Fall again (episode 21)


Hey guys I am back with another episode. As some people asked me I made a wattpad ID. I will post on both portals
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Screen starts in MM hall

All were present there.

Kar:You all said that she went to sleep but how is it possible that she just vanished?

Soya: We are not understanding it.

Kavita gets a message.

Kavi(reads): Hurry up and find her before news spreads around. The DIl of Maheshwari family caught in a raid.

Laksh puts on the TV. It was showing a news.

News: In a hotel of Kolkata the police made a raid and many pr*stitutes got caught.

On the other in the hotel at the same time when all were talking in Maheshwari hall

Swara was in the hotel room and lying on the bed being unconscious. She had deep make up. She was covered in a blanket and her arms were outside the blanket but she wasn’t having any clothes on her arms. She slowly started getting conscious and saw her surrounding. She was confused. Her head was paining like hell. Seeing herself not in her room she stands up. She looked at her and saw herself in a red one piece which was hardly covering her body. She ran to the window and saw police standing everywhere. She got scared when suddenly a knock was there. Swara immediately took the blanket and hide in a closet. Some police man broke the door and came inside. They started searching everywhere except one who was standing in the room. He suddenly saw one piece of blanket coming from the closet. He goes toward it and opened it. He became shocked seeing a scared Swara. At that time some constable came down so he immediately closed the door. As Maheshwari and Ranveer were very famous so he knew Swara. Also he is a good friend of Neil and is in the special force which Neil organised.

Con: Sir no one is here.

Ins: Okay go and check other rooms I will look here again.

They all go. The inspector locks the door and goes toward the closet. He asks Swara to come out who was looking scared.

Ins: Don’t worry Swara. I am a good friend of Neil. I won’t do anything.

Swara slowly gets out. He makes her sit on the bed and gives her water.

Ins: Swara you drink water I will call Neil and ask him to come here.

Inspector calls Neil after going to a side. In MM all were about to go to hotel when Neil phone rang.

Neil: Rohit at this time? Guys please wait a minute.

He picks up the call.

Neil: Yeah Rohit tell.

Roh: Neil can you come to XY hotel.

Neil  (worried): What happened?

Roh: Actually Swara is here. I don’t know how she reached here. She was scared so I didn’t interrogated her. You just come here fast.

Neil: I am just on my way.

Roh: And get also clothes for her.

Neil: Rohit what happened?

Roh: I don’t know. I just found her wrapped in a blanket while hiding in a closet. Now come fast I will try to get everyone away from here.

He cuts the call and Neil throws away his phone.

Adi: What happened?

Neil: Swara is in XY Hotel. My friend is right now with her. Ranveer, Adi, Sanskar come. We have to leave immediately.

They 4 start going outside. Outside Neil stops them.

Ran: Neil why are you stopping us?

Neil: Adi you go to your mansion and bring some clothes for doll!

San: Neil you are scaring me.

Neil: Sanskar I don’t know what happened to doll and how she came there. I just know that Rohit found her hiding in a closet while being wrapped in a bed sheet. He didn’t interrogated her as she was scared.

San: I have a barter idea. Come to the window of my room.

Sanskar goes to his room and the others stand outside the window. After a while they see him with a packet. He throws it to Adi who catches it and Sanskar comes to them.

San: Now we can go.

Sanskar and Ranveer went in one car Adi and Neil went in one car. They reach the hotel and till now everyone had left already. Only Rohit was there waiting for Neil. Neil,Adi,Ranveer and Sanskar rush to him.

Neil: Rohit where is Swara?

Roh: She is in Room no. 231.

All rush to the room.

Roh: Mr. Maheshwari I think you should go in first.

Sanskar goes and sees Swara crying. She sees Sanskar and runs to him without caring that the blanket fell down. Sanskar was shocked seeing her in those clothes. He came to senses hearing her sobbing.

San: Shona calm down please.

Swa (while sobbing): Sanskar I don’t know how I came here? There were police…

San: Shh. Shona. I now everything. Rohit called Neil and told him everything. First of all change your dress after that tell us what happened after calming down.

Swa: Sanskar come with me please.

San: Where? To change your dress.

Swara nods. Sanskar knew that she is scared so thought to divert her mind.

San: You never leave a chance to romance with me? Never mind. The night is our Shona but now your dear brothers are waiting for us.

Swa(beats him on his chest): How shameless you are. Here your wife is scared and you are thinking to romance with her.

San: Princess when you will get scared then who will fight against the evil? Princess it’s a fight where you have to go through. We all can only support you and try to find him but you have to go through this. You can’t fall weak and I am always with you remember it.

Swa: I can’t anymore Sanskar. I am feeling every day to die…

Before she could finish Sanskar captures her lips in a kiss. He got furious hearing the word die. Not even in his thoughts he can think to get separated from her. Swara was all numb but came to senses when he was biting her lips. She kissed him back. After some time he broke the kiss and joined their foreheads.

San: Don’t you even think of death. We will go through everything together. Now go and get changed.

Swara does as he said. After calming his breath he goes outside. Rohit left till now. Neil and Adi smile seeing him. Ranveer knows what will come now.

Adi: Sanskar why you took so long.

San: Swara was scared so was trying to calm her. I will seriously kill that sick person.

Neil: Sanskar was you trying to calm her or taking advantage of the situation?

San: What do you mean?

Before Neil or Adi could answer him Ranveer takes his handy out makes his picture as gives it to him. He looks confused but the confusion goes away seeing red lipstick on his lips. He immediately turns and cleans his lips with his hanky. Adi and Neil smile at him. He turns again.

San: Stop showing me your teeth. It’s all because of your sister only.

Adi: Stop blaming our cute little sister.

Ran: Guys stop it. They are husband and wife. Sanskar how is princess?

San: She was scared first I send her to change the clothes.

At that time Swara comes out wearing the sari Sanskar bought for her. Ranveer hugs her.

Ran: Princess are you alright?

Swara humms.

Adi: Doll let’s go home.

Swara silently goes with them. At home everyone was waiting for them except the boys.  Swara directly goes to her room.

San: Guys I have a work will come later. Please take care of Swara.

Sanskar goes.

Ran: I also have to leave.

Ranveer goes.

Neil: I will come in the evening.

Neil goes.

Adi: I also have to go.

Adi also goes before anyone could say anything. After hardly 5 minutes Swara comes downstairs dressed in jogging suit.

Rag: Swara where are you going?

Swa: Gym. You all can also come if you want of course.

All agreed. Now all girls were going to gym with Swara. All girls enter and become shocked.

Screen freezes on the shocking faces of the girls
Guys tell me how you liked it.

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