Faith In Love (Episode 2)


Ritika preys and goes from temple.

KV reaches his house and sits on bed when he remembers girl’s shoulder touching his and he thinks

KV:Why did I feel weird?It feels like I was having a connection with her.But why?

KV is thinking when Kuber sees him and goes to him.

Kuber:What are you thinking son?

KV jerks from his thought and says

KV:Nothing papa.

Kuber:Okay.I want to tell you that my childhood friend have a daughter and I want you to marry her.

Listening this KV gets upset and says

KV:Papa is it necessary?

Kuber:Yeah because I have promised him.Now smile.

Kuber goes from there.KV thinks

KV:I don’t know why but I don’t want to marry that girl.

At Ritika’s house she is sitting in her room when her father comes and says

Rudra:Ritika come with me.

Ritika agrees and comes with him.Rudra takes her to his room.

Rudra:Ritika now to whom I will tell you to marry you have to marry him.

Ritika agrees and Rudra says

Rudra:My childhood friend and I want that his son and you marry each other.

Ritika agrees because she is scared of her father.Ritika leaves from there.

Ritika goes to her room and starts crying and thinks

Ritika:I have marry that person who I even don’t know.

Ritika cries hardly when Rishika comes there and tries to come sole Ritika but she fails.

Ritika:MA papa doesn’t love me once also.Wycombe he do this with me only?

She cries

Rishika:Ritika papa wants your good only know.The boy you are going to marry is really good.

Rishika kisses her forehead and goes from there.Rishika asks her to go for shopping with her but she refuses but she then tries to convince her and finally Ritika agrees.

KV,Kuber and Radhika also leaves for shopping.

At shopping mall Ritika is trying dresses.Rishika disagrees all the dress when Ritika wears a blue dress and she tells

Rishika:Ritika you are looking very beautiful in this dress.We will buy this only.

They look some more dress when KV and his family also come to same shop and they look for him a sherwani.

KV sees Ritika’s back but her face is not visible.He gets attracted towards her and but thinks not to go.Ritika is looking dresses when the air fan makes her duppata fly.The duppata falls over KV.He feels good when her duppata falls on him.He smiles.Ritika goes towards him to take her duppata.When she comes near him she feels a strong connection between them.She is not able to see his face and he is also not able to see her face.Ritika takes her duppata and is about to see his face when Kuber calls him and he goes from there.

Precap:Ritika and KV to get sad because of their marriage.

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  1. Piyali

    wow…….thye both are getting married without even knowing that they are marrying each other…..amazing……..ritika’s father did a really good job haan………this connection type is so good yaar………..i am eagerly waiting for the day they actually meet……love you……….be happy………..

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks kritika

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