Fake rape case………..Make sense

Krishnadasi……………….fake rape attempt drama

How can police not do proper inquiry? Damini saw a couple of torn clothes and nothing else.
Is there anything called medical check up? How can they do all this drama?
What about Aryan and Aradhya, are educated at all? Can they think about all these things?
When will this swapping drama come out in open?

Real cases have so much of tough time proving any thing like this?
But here everything happens without any logic or reason?

We were promised by the makers that we will shown the fight and struggle of a Krishnadasi? But they seem to like a normal person and nothing else? Except that people insult them in that name?
In reality it is much more than that case? But current story is heading nowhere except romance and hatred.
Almost all serials do this except ones like Diya aur bathi hum?

Please express your views.

I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. yeah.. i agree with you. the story is going no where. really i thought it will be different but its turning all typical as always.. and Aryan claim of attempt rape.. what will be medical test on that? victims (specially from woman’s) accusation are given much attention in india.

  2. I agree. I was expecting more historical aspect of krishnadasi drama n their struggle with the exploitation, and how aroo and ArYan will work together to bring peace to their village. Now it became the regular hate-love drama ?

  3. me too

  4. Guys please have patience Aryan and aaradhya love was forbidden from the beginning itself.. there would be suspense with tulsi trying to find out the truth.. I see it’s different as its about a concept of krishndasi about women rights.. please have patience..

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