Fate and Faith (Coming soon…)


Ikhtiarudin Malik Altunia is the Sultan of Ghazni , an empire twice bigger and massive than Hindustan , considered as one of the most powerful rulers of the world , he leaves no stone unturned to get what he wants .

Jalat-ud-din Razia is the first ever woman to rule Hindustan , beside being a shrewd politician and a strong and brave warrior , she was a just and kindhearted Sultan , for whom , her people come first.

What will happen when Altunia’s eyes would lay on the most beautiful woman of Hindustan… Razia? Well , he has many wives , but nobody could match the skills and beauty of hers……….And what will happen when Altunia will come to know about Yakut , the person Razia is in love with…

A tale , stained with blood and betrayal and painted with love , lust and obsession. …..FATE AND FAITH ……when your fate betrays your faith.

I’ll start writing this story from April ….I know , long time , but my board exams are most important. Will be waiting for response, should I continue ?Or drop the idea?

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  1. Awesome idea….I want u to continue…and I will support…but I m very big fan of mirza…I like mirza as a person who loves razia unconditionally….u know the character shown in the serial….so it’s totally new concept…but its nice…pls continue…Will wait for the update

    1. Anumita

      Thank you

  2. awesome. it was your another story on alzia. good keep going.

  3. waiting for update

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