Faith In Love (Episode 3)


Ritika is about to see KV’see face when Kuber calls him and he goes to him.Ritika takes her duppata and leaves from the shop.

At night KV is laying on bed and is thinking about the girl he met in shop but couldn’t see her face.He is thinking about her when he falls a sleep.

Ritika is in her room and thinking about the boy who was in the shop.Ritika is thinking about him only.While thinking a smile comes on her face and she thinks

Ritika:Why I feel happy when I think about he boy whose face I dint saw.

Rishika comes inside her room and says


Ritika lifts her head to see Rishika

Ritika:Yeah ma

Rishika:Beta tomorrow the boy you are going to get married is going to come in our house.

Ritika gets sad.

Rishika:Sorry I forgot to tell the name of my sun in law only.His name is Karanveer Rajput.Everyone sweetly calls him KV.

Listening his name a glow comes on Ritika’s face.

Ritika:It’s a nice name.

Rishika:Name is nice and he is also nice.See this photo it’s of KV.

She gives the photo to Ritika.Ritika sees his photo and a weird feeling comes to her and she thinks

Ritika:What is happening to me?Why I am getting a weird feeling when I see his photo.It feels like I have met him before also.

At Rajput house KV is looking outside his window when Kuber comes to him and says

Kuber:What happen beta what are you thinking?

KV:Nothing papa just thinking who am I going to marry.

KV looks at Kuber

Kuber:Really really sorry I forgot to tell her name only how much I forget.Her name is Ritika Joshi.See her photo

Kuber shows her photo to him from his phone and seeing her photo a smile comes on his lips.

Kuber:Isn’t she beautiful?


Kuber:Tomorrow we will go to her house.

KV:Really papa.I love you

KV hugs him.Kuber says

Kuber:I love you too my son.Now sleep we have to go know.

KV goes and jumps on bed and sleeps.After KV sleeps the smile on Kuber’s face gets fade and he goes to hall.Kuber sits on sofa when Radhika comes to him and says

Radhika:What did KV said?

Kuber:He liked Ritika.

Radhika:What happen Kuber why you sound sad?

Kuber:Radhika I am worried that when truth will be in front of KV then he will hate us.

Radhika:I know he will not wanting to see our face after he could come to know the truth.

Kuber:We have to hide the truth from him as I can’t bear his hatred.

Radhika:I also can’t bear his hatred.

At morning KV wakes up and he takes his phone to see Ritika’s photo.He smiles and says

KV:I have never met you but I don’t know why I feel happy when I see your picture.

At Joshi house Ritika and her parents are excited for arrival of Rajput family.

Rudra:Today after long time I will meet my friend.

Rishika:Hmmmm and I will meet my friend Radhika and my princess will meet her so called husband.

Ritika blushes.

Rudra gets a call on his phone and it’s of Kuber.

Kuber:Hello Rudra

Rudra:Hi Kuber.

Kuber:Rudra we have leave to come there so in 15 minutes we will come there.

Rudra:Yeah and we all are ready so come fast.

Precap:KV and Ritika to meet each other face to face and both to fall in love at first sight.

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  1. Bhavana

    superb epi yaar

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Bhavana

  2. Piyali

    amazing episode……………….so sorry i didn’t see it before……really really sorry…….can you please tell me have you uploaded any other ff………????? i am wondering what is kv’s father hiding but the precap is insteresting………….waiting for next episode…………… you………….be happy…………

    1. Siddhi

      I have updated I live you,supernatural series

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