Fall again (episode 15) (end of enimity)


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Screen starts with the angry faces of Rajveer, Sahil, Karthik, Kavita, Adarsh, Parineeta and Mansi
In the door Soya (Rajveer love, wants to marry her, she don’t know about him being a gangster), Sulekha (Parineeta mother), Kavya, Sakshi (Sahil mother), Zain (Mansi love) and Kaveri (Kavita mother) were tied up and behind them there were some goons.
Sah, Raj, Man (in unison shout): What the hell Swara?
Swa: Oh now it is what the hell? Now you all must get to know how I’m feeling seeing my family like this!
Soya: You cheated me Rajveer. You betrayed me.
Raj: Soya it isn’t like you are thinking.
Soya: Oh really. Then tell me what is happening here? You have gun. This people (to MM) are tied up. We are tied up.
Zain: I never thought Mansi that just because of money you will fall this much low. You are also one of them who are behind money.
Man: You are taking me wrong Zain. I didn’t do this for money. I did this for us. For our future.
Zain: But I don’t want all this. I just want to live with you and our Mansi. Money and all is nothing.
Sak: Sahil leave all this and come back. Can’t you see Swasan love for each other? Why are you destroying this many lives? Just forget Swara and move on. You will find another girl who will understand you.
Swa: Look what you all became. Instead of doing crimes and going behind bars why you don’t think of yourself and your future. About those persons who love you a lot.(goes to Parish) Bhaiya, Bhabhi please stop all this. What you will get by making your own family suffer? And Bhabhi please get the thought out of your mind that Ragini or I want to take your place in this family. Even Sanlak don’t want to take Bhaiya place. We just want a happy family. You both are and always will be the elder Son and DIL of this house.(goes to Mansi) Mansi money is something you will always find but a family and the real love of your life you will find not every time. Instead of wanting the property and money you can happily live with your daughter and love.(goes to Rajveer) Look at Ranveer Bhai. Once he was also like you but now he changed. He became a better person who has everything. A perfect family. A perfect reputation. If you really want to them you can become like him. You both can again live together. And think also of Soya. As long you are in this field till then her life will also be in danger.(goes to Karthik and Kavya) What happened in the past can’t be changed now. But you both can change your future. Instead of doing this you both can go back to the time when you lived together as an actress and photographer not as criminals. And also think about your parents! Would they be happy seeing you on a wrong way?(goes to Kavisah) I don’t know whether you both really love Sanskar or me or it is just an infatuation. Because if you really love us then you can’t see us sad and you both really know how much we both love each other and our happiness lies in each other.
She goes to Soya, Kavya, Zain, Sakshi, Sulekha and Kaveri and opens their threads.
Swa: I have left them. Now the decision is up to you all whether you want to kill me and take your so called revenge or you all want to start afresh with your families.
Raj, Sah, Ada, Pari, Man, Kavi, Kavy and Kar look at each other then at their families and Swara. Everyone noticed her hopeful eyes that they choose the family. And their next move shocks everyone. They all open MM, GF and Swara brothers. They come in front of them and folds their hands.
Raj(to Ranveer): Bhaiya please forgive your useless brother.
Others(to MM): Forgive us also please.
They were looking really guilty so they forgave them and they also had lost the bet so without any option they did it. Now Pari was hugging AP, Adarsh was hugging DP, Kavya was hugging Sujatha, Karthik was hugging RP, Sahil was hugging Sanskar, Rajveer was hugging Ranveer, Mansi was hugging Ragini and Kavita was hugging Swara. All goons leave from there. After a while they break the hug. Rohit comes forward.
Roh: Ma’am can I meet my family now as your work is done.
Raj: Ma’am? Did I missed something.
Swa: Not something Bhai but everything?
San: She just needs a chance to make new brothers.
Swa: So what is wrong in it?
Sah: What did we miss?
She told them how she went to Rohit family and then threatened him to do everything. Listening this they were shocked.
Swa: And Bhai the guns you all have are useless right now!
Kar: Why so?
Swa: Because the guns are real but they have rubber bullets. They can’t harm anyone.
San: Why you didn’t told us that there aren’t real bullets in it?
Swa: I didn’t wanted to. Rohit your family reached your home.
Rohit leaves from there.
Lak: Swara but you should have told us na!
Swa : I already said I didn’t wanted to so I didn’t wanted to. And by the way I am not gonna talk to you all. Badi Ma I am going to prepare dinner.
All are confused right now and she leaves from there.
Nik: Before 5 minutes she was alright what now happened?
Arj: You must have done something surely.
Ran: Then why is she angry with us?
Neil: Let’s go and ask here.
Now all youngsters go there and the elders sit down and talk. In the kitchen Swara was doing work and sees all of them coming there. She chuckles but soon controls and gets a serious face. They all go and stand around her but she was least bothered and continuing her work. Nobody knew what to say.
Adi: Doll are you angry with us?
Swa: Theory proved again.
All: Theory?
Swa: Are you all short memory patient? On my birthday I proved a theory which I proved again.
Kavy: Which theory? Can you also tell us please?
Swa: The theory is that every man I know is brainless.
Utt, Rag, Kavi, Kavy, Man, Soha, Pari(in unison): 100% true.
The boys glare the girls while Swara was still engrossed in her work not looking at them.
Swa: Stop glaring us it’s the truth.
Ansh: Alright but now tell us our mistake. Why are you angry with us?
Swa: Because of Nikhil and Laksh.
All glare them and they both look at Swara like anything.
Nik: What we did know Affat?
Now Swara turns and gives him death glare. He gasped looking at her.
Swa: What did you called me?
Lak: The name Ma should have kept for you. Affat.
Swa: Then Badi Ma should have called you Langur.
All(in unison): Swara/Doll/Princess from where does he look like a Langur.
Swa: As expected.
She again turns and does her work.
San: Swara if they called you Affat then you should be angry with them not with us.
Swa: I am angry with all of you because you didn’t supported me.
Lak: Swara it’s because they also think you as an Affat.
Nik: Correct but don’t have the guts to say it.
Everyone looks at them angrily.
San: Princess they both are lying.
Swa: Get out of the kitchen and let me do my work.
Ran: Princess…
Swa: Gooooooooo
They immediately go out to the hall. Ranveer and Sanskar take a cushion while everyone looks confused. Only Ansh, Aditya, Neil and Arjun understood what they are gonna do. They go near Laknik and hold both of them. Before they could understand anything Ransan start beating them with the cushions. They forgot that the elders are sitting there. After a while they stop it and look at the confused elders.
RP: Sanskar, Ranveer why are you both beating Laksh and Nikhil.
San: Papa because of this both monkeys Swara is angry with all of us.
Sha: And what did they both?
Ada: Called her as Affat.
Lak: Stop beating us and think how to ask forgiveness.
Kavi: Okay it’s alright that she is angry on you all because you didn’t supported her but why she is angry with us?
Swa(while coming with water): Because of you all they called me Affat.
She starts giving water to the elders.
Ran: Princess please forgive us.
San: Sorry. From now on we won’t support these donkeys.
Adi: Doll please.
But she didn’t reply. Instead she was controlling her laughter. No one noticed it except the elders.
Kavy: Swara we can’t do anything na for it.
Sha: Shona at least look at them.
She turns and seeing their faces she thought of something and smirked in her mind.
Swa: Okay but come with me outside in the garden.
They all go in the garden behind Swara.
Screen freezes on the smirking face of Swara

Precap: Masti, Masti and more Masti
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