Fall again (episode 13)


3 months leap

In this 3 months many things changed. Uttara and Nikhil got recently married as they both developed feelings for each other. Ragini is 2 months pregnant. They all bounded very well with each other. All tried to get to know the past of Ranveer but failed. Swara continued working in S&R ltd. All were happily living together. It was the day of the reception party of Uttnik. They kept it in MM only.

Reception party
All was going well. After a while all youngsters except Swara went in the garden. She was standing with AP, Sujata, Shomi and Dida when her sight went to the door where a man around 35 was standing. He was smirking to her. She started sweating and shivering badly. The ladies got worried and confused seeing her condition.
Sha: Shona are you alright?

But she wasn’t in a condition to response. She shaked her but she didn’t showed any movement. Sujata goes to call Sanskar after noticing the man. AP also looks at the door and sees the man standing there. He starts going from there and Swara comes back to senses.
Swa: Maa I will come in some time.
She goes also outside. Meanwhile in the garden. Everyone was sitting and pulling each other’s leg. Sujata comes there.
Suj: Sanskar come fast.

San: What happened Mom? You are looking tensed.
Sujata tells him about Swara. They also get tensed and all rush inside.
San: Ma where is Swara?
AP: She went behind the man.
Aditya, Arjun, Ansh, Neil, Ranveer and Sanskar go also after assuring the others that everything is fine. On the other side Swara followed the man who stopped near the gate behind a pillar and turns. Sahil, Mansi, Kavya, Kavita, Adarsh, Parineeta and Karthik were also standing there. All were smirking seeing her fearful face. The brothers and Sanskar also saw her and were confused. They didn’t saw the others neither heard them. Sanskar asked everyone stand there and see her.
Kavy: What did you thought after sending us to jail you will survive again?
Kavi: But your bad luck!

Now Swara started laughing which shocked them. Their smirk fades away.
Swa: What did you thought Rajveer? I didn’t get to know that you was bailed before 2 months and also get them bailed out?
Raj: How did you get to know?
Swa: I knew about all your moves. I also knew that you all are gonna come here today.(serious) Just leave from here before anyone else gets to know about it because then you won’t be able to escape.
Sah: Are you threatening us?

Swa: Just saying the fact. So better leave now.
Meanwhile all guests start leaving. The families also came out and the scene shocks them where the boys were watching Swara talking to a pillar (according to them).
Kar: I think you don’t know us till now.
Swa: I got to know you all very well and I don’t fear from anyone of you.
Rajveer takes out his gun and points at her.
Raj: Now I will show you what fear is.

Swa: Keep the gun to a side or you will repent it.
They start laughing.
Man: I think seeing her death in front of her she went mad. Rajveer shoots but she goes to a side so that the bullet strike her. She snatches the gun from him and takes out the thing where the bullets are inside. She stabs it in his hand puts it again inside The gun and points at them. The families couldn’t react in shock.
Swa: If I want I can kill you here itself but no I am not doing it. Just run away before something worse happens.

Accepting their defeat they went from there.
Raj: Don’t you dare to think this was the end. I will surely come back.
The families were till now in shock. Swara turns and sees them.
Swa(monologue): Oh shit did they see me? God Ji please save me. They won’t leave me. But I must tell it to Ranveer Bhai.
She goes to them slowly.
Swa(lightly): Bhai?
They come back to senses. Ranveer and Sanskar immediately hug her.
Ransan(in unison): Princess are you alright.
They break the hug and look at her properly whether she is hurt.
AP: Swara who was he?
Swa(to Ranveer): Bhai he is back.
Ran: What? How do you know?

Swa: He was it only. And he..
Ran: And what?
Swa: He united with Sahil, Mansi, Kavya, Kavita, Adarsh, Parineeta and Karthik after bailing them.
Hearing the names again all were shocked.
San: Swara whom are you talking about?
Lak: And who shooted at you?
Ran: My little brother Rajveer.
Now this was another shock for everyone.
Adi: You have a brother?
Ran: He is dead for me.

Arj: But why does he want to hurt doll?
Swa: Is a long story!
Neil: And we have a lot of time.
Ran: We will tell it later. But first princess did you knew that he has been bailed? And if yes then since how long?
Swa: I will tell but promise that no one will get angry.
San: Fine now speak up.
Swa(in one breath): I know it from 2 months and I also knew that they are gonna come here today.
All look at her angrily.
Swa: But trust me this time I have made a plan so that this enmity ends forever but I want you all to cooperate.

Rag: This is impossible.
Swa: Let’s do a bet. If I lose then I will do whatever I am told to but if I win then you all must forgive them and accept them again.
All: Accepted.
Arj: Why we don’t listen the past of Ranveer first and later the plan of doll.
Swa: The past doesn’t matter Bhai just the plan.
Adi: But we also wanna know the reason.
Neil: And Doll if Ranveer is ready to tell the reason then why don’t want you to tell it.
Ran: Princess it’s time to tell them.

Swa: You all wanna know the reason then listen. I sent him to the jail after destroying his business. Alright?
Ran: Swara let’s tell them the whole truth and the real reason.
Swa: Bhai why you wanna tell it? Let it be past only. I don’t want anyone to disrespect you because of your past.
Arj: Okay we promise that everyone will respect Ranveer like he did before knowing the past. Right?
All: Promise.

Ran: Let’s go inside first.
Screen freezes on tensed face of Swara

Precap: Ranveer’s past

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