    it was amazing
    emotional too
    cute bhi thaa
    n want that u post it soon u know I am waiting for ur so many writings to be posted
    please post naa I know u must be busy but please.
    loved the episode cute tha but thoda sad tha.
    and suspense bhi humesha ki tara
    love u dear paavu.

  12. marvelleous loving it . you write beautiful. please post soon. and thanks a lot for the summary you posted.

  13. shittt…..
    ohhh sry no shitt shitt I mean wow….
    I don’t have words amazing chakde pahde…. haan u nailed it…

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