Fall again (episode 16) (punishment)


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Screen starts in the MM garden
Everyone was standing in the garden.
Neil: Doll why you made us stand like this?
Swa: For getting forgiveness you all boys will get a punishment.
San: And what is it?
Swa: Sahil, Laksh, Nikhil, Karthik and Sanskar tum log Murga bano or Bhai ap sab apne apne kan pakro.

Now she was controlling her laughter really hard whereas the girls start laughing and boys especially Sah, Lak, Nik, Kar and San look horrified. They 5 ran to her.
San(whispers): Princess what are you saying? Murga?
Sah(whispers): Swara everyone is watching us!
Swa: Be happy that I have called you all outside or I would have said this before the elders.
Nik: Swara please I am your childhood bestie na.
Lak: Swara please don’t do this look even Ragini is here.
Swa: I don’t care. Do it or I am going.

Soya: Swara why only they 5 ask Rajveer also.
Rajveer glares her.
Swa: I would have really done it but he is my Brother na.
Karsah, Laknik(scream): We are also your brother.

Now Sanskar was looking at them like anything.
Swa: That’s good but you became my brother after I told the punishment so your punishment is still there. Okay you don’t want then I am going.
She turns to leave but before than that they do what they are asked to. Hardly 10 seconds passed and Swara started laughing loudly. Which confuses everyone.

Swa: Oh my god. I was just pranking you all. I didn’t thought you will do it really.
This shocks them. They 5 again stand up and start going towards her angrily. Ansh, Adi, Arjun and Neil also come forward. Seeing this Swara runs inside the house followed by others. Now all started chasing Swara except Ragini, Parish, Zain and Soya. They were standing on the side. The elders were confused.
San: Swara stop.

Swa: No ways.
They chased her for around 10 minutes but now all except Swara were tired. Laksh took a pillow and threw it on Swara but she escaped and it hitted Ranveer who was in the other direction. He threw it back on Laksh but it hitted Sanskar. He threw it on Kavita. And like this they got busy in a pillow fight instead of chasing Swara. After a while they realised what they are doing and first looked at Swara who was sitting between Sujatha and AP and laughing then at the elders who were looking as they can’t believe what is happening then at each other.
Youngsters: Swara/Princess/Doll stop laughing.

DP: What were you all doing?
San: Bade Papa it’s your lovely daughter’s fault.
RP: Now you all start blaming her. She is sitting like a good girl and you all are doing here a pillow fight.
Ran: Uncle Good Girl and Swara is just like sky and earth. Totally opposite to each other.
Sha: What she did?
They tell her what she did outside.
She: I think you all shouldn’t stay in her company for this much time. She is already drama queen and devil you all will also become like her.

Youngsters: She is neither a drama queen nor a devil.
Swa: Correct. Anyways dinner is ready. I will bring it.
Swara starts keeping the dishes on table and Parag forcefully help her. The others clean the messed hall. Later all finished eating and Swara brings sweet. All started eating it but after taking the first spoon. The boys except Adarsh and Zain ask: Swara why is salt in the sweet?
Other: Salt?
AP: There is sugar in the sweet.

San: No Badi Ma it’s salt.
Swa: You all must be mistaken. Wait let me taste.
She takes a spoon and eats a little from Sanskar.
Swa: I think after running you all feel like it’s salt. And even Adarsh Bhai and Zain didn’t said anything so.
Suj: Sanskar now eat it without any comment.
RP: Correct. Swara made it with so much love.

They eat it forcefully. After a while youngsters were sitting in the garden.
Swa: By the way how was the Kheer.
San: Swara I swear it was salty.
Ran: And it wasn’t because of running.

Rag: How can it be when we all ate it?
Swa: Everything can happen when Swara does a prank on her dear brothers and hubby.
Ada: That means you really mixed salt in their Kheer?
Swara nods while laughing while everyone looks at her in disbelief.
Raj: Why are you making us your target today?
Swa: Just out of fun. I am doing what I couldn’t do in the last two months. By the way Ansh Bhai have you thought of marriage. Look you have become white hairs.
Ansh: What? You are joking right? Neil do I have white hairs?

Swara nods him to say yes.
Neil: She is joking.
Swa: Alright I am joking. But when are you all gonna marry? I have this many brothers but only three are married.
Ran: For me you are gonna search a girl that is my condition.
Adi, Neil, Ansh, Arj: For us also.
San: What kind of girls do you want?
Adi, Neil, Ansh, Arj, Ran: Just like Doll/Princess.
Nik,Lak,Rag,San,Kar,Sah,Kavi,Kavy: Impossible. She is single piece.
San: You won’t a girl like her in your whole life.

Swa: Guys I have an idea.
Nik: What is now going on in your little brain?
Swa: Oye duffer I don’t have a little brain. And if you once again call me something which I don’t like then I will tell everyone about your school days mostly Uttara and Arjun Bhai.
Nik (immediately screams): NOOOOOO.
Everyone looks suspiciously at them.
Arj: What are you both hiding?
Nik: Bhai she is just joking. Right Swara?

Rag: Swara what were you thinking of?
Swa: Guys let’s go on an outing for some days and that too with the whole family.
Ran: It’s actually not a bad idea.
San: Who is gonna convince our dear parents?
Swa: When Swara is here then why fear? I will convince them.
Lak: Swara you are gonna talk to Hitler (DP)?
Rag: Laksh have some shame. He is your father and very nice.
Swa: Wait I will talk and come.
She goes inside and convinces the elders. When she was coming outside she heard them talking and stopped there itself.
San: Let’s teach Swara a lesson.

Ran: Correct she has pranked us 3 times in a day let’s also prank her.
Adi: If she gets to know?
Lak: I am in.
Like this all joined them.
Nik: Let’s drench her with water pipe.

Lak: I was thinking the same.
Nik: I will do it.
Nikhil goes from there.
Swa (monologue): Now they all are against me? Now it will be equal and more fun. I can prank them as much I want.
She goes to them.
Swa: Nobody has something against the outing. We can go for one week.
She sees everyone looking behind her. She knew that Nikhil is behind her so went to the side and immediately stood up but for Nikhil it was too late and the whole water went to Sanlak who were sitting in front of her. Before anyone could react Swara snatched the pipe and started drenching everyone except Ragini.

Man: Swara stop what are you doing?
Swa: That’s called Tit for Tat. You all planned against me. That’s your punishment.
When everyone was fully drenched she stopped.
Swa: How bad Nikhil your plan backfired!
Nik: How did you know I am standing there with water pipe.

Swa: I heard you all talking. And have fun in your team. I am alone able to compare you all.
Saying this she went inside and came back with towels and gave them everyone and again went inside. After drying themselves little bit they went inside with disappointed faces. Seeing them like this elders became confused.
Sak: Sahil what is this?
RP: Are you all children to play with water?
Nik: Uncle Swara has done this.
Swara was about to say something but Shomi drags her from there making everyone worried. She goes outside with her.
Swa: Mama what happened?
Sha: Swara how are you behaving today? Grow up! I am seeing you since a long time and you are just having fun. Remember you are married and in your in laws house.
Swa: But Mama…

Sha: I don’t wanna hear anything and I don’t want any complain from now on. Come in.
Swara silently goes back in. She immediately went to her room without saying anything.
Nik: Ma what you did? She isn’t at fault.
Sha: Nikhil stop hiding her mistakes.

San: Ma it is true. Actually we planned to take a little revenge from her and planned to drench her.
Lak: But she got to know it and when Nikhil was about to drench her she went to side and we all drenched.
Suj: And Sharmishta ji we don’t have any problem with it. We just want our children to be happy.
Sha: But still she should understand that she is in her in laws house.
DP: No she isn’t.
All looks at him being shocked.
DP: It would be her in laws house if we would think her as our DIL but she is our daughter. Not only she but also Parineeta and Ragini.
AP: And through them only we don’t miss Uttara this much after her wedding.
San: Badi Maa I am going to talk to her.
Ran: I will go.
Ansh: You both fight I will go.

Nik: I think I should go.
Arj: If you will go then she isn’t going talk to us for a whole year.
Lak: Don’t worry I will go.
Ada: All this is happening because of you both (Laknik) so stay here.
Adi: Not two but four.
Raj: Correct Bhai and Sanskar started with the teach a lesson thing.
Sah: Then why you joined them?
Kar: Sahil why you joined them?
Like this a heated argument started between them. The others were looking at them in disbelief. After 1 minute Swara comes and stands with the girls who didn’t notice her.
Swa (whispers): What are they discussing about?

They girls and elders notice her.
Kavi: They are discussing who should go and convince you.
Now all girls except Swara start laughing. The boys look at them and then see Swara standing there. They realise what they were doing.
Rag: I think Papa is right you all (to boys) shouldn’t stay so long in Swara’s company.
Kavy: True.
They said it out of fun but Swara took it serious because of what Sharmishta said. She goes to Ranveer.

Swa: Bhai I wanna talk to you something important.
Ran: What happened Princess?
Swa: Come with me.
She drags him to her room. They talk for some time and both come angrily outside.
Screen freezes on angry face of Ranveer and Swara
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