FAITH (EVA SPECIAL) Happy Birthday Eva!

This is the story of a girl named Eva. A fifteen year oldie, but has done a lot to show me a real instance of keeping faith on oneself. I really don’t know much about her. But the little I have been able to know, has made me an admirer of her.

A very sweet girl, who has a knack of writing and has true talents in that, she writes stories mainly based on romantic dramas. She follows the motto of never predicting the couples of her stories. One can never say she is just fifteen by just reading her stories- she is so mature in that. Her stories, from where I have read, are immensely packed up with emotions and the roller coaster ride of love’s journey in her characters’ lives.

I have read Samjhota 1, Samjhota 2, Rishto ke Dastan written by her. Each and every story of her has smitten me like anything. I really love her stories. Okay! Now I am blabbering. But I love this blabber.  😀 .

Her unpredictable nature has got heavy bashing and extremely unsound and insane criticism. But she was unstoppable. She did her works silently and never commented or behaved rudely with anyone. She was labeled comment-freak and above that autistic, and what not. Even her family background was questioned. Any person would break up into pieces when one goes through such extreme conditions. I suppose Eva too has undergone that period of despair and disappointment that time. But her faith in herself, her powers in her writing has led her through all those situations and ultimately she emerged out as a winner. Each and every episode of Samjhota 1 is not just about any story of Swaragini and their lives, but also a story of Eva and her life as an author. The comment section was the chapters of that story- a real life story. I would like to quote a line that I got from a profile picture of FB:-

“When you have to start compromising yourself or your morals for the people around you, it’s probably high time to change the people around you.”

I got this quote from a black and white beautiful picture of a beautiful girl. I hope she understands whose profile I am talking about 😉 . this quote only describes how strong she is. There she is, changing people’s mentality about her. She has brought a drastic change in this online world of TellyUpdates. Once people despised her, hated her, and now those people are only loving her, loving her stories. This is called Faith on yourself. She broke but she shone out from her rummages and is now a bright star a here. She was and is extremely polite and dealt with everyone in her own way of spreading positivity. After the end of her most controversial story- Samjhota…Swaragini Ka, many people confessed how they were wrong about her and how they were regretting after the story ended. She spreaded positivity and now that unique character of her has been termed as EVANESS , probably by Anjali (correct me if I am not). Eva, dear, keep spreading that EVANESS among all in reality too.

Now to you Eva,

How come you are so strong? It’s true, we all have struggled at some points of our life and some of our stories are really inspiring. But being one of the most controversial writers here, you kept your cool and won everyone’s heart. I am older than you in age, but I think I still have to learn many things from you. I could feel your pain that time as those comments and then your wonderful reactions reminded me of my own fights since childhood. Leave that time. But I took inspiration from you and I can openly admit that dear. Tears have wailed up in my eyes seeing your determination.

Her amazing way of presenting a story, its concept, plot- everything has made her stories a unique piece of writing and won a special place in our minds, right people? You are a fighter and you always will be. You are strong and extremely wonderful human being. A different teenager, I must say. I can never analyze any story, but I can happily say that whenever I have read your stories, I have felt each and every emotion of the characters. You are one of my favorite authors here. My extreme blabbers will now end. LOL. Eva has got such qualities that I am now her fans and admirer. Your sweet greeting “Hello people…” have always made me happy and I know it’s my Evu  .

I was going through internet when I got some meanings of you 3 names Eva. I am presenting that her. Have a look.

Eva= giver of life (truly so. Nice name chosen Eva )
E= Elate, you bring joy in others’ lives
V=Verve! Your enthusiasm
A=Admirable, that you already are, right?


J=Jewel, sparkle in our eyes
A=Abundant, your cheer knows no bounds,
N=Natural, the genuine person in you
V=Volunteer, your giving side and caring side
I=Intense, your zest of living


H=Hug, give everyone one today and guys, Chalo! Let’s pull her in big bone-crushing group hug! *pulls Eva and others in a group hug*
R=Reasonable, you already are
I=Interest, we all have in you
T=Treat, you are, to all of us
T=Thoughtful, otherwise you won’t be the person you are and stories like those wouldn’t come from you.
I=Inspire, does it need anything to write? You have, always done that to me.
J=Jolly, nahi to kaise banate hum apna special parivaar? 😉
A=Accepting, you have accepted, everyone.

Forgive but do not forget those days dear. Those days only have given you the strength to change the mindset of people. Your suspense’s have made me think- ‘ Is it really possible?’ And now, she is one of the top writers of Telly Updates. She has been placed in almost each and every analysis here. And her story of struggle has led me start this collection of FAITH!! LOVE YA!!





Kyun RI choti bahu! Kaisi lagi? Achhi ya buri? Maaf kar dena is taklu buddhe ko agar kuch galat keh diya to. Probably it’s your last birthday gift.  😉 .

So guys, tell me what you all feel about this wonderful birthday girl. I had an exam and its hangover, so couldn’t post it earlier. Hope it gets updated within 12. PLEASE TELLYUPDATES, POST IT BEFORE 12 *puppy eyes*.



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  1. Happy birthday eva

  2. Happy Birthday Eva?


  4. Everything has got belated here!! 🙁 So Belated Happy birthday dear! How I wish TU was a bit faster in accepting n posting the stories!! *sighs* . I am really sorry eva! But cant help it.

    And no reply to any comments as you all will comment to Eva today. Love you all. Evu! Do you kniw that you share your birthday with the gorgeous Surbhi jyoti?

  5. Awww so sweet papaji. Its very nice.

  6. Papajiiii…. yess I only started evaness… ?????

    Srsly this was so true…. I agree 200%…

    Love you devrani ji….????

  7. Bisha Bisha Bisha……u know what i read this out in front of my mom and sis…..i felt every emotion here…..i was happy and also emotional….so sorry didn’t see this before….i love u yaar,this was such a sweet no actually the best gift i have received…..i mom felt proud of me..only because of u…..thank u for this….u wrote evrything about me….i’m feeling like to come to u and give u a bone crushing hug…

    Friends..i’m nothing without u all….many bashed me…..but more supported me….so how can i take the credit alone of handling them?My besties here..Bisha,Anjali,Riya,Meher and Mugdha……i love u all…

    Sree tu toh mera pati hai..tujhe toh pyar karungihi…love u…

    Bisha..the quote….hayyyy..i was shocked to see this… profile pic’s quote……Bisha….u r soo sweet…and the way u expressed your thoughts about me…..i’m still smiling….thank u for making me smile..i was actually sad as i could not celebrate my birthday…because of my exam…my father was also abroad so…i was feeling very low…but now…i’m the happiest person….

    Bisha ek baar kahu?Mujhe Surbhi Jyoti pasand nehi hai lol…..and i know that we share the same birthdate….hehehehe….

    Love u soooo much….

  8. Namaste saaurji…. I agree with u…

    My devrani ji is osm…

    Luv u all…

  9. Ohoooooo hoooo….my daughter in law is the best…Eva beta….tu bohot acchi hai……(Mummyji’s pov)

    Now comes Mugdha Tripathi’s pov..
    Eva….u r one of the sweetest person i have ever met….before u started to comment on Meher’s ff..i did not know that u have such an excellent sense of humor..Meher toh hamsha sehi aisi thi..u started this family…and now we all r part of it..i agree with what Bisha said…u r an inspiration for all….u bought such a big change in TU……koi aamm ladki aisa nehi karsakti….i have read everyone’s ff here..Saba,Vini,anjali,anu and Meher’s….and also yours of course…i love all of them as a writer..but u…i love u because of your personality dear…u got popular within some months…i saw the bashing comments and your reply..and i came to this conclusion that i need to learn how to handle people from u….if everyone becomes Eva na then this world will be the most excellent place….someone questioned your let me tell them……if u people question this upbringing then u don’t know the meaning of good upbringing….. u dear…be happy..ignore the ones who don’t respect the one who respects u..

  10. wow Bisha…. i mean sasurji??….. wow u have written it so beautifully…… by your post n Eva bhabhi’s reply i can imagine the bond u both share….
    n eva bhabhi, now i m going to start reading all your ffs also…. just give me some time. i have exam in 15days but after that i’ll definately start reading…. tge way every1 is prasing it, i just cant wait… but u can ask meher bhabhi what happens if i start reading it now….
    wase u also have to help me for that. well just by giving names of all your ffs…..

    n anjali bhabhi n bisha sasurji’s all ffs also…

    1. Tum….wait…u r Riya’s husband?Mere nandoy ji….nice to meet u.. 😀 I wrote 7 ffs,
      Swaraginiti ki kahani
      Samjhota swaragini ka
      Samjhota swaragini ka intezaar
      i hate u too
      Rishto ki dastan
      Manyata VS Ragini
      Sanskar zindegi meri

    2. sahi pakde eva bhabhi….. wase jabse pati banaya hai tab se Riya se baat hi nahi hui. kuch toh setting karo bhabhi….

      n thx bhabhi but i will read all of them after my exam only.

      1. Thik hai nandoy ji..Riya jab ayegi tab puri setting karadungi..?

      2. thx bhabhi

  11. Bisha all u wrote is 100% truth…… eva we all love u dear… if i am late sorry but a happy birthday dear… may god give u all happiness in world ..may god never disappoint u… may u live long and always entertain us with ur awesome stories…….. may u live happy always…..

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