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May dis new year brings to u all all the happinesses and may all of ur aspirations be fulfilled
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Dear majority said me nt to end dis ff so ok dearies I m not ending it…

As u all came to knw dat dis is my last post fr dis month her i give 18,19 and 20 th part complete and den in feb fr sure wid a bang I ll return in feb wid a bang and more suspenses……fr this ff so I m not ending this ff ok guys happy….

Pls commnt dearies I m happy at least u all gave  15+ commnts aftr long time love u allll may u like dis epis too…

Ya wait hi MAHA u commnted fr d frst time on my ff I m happy hope I srand up to all of ur aspirations. ..

This one is dedicated to all the lovers of my ff and ya especially ZOYU and my BABY meri sweeti cupcake love u yrrr….she said me she need dis so I m giving I mm happy u all like it….

AND aLl who reaD it and commnt or even silent readers….
Sorry if I forgot sm names I knw I forgot bt I wished all personally and gave new yr wishes too yess na ok chalo take the epis……

Link fr previous 15 and 16 epi as many must have missed it due to new year and all……


Recap:kunj’s unbearable pain hurt aad moments and kunj sees twinkle’s bleeding waist…..
He says her that he will apply medicine and aftr much for insistence she agrees….

**********EPI 18***********
Twinkle lies sidewise as kunj said due to his continuous insistence…

Kunj takes a cotton from box and wipes the oozed out blood……

And then he takes an antiseptic to apply….

Twi:kunj it ll pain na…

Ku: oh  srey srry I ll apply ointment bt usse thoda pain hoga I m srry I hurted u by my nails

Twi:are hw many times wil I say nt to say srry I understand

Kun: u r  very sweet just as I say INNOCENCE QUEEN u dont shw tantrums like oder girls and pure  u knw my LOV……
Eyes wettens

Twi notices it from side and

Twi:ahhh its paining..

Kunj:oh srry let me apply

Tw’s pov
  I ll do anything bt nt let u cry

Kunj applies  ointment on his finger and was to apply on her bare waist….

It was a bit awkward fr both……

As soon as his soft finger touches her slim soft waist both feels a connection a current………

Both closes der eyes feelng dat feel which dey didnt knew…….


Room filled wid aroma of romance……

Twinkle laid sidewise on bed wid her injured part of waist upside and kunj faced her sitting  and applying ointment…..

Twinkle winces in pain:ss ahhh

Kunj: srry pain hua??

Twi:utna nahi jitna apne frnd ko pain me dekh hota hai…..

Kunj bends towards her and starts blow air from his mouth on her waist……..

His touch makes twinkle to close her eyes……

He rubs oimtment wid his finger and blows air while twinkle gets lost in him…….

While blowing air kunj sees twinkle and dey both share a deep eyelock…………

Song plays (guys dat same sng nw also I ll complete it half only I knw my cupcake has guessed it bt den also…..)
   Tum aa gaye
                   Zindagi aa gayi

Dil ko mere raunkein
                       Mil gayi……..

Rab kare wakt bhi………..
                Ruk jaaye yahin….
Yeh pal main jee lun zara….
                        Ab dur jaana nahi…..

Jo tu…….. (smone recognized???)

After sm time dey come into senses kunj puts cooton over wound and tapes it….

Twi:ty kunj sooo much fr caring me dis much I cannot tell u wat I got aftr u came to me as a frnd I had noone in dis wrld and pains and hurt I tpo have my past……….. leave bt kunj nw I want to knw wats d reason of ur pain pls tell I want to knw

Ku:I m also vry much lucky I got u as a frnd uske jaane ke baad main akela pad gaya tha twinkle… har roz issi tarah ghut ghut ke mar mar ke hee raha tha aur ab bhi hun mera haal iss se bhi kharaab hota par ab koi hai jo mujhe sambhalta hai thanks twinkle fr giving me a frnd and I ll surely tell u bt wait……..

Twi:wat happened

Ku:have u freshened up?????
it was a long tiring journey and den I gave u pain srry twinkle……

Twi:chsss kunj how many time I will tell u u have not hurt me ok mere CONCERN KING

ku:oh meri INNOCENCE QUEEN ok baba nahi kahunga ok ab chal get up and take bath ur clothes are all arranged in ur wardrobe and ur room is the one next to me on RIGHT SIDE ok RIGHT SIDE

twi:ok kunj and nw u will also nt cry and pls take bath…..
Go nw I m going ok

Ku: ok twi if u need anything pls tell ok I know dese all are new to u and u ll get confused bt u ll learn……

Tw:ok ab main jaun

Twi leaves………..


*************Epi 19*************
Priya dear dis ones fr u………ur demand will get fulfilled nw

Twinkle went to her room and closes the door bt smwat it lefts opened……

She opens cupboard and stunned to see whole of cupboard filled up wid clothes and footwear and accessories arranged for her on kunj’s order

Her eyes got welled up

She closes cupboard and wents to washroom fr bath…..

Aftr 20 mins she comes out of washroom….

Twi (self talk):oh God wat mess had I done hope noone is in room I forgot to take my clothes thank God this towel was der…..

She notices door smwat opened….

Twi (self talk)
Oh God another mess I havent properly closed the door too chalo ket me frst I pray noone is der……

She goes towards the door and starts to close it wen a sudden jerk….


Due to wet floor as twi body was wet…
Her foot slipped and she fell down lying bt she experiences a wt over her…

Omg it was kunj over her…….

They both got engaged in each odrrs eyez……

Twi was wrapped in just a towel on her body above her knees and starting from her armpits…….

Kunj’s body was fully touching her half covered body…..

Song plays…….
(This is anoder song fr situation not dat guess wala song)
(Note guys dis song is so beautiful from murder 3 pls guys plug in earphones listen dis song while reading feel the lyrics and link wid wat I write in brackets I choosed dis song to link lyrics wid situation sooo pls its a request….)

Chaahe kuch na kehna
Bhale chup tu rehna
Mujhe hai pata, tere pyar ka
Khamosh chehra, ankhon pe pehra

(Twis eyes covered wid hair and kunj tucks dem behind her ears)

Khud hai gawaah, tere pyar ka
(Both are engrossed in each oder’s eyes……Silence looms over in room and aroma of romance spreads…….)

Teri jhuki nazar, teri har ada
Mujhe keh rahi hai ye dastaan

(Twi closes her eyes and due to air from window her hair starts blowing melting kunj more in her)

Koi shaqs hai jo ki in dinon
Tere zehan-o-dil pe hai chha gaya
(Twi’s mind flashes all her moments in amritsar  wid kunj wen he saved her cared fr her ……bt she is confused why is she thinking about him)

Teri jhuki nazar, teri har ada
Mujhe keh rahi hai ye dastaan

Teri zulf jab bhi bikhar jaati hai
Aye haseen tu haseen aur ho jaati hai
(A strand or two of her hairs youches his face adding her beauty)

Jo kitaabo me padhte rahe aaj tak
Woh pari humko tujh mein nazar aati hai

Teri hi baahon mein, panaahon mein
Rehna mujhe hardum sada
(Twis hands holding tightly kunj’s waist and kunj’s hands gripping her waist…. like dey nevee wanna lwave eo)

Teri hi yaadon mein, nigaahon mein
Rehna mujhe har dum sada
(Dey both remembers der aad moments wid eo and care tooo… Now kunj flips twi and nw twi is over kunj…)

Teri hi baahon me, panaahon me
Rehna mujhe hardum sada
Hardum sada
(Hold of kunj around her waist tightens still dey are lying on floor only….. twi’s wet body wettens kunj’s clothes..
..her wet feet touches his feet and her bare legs touch his covered legs………
Now dey r jst one body….)

Chaahe kuch na kehna
Bhale chup tu rehna

(Both are quite….
Kunj moves his face towards twi’s neck and looks as if he was about to kiss her…. His warm breath on her neck made her shiver nad kunj hold her tightly…… and rubs his nose on her neck…..)
(She closes her eyes and shivers a little)

Mujhe hai pata tere pyar ka
Khamosh chehra, aankhon pe pehra
Khud hai gawaah, tere pyar ka

(He starts to rub his lips on her neck……)

Teri jhuki nazar, teri har ada
Mujhe keh rahi hai ye dastaan
Koi shaqs hai jo ki in dinon
Tere zehan-o-dil pe hai chha gaya
Teri jhuki nazar, teri har ada
Mujhe keh rahi hai ye dastaan

(Both have lost senses are jst engrossed in d situation)

Due to wind a vase fell down…..
Which was enough to bring both in senses…

They regained sense and feel of humility, awkwardness and dont knw hw spreaded among them…

Both loosened der grip on eo and stood as fast as possible…..

Kunj was ashamed or jst dun knw why he dis dis or wat and twi also as she allowed and melted in him….

Why we deny wat was going on

Twi saw herself half covered by a towel only and she kept hands on her body and ran towards washroom to lock herself….
As soon as she locked d door she sat down near d door itself thinking wat has happened jst a few minutes ago…

Here kunj was having mixed feelings

Epi ends on both of their confused and how it can be face!!!!!!!!!!

****** EPI 20***********
* *
Twi closed door and nw again she was boggled abt the last moments happening here same wid kunj……

Kunj pov
Wat was I doing why I felt attraction towards her , how can I be close to her no shes jst a good and only frnd of mine nothing else……I cant cheat my LOVE ….I vowed that I will be of hers only through my entire life and even after death no I cant do dis ………….
I m only of my LOVE NOne cane seperate us even death also cant…….

Its jst my thinking nthng else I was I m and I will always be of my LOVE my JASMIN …..
HE sits down on his knees and cries…..
Jasmin why u left me …..
Main boht akela ho gaya hun jasmine wapas aa jao……

He goes to his rooom and takes out pic of a girl……
Shes a damn beautiful , cute, swt si girl…….
(No dear nw I ll not reveal look aftr jan fr sure….)
(Dont think dearies dat I used jasmin name so its twinkle I mean jasmin bhasin only……. bcos sm guys are confused so to clear it its jst a name loooks abhi nahi……)

Kunj sat leaning to his cupboard and swipes his hand over wet photo due to his tearssss….

He hugged that pic tightly touching it to his chest and crying endlessly……

A flashback starts (a small one)
A girl:baabu kunj mera baabu are u in room?????

Kunj turns closing his laptop wid a broad smile which has disappeared now…..

Kunj:mera bacha meri jasmin

So d girl is jasmin his LOVE…

Kunj:are bacha I m here only sweetie batao kya hua????

Jasmine (peeping frm washroom’s door in a towel): baaba pls give my clothes na jaan pls de doo plsss ….

Kunj:jaan wait I ll give ur clothes and ……..

He took up her clothes and slowly went towards her…..

She gave out her hand bt our hero just pulled her towards him throwing the clothes down frm his hand…

Jasmin was wrapped In towel only………

Kunj rotated her nd back hugged her tightly frm her waist squeezing it…

Both felt like heaven….

Jas:baabu pls leave wat r u doing pls leave na I have to go n wear clothes pls leave…


Jas: plsssss baaba swtheart leave me na (puppy face)

Kunj:ok bt on one condition…

Jas:hmmm boliye. .

Kunj throws her wet hair on one side nd rests his chin on her one shoulder ……. shoulder was uncovered as she was in a towel…… . .

He gave a kiss actually plenty of kisses on her wet neck and brushed his lips and nose through her neck and face…..

Jass closed her eyes shivering bt blushing like red paint has been applied on her cheeks….

Jas: kunj pls I m feeling cold lemme go see ur bacha will catch cold…

Kun:oh so my bacha my Jaan is doing emotional blackmail hmmm….
Ok bt condition…..

Jas turned and pecked his lips quickly and ran away taking her clothes in washroom……

Kunj scratched his head and smiled…..


HERE a small curve has appeared on kunj’s face bt wen he came into real wrld he again started crying…He keeps photo inside cupboard….

Aftr 20 mins twi comes der and sees him crying…..

Twi pov
God he s crying I need to make him quiet bt hw will I face him …

Wat has happnd jst nw hw will I face him nw… bt I have to……….

She was wearing a long black skirt with a black and green crop top………….

She went towards him and sat down near him keeping her hand on his hand…


Twi wipes hi tears

Twi:u r crying again hmm wat I said to u

Kunj:twi leave dis ok nw I m nt crying na frstly twi I m srry fr wat happened I ur room I dun knw why pls twi srry I m feeling ashamed…

Twi: kunj no need to …

Say srry I also dun knw why ???
Ok leave dis thing oderwise we bth ll feel awkward .
We are frnds only best ones ok……

hmmm ok chalo kunj get up u must not have eaten smthng come get up and eat smthng

Both get up and leaves the room….

EPi eNDS…….
PRECAP:ON FEB 1 Revelation of LOVE’s I.e. JASMIN’S FACE….

Phewwwe finally ok guys nw I will come in feb wid a big suspense till den pls keep loving all be safe take care I ll miss u all and ya pls remember dis ff and ya pls COMMENT dis was really epi which I tried to make special nw I need all of urs special commnts even also if dey r of one word also

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    Well tujhe laga raha ho ga kiss pagal se tera pala pad gaya hai or soch rhi hogi kash mene msg nhi kiya hota uss din iss baby ko toh yeh tang nhi kr rhi hoti aaj bhi…. itna ghatiya baate krti hai or merko bore krti hai dimaag hainhi tang kr rakha hai hainaa soch rhi hogi zaroor bt…..
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