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Hi everyone……!! You guys remember me? I know you won’t forget me that easily ??? after all I’m pretty unforgettable!! Well, that’s what everyone tell me after getting me know ???.

Anyway I know a lot of you were so sad that I finished my last fs, “Fates of 3 Doctors” with just 5 shots. Well, it was just the end of SDCH for coz I don’t like the show right now and honestly never liked sanveer!! Don’t feel offended if any sanveer fan is reading this, coz it’s my opinion. I should have the right to say my opinion right?

Ok let’s just forget that stupid show. I’m really sorry for not commenting on your stories for past few days ??? I was really busy!! But I loved all of them!! They were so awesome ???. Not gonna write the names of your lovely stories here coz if I do that I’ll definitely miss some. Hope you aren’t angry with me ???.

So without further chit chat, this is my first attempt to write an os. Hope you guys like it ???.


It’s already 1 o’ clock past twelve in the midnight and yet, Kabir was still on his way home.

Even though he is terribly drunk, he forced with all his might to drive his car just to get home fast.

Why you ask?

It’s because his wife, Sanchi Kabir Kapoor,would be terribly angry now that he is drunk ??? again not to mention the time right now.

She hates it when he comes home late, or rather, very early in the morning stinking with alcohol.

However, today was a special event since Dev Khurana, his long-time bestfriend, had organized a boys night out ??? for them along with Veer Malhothra & Garv Bajaj.

Really, it’s a very big mystery why his wife decided to marry someone like him. Sanchi is such a sweet & innocent soul while he was like a sour grape, khadoos person.

But I guess that’s how love works. As they say, opposites attract.

If you refer to the Law of Magnetism, same poles repel each other while opposite poles attract each other.

Anyway, let’s just leave the matter of the connection of Science and Love for now.

His mind is getting blurry and dizzy as every second passes by. It’s a good thing that his son, Sabir, opened gates of the parking garage for him when he arrived at his home, saving him the energy of getting the damn gate open.

Kabir got out of his car.

“Where’s your maa?” Kabir asked, coming through the door.

“She’s waiting for you upstairs, papa.” he replied with a ‘today you’re in biiiiigg trouble papa’ smile ??? as they went inside the living room.

You may ask why this kid is awake at this time. The reason Sabir is staying up late is because of playing Video games, with the newest and the lastest game Kabir got for his son.

“Okay, you better get some sleep, it’s already late.” he said to his one and only son.

“Ok, thanks dad. Good night, morning? whatever!” he yawning sleepily.

Now Kabir’s got to face it, he has to endure the endless ranting of his wife till sunrise.

He went upstairs and now stopped at the front of his room.

He swallowed his saliva, gathering his courage and softly opened the door. Really, he used to be superior than her but because of the thing called “Love”, everything goes haywire.

But before he could see if Sanchi’s awake or not, the next thing he knew, he’s already falling and everything slowly turns into black.

**Damn it! Now she’s going to be angry with me more** he thought in his mind before he past out.

He slowly opened his eyes and found himself in their room. He looked at beside his bed yet, there is no Sanchi by his side. He was still in his office wear, the clothes that he wore last night.

He looked at the clock, it’s almost noon, it’s a good thing that it is Sunday, which meant that there would be no work in SDCH coz it’s his off day. So now his “Hangover” kicked in. But the sight before him, made his hangover go away instantly.

It took him by surprise that he woke up at noon, but what really surprised him is the food and medicine that is ready at the bed table beside him.

It had a note on top of it and he began to read it.


Good morning! I’m just going out to buy groceries. Don’t forget to drink the medicine to get over with your hangover. I love you.

Sanchi ❤️

His eyes widened in shock.

She even drew a heart with a red pen???


What did she eat that made her feel all better.

He recalled back what happened last night, but he couldn’t remember what happened after he past out.

He looked at the calendar if it was someone’s birthday or their anniversary, but it was not, there is no occassion coming or happening right now.

This smells really fishy.

So he went down after drinking the medicine and eating the breakfast that his wife had prepared for him.

He found his son playing video games again on the living room and decided to ask him.

“Hey Sabir, did your mom eat or drink something suspicious?” Kabir asked.

“No dad. Why ask?” Sabir replied without taking his eyes away from the screen.

‘Maybe she’s just having moodswings. Girls…’ Kabir thought.

“Wasn’t she angry that I came home late last night?”

“Nope” his son replied boredly while he continued to play.

For the first time in his life, he realized now why Sanchi would be annoyed to hell when he answers her without paying attention to her. Now, he promised to himself that he will never ever answer Sanchi again that way.

“Why?” Kabir asked while controlling himself from getting irritated.

“I think you should ask that from maa, papa” Sabir replied with a big grin on his face.

Kabir heard the front door open.

“Looks like maa is back. Good luck papa” with that Sabir turned his head to the screen again.

“Ah! Kabir!! You’re awake!! ??? Did you had breakfast & medicine? How are you feeling now?” Sanchi asked coming through the door, holding shopping bags.

“Yeah….I’m good….” He answered uncomfortably thinking it would’ve been better if she just start to scold him rather than being nice.

“Oh that’s great!!! ??? I’ve got everything you like. So for lunch, you’ll get all your favourite dishes ???” she said happily and went to the kitchen.

It’s very hard for Kabir to understand her sudden behavior. He still thinks something’s wrong with her. So he followed her to the kitchen. She had already started to cook.

When she saw him, she just smiled. He had enough and asked, “Sanchi, are you alright?” cautiously.

“Yeah jaan, why?” Replied a still happy Sanchi.

“You’re acting weird. That’s why!!” said Kabir.

“Weird? How?” She asked.

“Well I came very late last night, that too, drunk! On top of that I passed out!! But you’re not giving me a long lecture about that and you don’t seem to be angry at all!! What’s wrong with you?” He let all out.

To his surprise, she just laughed ???. **I think should fix a checkup for her. She’s crazy!**

“Kabir, don’t look at me like that, and no, I’m not crazy ???” she said still laughing.

Then she stopped what she was doing and came closer to him. She placed both of her hands on his shoulders and gazed at him lovingly.

“You want me to scold you?” she asked.

Her lovely gaze calmed him. He placed his hands on her waist. “No, I don’t want you to scold me, but I’m confused. You always scold me” he said cutely.

“Alright then, I’ll tell you why I’m not angry” she started to explain.

……….Flashback (last night)……….

Kabir passed out right whe he opened the door to their bedroom. Sanchi who was reading a book, waiting for him, heard a noise.


“Not again!! He can come all the way, but passed out right when he came inside the room!!” Saying angrily, she went to help him to the bed.

It was hard for her to make him stand. He was heavy for her. “Oh c’mon, Kabir, stand up!”

She managed to make him stand and walked him to the bed. He collapsed on it.

“Oh god!! This man!! You’ll be sorry for coming home drunk at this time AND passing out, dear PATI DEV!!” She again said angrily but it was useless, he couldn’t hear a word she said.

Then he tried to change his cloths. True she’s angry with him, but he’ll be so uncomfortable, if he sleep without changing. After all Sanchi loves her husband very much. So how could she let him sleep like this?

She started to undo his shirt buttons. A hand stopped her. She looked up to see a half asleep Kabir looking at her.

“Don’t! I’m married” he said in his drunken voice.

Sanchi was confused. “What are you saying? I’m trying to change your cloths, so you’ll be comfortable” she said annoyed and start to remove the rest of the buttons.

He stopped her again. “I told you not to!! Don’t remove my cloths, I’m comfortable like this. You don’t have to worry about me. And I’m a married man. I have a beautiful wife. I love her very much!! Go away you stupid woman!!” Saying that he fell asleep again.

After getting what he’s trying to say, a smile crept in to her face vanishing every hint of anger, she had before.

Still smiling ???, she switched off the lights and went to the bed. She gagged him tight and slept with a peaceful look on her face.

……….End of flashback……….

“You see I WAS so angry with you, but after hearing that, I couldn’t be angry with you anymore. I was so happy that even when you’re drunk, you won’t let another woman get closer to you” she finished her explanation, giving him a kiss on his cheek.

He couldn’t believe it. He never imagine, he’d do something like that. Then he too smiled. Well, not exactly a smile. He gave a cunning grin ???.

“I don’t think that’s enough for being so faithful to you, even in drunken state” he said referring to the kiss she gave him on the cheek. “I want something more..!” She blushed ??? when he said suggestively ???.

He leaned closer to her, she coked her eyes automatically. Their lips met in a sweet kiss. Just as Kabir was about to deepen the kiss, they heard a sound from the door.

“Uh oh!” Sabir was standing near the door.

“Uhhh…. Don’t mind me, I didn’t saw anything, I swear!! You guys carry on, I’ll go!” Saying that, he just vanished before Sanchi & Kabir even get out of the shock, he gave them.

They looked at each other, and burst out in laughter ???. Then she hugged him tight.

I guess, he will always be a faithful husband to Sanchi, whether consciously or unconsciously ???.


Ok so that’s it. Personally, I don’t think this will be even a little good, compared to the other os’ you wonderful authors have written, but if you happen to like it even accidentally, hit the like button and leave a comment. If you’re a silent reader and don’t have time comment, just hit the like button to let me know, at least you liked it. It really means a lot to writer ???. So I’ll stop for now, until we meet again ???.

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