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Letters of faith

To say the truth, I am not sure that to whom I am writing this letter to……I am not sure who is able to make him answer to my questions. I feel someone will come and help me to answer my question. It can be god, or one of my family members. I myself can ask him but what if he is not interested in answering me?

This letter that I am writing is just the reflection of my questions and I have faith that once I have written this something will happen to make him my answer my question. Even though, the fate does not have faith in me but I have faith in the fate. I will not accept that love is the reason that makes him to have faith in me. There is something else and I am not sure what is it? His faith in me is very different. Let me reflect about it. After a few days of our marriage, he woke up in the middle of the night and I was sleeping on the couch. He came to me and said I have faith in you and so you can sleep beside me in the bed. This was not the only incident. That day he came towards me and said I have faith in you and you can come with me wherever I go. Recently, I cooked something for him and without knowing what it is he ate it. When others asked him why he did like that? He said I have full faith in her. Why is he always repeating that he have faith in me? Am I that faithful? I am not sure and I am writing short letters. Once my question is answered I will stop writing letters.

Yours faithfully,
Pragya Abhishek Mehra

Thank you for commenting on the previous OS. I am really overwhelmed as it is very nice to see all the comments! I cannot reply everyone as my mother is fierce at me for writing and wasting my time.

Credit to: SGP

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  1. Maahhi

    amazing truly superb keep writing yaar

  2. Nice yaar

  3. Interesting……..

  4. supaabbb

  5. Superb n really interesting yaar

  6. VarshaVenkat

    Same prob here….but I don’t write ….I stopped but I read ffs n mom is vry angry at me for doin so……anyways….it was a nice letter…..would lyk to read d rest of them

  7. ?????????????????????????????? and i have faith in you that whatever you are gonna write will be faithful to us haha ?? truly spectacular! Amazing! Fantastic ! Awesome!

  8. Trisha


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