Fall again (episode 14) (past revelation)


Hey guys back with another episode. I hope you are liking it. I mean I am getting very less comment. I am also gonna end it soon. So enjoy guys.
Screen starts in the hall of MM
Everyone was sitting there for knowing the truth.
Lak: Who is gonna tell?
Ran: Princess you will tell it!
Swa: As you all got to know that Rajveer is Bhai little brother and both were in past life gangsters. Bhai due to his passion became more famous. Rajveer became jealous of him and he tried to kill bhai he made it look like an accident a truck hit his car very badly. I was passing from there. I take him to hospital. Bhai had bad injury on head so he slipped into coma but doc were very hopeful he can see and hear but can’t respond. Someone informed Rajveer about bhai recovery therefore he came to meet bhai. After one week bhai’s condition was very good Rajveer was very angry. he sent me outside and tried to remove bhai’s oxygen mask. I recorded everything and called doc immediately he operate bhai and called police when I tell him everything and show him video Rajveer was arrested. After 1 month Bhai got conscious and started doing business.
Rag: But I don’t understand why he is behind your life. I mean jail must be common thing for criminals.
Ran: Because when police was taking him princess slapped him hardly that’s why he want revenge.
Nik(to Sharmishta): Maa why you kept her name Swara? You should have called her Aafat.
Swa: How mean! I am not a Aafat.
Lak: Swara seriously in this I am with Nikhil. Who said you to slap him?
Swa: Aree I was angry on him how could he even think of killing his brother. Ich wollte schon seine Fresse zusammenschlagen, aber die Polizei war da und ich konnte nichts machen vor denen. (I wanted to break his face but the police arrived and I couldn’t do anything)
Neil: Now we know the reason but what is your plan.
Swa: Nothing. We are gonna wait.

She gets a call. She keeps it on speaker.
Swa: What news you have for me?
Boy: Ma’am it is amazing show here! They all are blaming each other.
Swa: And this gives us more time but make sure they don’t doubt you. Uhmm I want to listen to them.
Boy: Sure ma’am.
The families were surprised. On the phone.
Raj: This is impossible. She can’t know it. Someone has told her.
Kavi: Who can it be rather than Sahil?
Kavy: Correct after all he loved her.
Sah: It could be also done by Adarsh or Parineeta.
Man: Right after all we are gonna kidnap their family.
Ada: How can you both just blame us?
Pari: Kavita could also have done this after all she wants to save Sanskar.
Kavi: Where does Sanskar come in between? And what about Rajveer? After all his brother is also involved.
Raj: Shut up or I will put all this bullets in you.
Kavy: Stop showing us your gun. You are calling yourself gangster then how you could miss the bullet?

Like this all started blaming each other. The boy goes from there with his mobile.
Swa: Well done Rohit. Super job.
Roh: It is all done by you only. (hesitantly) Ma’am how is my family?
Swa: Alright but only until you are loyal to me. One wrong step of yours can take their lives.
Roh: No ma’am please.
Swa: By the way meet me in the farmhouse at 12 pm after they slept.
Roh: Yes ma’am.
She cuts the call and sees everyone looking at her with different feelings. Some angry, jealous, curious and some shocked.
Swa: What are you looking like you saw a ghost?
Ran: Swara was it the same Rohit?
Swa: Yap. Rajveer right hand but know my right hand.
Neil: Did we miss something?
Arj: Why was he asking you about his family.
San(jealous): And why did you called him in the midnight.
Adi: Are you gonna answer?
Swa: How can I answer you if you don’t give me a chance.
Rag: Okay tell.
Swa: Rohit is giving me every information about them and doing my work. And about his family he thinks that I kidnapped them.
She: And what is the truth?
Swa: I just went to his wife and told her my situation and even that her husband can only help me through her and she asked me what she can do? I said her that she should just come with me until my work is done. She happily agreed. I am just threatening him saying that I kidnapped his family and to make him meet his family I called him tonight.
Arj: What will be your next step?
Swa: Playing the same thing they will play?
Utt: Means?
Swa: Simple…

She tells them something. On which everyone became shocked.
Sha: You aren’t gonna do anything like this.
Swa: Sorry but I have to do it.
Neil: Doll I am still for putting them behind bars again.
Swa: Please give me one chance! If they won’t stop their revenge then you can put them behind bars.
They all look at each other. Knowing about her stubbornness they weren’t able to stop her now. The day passes like this. Next day in MM everyone was sitting in the. Then only Swara mobile rings. It was from Rohit.
Swa: Yeah. Tell. What news do you have?
Roh: Ma’am in two days they are gonna execute their plan.
Swa: Is it confirmed news?
Roh: Yes ma’am.
Swa: Alright means I have time until tomorrow.
Roh: Yes ma’am.
Swa: Good. Call me if there are some changes.
Roh: Sure.
She cuts the call and the family looks at her.
Swa: Two days later they are gonna execute their plan and we have time until tomorrow.
San: Are you sure you wanna do this?
Swa: Very sure but I think Bade Papa, Badi Maa, Mom, Dad, Ma, Baba, Uttara and Ragini should go for some time because it’s still dangerous.
DP: Swara we are a family and will face everything together.
RP: Bhaisa is right.
Swa: But…
Rag: No ifs and buts.
Swa: Okay boss. Anyways Bade Papa can I go and meet Bhai?
DP: No need to ask. You can go whenever you want.
Swa: Thank you and Bye.
She leaves from there to meet her brothers. 2 days passed like this.

2 days later in the afternoon
Everyone was sitting in MM. Even Shemish and Swara’s brothers were there. Just Swara was missing. All were engrossed in talking and doing their work but tension was clearly visible on their faces. After a while few goons enter and tie them. The families knew about this and per Swara’s instructions they kept quiet. After a while Rajveer, Sahil, Karthik, Kavita, Adarsh, Parineeta and Mansi enter with a smirk. They come and stand in front of them.
Raj: Hello big brother! How are you?
Ran: Leave all of them. They don’t have anything to do with our matter.
Sah: Correct but they are Swara weakness.
Kar: And we don’t wanna hurt anyone of you.
Kavi: We just want Swara.
Man: So tell us where is Swara!
“Searching me?” a voice came from the door. Everyone looks there to see a smirking Swara. They were confused but behaved normally. She stands in front of them.
Raj: Finally we are meeting again.
Swa: Why? Were you missing me?
Raj: Not you but my incomplete revenge.
Swa: By the way how is your hand? Are you still able to hold a gun or?
Raj: You are gonna suffer a lot.
Swa: I don’t think so.
Man: Are you seriously mad?
Swa: Uhmm actually no! What makes you think like that? Before I forget I have a surprise for all of you.
She points to the door. Everyone looks there and gets shocked.
Screen stops at the shocking faces of Sahil, Rajveer, Adarsh, Parineeta, Mansi, Karthik and Kavita
So what do you think is Swara’s surprise?

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      Actually I am from Germany. I don’t know why I writed in German but I just did it. I also laughed a lot by writing this episode. But more than that the upcoming episodes will be funny. Just wait and read yourself.

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