FAITH~ A Collection Of Short Stories Story #3- My Shattered Utopia


HELLO FRIENDS! It’s Bisha. Back with a new story. Hope you like it.
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“Meher!” his deep voice filled my ears and made me shiver. He is Varun- my husband, my love, my Varun. He has another identity- the great business diamond, Mr. Varun Kapoor. I am proud of being his wife- Meher Kapoor. I am married to him for ten years now. Still, his deep baritone sends a chill down my spine and my cheeks turn crimson. His mere presence radiates heat around me. I love that warm, secured male glow of his around me and my little love- Myra. She is my eight years old daughter. We are a happy family of three. But one night, just within one night, everything changed. My little utopia shattered completely.

That night at 9 pm, Varun told me,” Meher! I am going to the office. Tomorrow is a big day dear. We are about to get a deal. If we get that deal, we will be able to take our companies to great heights. But I will surely return home shortly dear.”
“Wow! That would be great then. I am looking forward to this deal. You will surely get it Varun.” My face beamed with joy. “Hmmm… Yeah!” he smiled and planted a kiss on my forehead before leaving. His ten years old habit and still makes me blush. He said,” Oh My Gawd! You still blush like that new bride before ten years. That’s why I love you so much.” I smiled and said,” Why won’t I? After all you are still romantic lover boy- just like ten years’ ago.” We giggled. Just then, a little girly voice gasped,” Mummy! Daddy! OMG!! You all are blushing and doing kissy kissy?! Where is my kissy kissy then? “Myra pouted cutely. We realized that we are still in each other’s arms. We released ourselves and Varun picked her up on his arms and said,” Naughty girl! From now only you have become such a big drama queen- just like you mother. My little baby.” I playfully hit his arms and we both kissed her cheeks at the same time. Her pout changed into a cute smile. Our cute little sign of love. I took her from his arms and said,” Myra! You kissy kissy done. Now let you daddy go. Bid him a goodbye.” We waved him goodbye and closed the door. Whenever he was not there, my home felt cold and empty. Myra has effectively filled that emptiness but that romantic heat- I miss it so much. However, I fed Myra and made her fall asleep. By then, thunderstorm had started outside. It was raining cats and dogs. The storm seemed to carry away the peace of life and the night. “Huh!” I sighed. The clocked ticked 12. Wait! Varun is not home yet! Is he stuck in the rain?

Having sat on the dining table, I dialed his office’s landline. After some time, someone picked it up and said,” Hello! This is Kapoor Group of Industries’ office. Who are you?” it was the office- caretaker.
I said,” Hello Manoj! I am Meher. Your boss’s wife. Is Varun still in the office?”
Manoj seemed to be a little astonished,” Varun sir! He is not here!”
“Oh! Then he must have left. Thank you.” I said and cut the call before he could say anything. I felt a little embarrassed.

I sat at the table, waiting for him. I loved to wait for him late though it was not needed. We always tried to have our dinner together. But today, I was dozing and finally fell asleep.


The morning rays of the sun hit my face hard. I felt the sunrays are rebuking me to leave my bed and face the world. Yes! I will. I opened my eyes to see that I am lying beside Myra on the bed, not on the chair. And Varun is lying on the other side of Myra. He must have returned after I slept on the chair. I loved these little acts which showed his unexpressed love for me. I smiled and caressed his hair a bit and got down from the bed.

I was humming a song and giving directions to the maid top prepare the breakfast for everyone. Myra and Varun will leave now for their school and office, respectively. They had already got up with their usual morning tantrums.
Mayra came to me and said,” Mummy! See how daddy has tied my hair.” She was on the verge of crying. Her hair was almost a mess. Varun too came running after her. He said,” Ugh! Look Meher, Myra is only not listening to me. I told her that I will tie your hair today as mummy is busy. How beautiful it was looking but she…” both father-daughter was pouting and whining like kids- my little beloved kids. I laughed internally at their whines and said,” What Varun! Are you a kid? When you don’t know how to tie her hair then why did you do that? Come Myra, I will make that. And you, go and get ready, otherwise, no breakfast. Samjhe (understood)?” he nodded unwillingly like a kid and went away.

I started tying her hair. Just then, the doorbell rang. I said to the maid,” Susheela, please go and see who’s at the door now.” She opened the door and I heard thuds of heavy boots on the floor. A man called,” Mr. Varun Kapoor! Are you at home? We are from the police station.” Police! Why they are here? I went to the living room. Varun was also there.
The policeman saw me and said,” Do you know where you husband was the whole night?”
I said,” Yes, why not? He was at his office yesterday night. His caretaker Manoj too told me that.” My eyes were popped out and I was at my wits end. What the hell is going on?
Varun was silent.
The officer smiled a bit and said sarcastically,” Huh! NO madam. The great VeeKay (V.K) wasn’t at his office. He was at a distant farmhouse, raping a girl brutally.

Those four words fell like bombshell to my ears. I took a step back and said,” No. No. officer, you are lying. My Varun can’t do this. Right Varun?” my eye wailed up. The policeman raised an eyebrow at me and told him,” What Mr. Varun? Tell her. Is it true? Huh! You are under arrest.”

Varun shook his head violently and said,” What? Why will I do that? I have a family sir. This is a ploy against me. The rivals did this. And what proof do you have that I did it?”
The officer smiled and looked at me. I was shocked. He said,” Mister, your last sentence only proves you are guilty. But police can’t work without evidences. And let me tell you then, that girl, Seema Chaddha, is fighting with death at the hospital now. She was found at the Dubrajpur farmhouse of yours today at dawn. You and your drunken friends abducted her forcefully and gang raped her there. Moreover, Missus, can you please bring your husband’s leftover clothes?”
I came out of my trance and hypnotically went inside and brought out the laundry bag. I took out his pants, undergarments, shirt and the blazer. They were crumpled, as they should be in a laundry bag. But- what is this? His undergarments were smudged with slimy liquid and the blazer was torn too. My eyes widened and I felt hard to keep myself steady. I looked at Varun quietly. His face was pale as white and his eyes were red with anger. I gulped hardly and told,” No. no. Varun is a very good man. He can never do this you are mistaken sir.” I wished it were a dream.
The officer told me,” Madam, it is true. Okay. We will do the DNA test whose result will be delivered after a week. You will get to know the truth. But now that a complaint has been lodged and here the girl’s statement and circumstantial evidences are against him, he should be arrested. There are many people who told us that almost every week, some people went there, get drunken and do illegal works there. And you already know that the farmhouse belongs to your husband.”

I sat helplessly on the sofa and numbly saw my husband being carried away by them. I didn’t protest. How could I? Almost everything he said was true. So that means my husband is a-…? No. NO Meher, you can’t think like that. Your love can’t do that. Be strong and call your lawyer. Myra, on the other hand, was running behind them shouting,” Arey Policeman! You foolish man! Leave my daddy. Where are you taking him? Why are you taking him? Daddyyy…” I quickly ran towards her and said, grabbing her,” Myra! Nothing my girl. We will surely take you daddy out. Come inside.”
“What did daddy do mummy?” she asked innocently.
I knelt down and said,” Nothing. He has gone for some work baby. He will come back soon.”
“Pakka (alright)?” she said.
“yes. now come dear.” I said.


I called my lawyer and he said that rape cases are hard to fight. He will surely try to win it though. He will make sure his client gets a bail. Now only the DNA test report can prove something.


A Week Later

Today the test report is due. I went to the police station to receive it. This week has been very hard for me. All our servants refused to work at my home- a rapists’ home. People are taunting us and throwing us a disgusted look everywhere we go. They taunt us,” Look! The rapists’ wife and daughter! Do they lure boys too? Rich people have no morals nowadays. Fie on them!” Tears threaten to roll down but I suppressed them and live with the hope that DNA test report will falsify everything. I will get back my happy family.

The officer took the report and opened the envelope. I looked at the man standing behind the bars- my husband, my V-… My thoughts were interrupted by the officer’s voice,” Madam. Your husband’s DNA and the DNA found from the girl’s dress- MATCHES! And with this he and his four friends are found guilty. Now also you will deny this fact?” he questioned them.

I felt my utopia shuttered. My little happy world crashed with those words. I wished the earth open up and take me inside it. Tears quietly rolled down. My trust, my love, every “my” broke today. And I can’t do anything else. I completed the next formalities in a trance state and did not look at him even once. I simply came home.

Myra was standing at the doorway. I closed the door and hugged her. We cried uncontrollably. She didn’t understand anything but she felt everything is wrong. She cried. Suddenly, I felt I am so lonely. My Varun is not mine. He backstabbed me. I never knew my trust is so weak; my love is so weak that I could not bind my man with my wrath of love. Life can be so unpredictable.
After breaking the hug, Myra told me,” Mummy! What happened? Is what everyone saying true? Daddy did a crime! My friends taunt me. My teachers ask me weird questions. All those are true or what?”
I have to be strong. I knew she would ask these. I said,” Baby! Your father is a criminal. It is proved. We can’t do anything now. You will get to know what he did later on. For now, only know this. Also, have faith on yourself beta, and on me. We will go away from everything, from your daddy and live a better life… we won’t have all the comfies there. Agree?”
Myra silently wiped my tears and said,” Mummy! I understand. I don’t want luxuries. I want you. I understood daddy will never come back now. I will surely have faith and we will live mummy. Let us just escape, right?”
“Yes! we will. But we will complete something first.” I said. Whenever I see her face, my determination increased. I know if not for me, I have to live for my daughter in this world. She deserves a happy life- away from her failed ideal- her criminal dad.

The next day, I went to my lawyer and told him that I wanted divorce and I don’t want any compensatory money from Varun. I will find a job. But he said to do that, I have to show I am capable of raising my daughter alone. Then only this can be done. I thought it was easy as I have done Masters in Chemistry. Somewhere I should land a job.

But as is said, life is not so easy. My husband’s infamous reputation barred me from getting any job. They blankly refused me. I didn’t know what our fault was. Being the family member of a rapist is a crime too or what? But I cannot fail. I have to win this test of destiny. Have faith on yourself Meher.

I still miss that warmth, that love- everything that used to be mine. But I clench my jaw and fist. I have to fight. Push aside that stupid emotion Meher. I hatched a plan. I simply changed our identities a bit and went far away. Only my lawyer would call me on the required dates and I would come as Meher.

I changed my name to Mugdha Johri- My parental title. I took teaching in a school. I told everything to that small school’s principal. To my pleasant surprise, she sympathized with me and gave me the job. Now I went to the police station to get the divorce.

As soon as I saw him, his cold eyes met mine. I simply averted my gaze. I hate that man. I need a divorce. He said in his statement earlier that he was enjoying his rich life and was getting bored with all those responsibilities of family. He was about to divorce me. Wahl! I got my point too. It was mutually signed, obviously with coldness. I have built a wall around me to prevent any emotion leech in. my only love is Mayra. She is my world. We are poor now but we are happy now that none can disturb us now. We have gone through a lot. Sometimes, I thought who the criminal was- he or we. People looked down upon us and belittled us everywhere. Only in this small town, we could get some peace. Away from that cheater, that rapist.

One day I went to meet Seema at the hospital. Her parents were not allowing me only. They thought I will give her money and plead her to withdraw the complaint. I laughed sadly internally and met her.

She was dubiously looking at me. I told her,” Seema! I know what you are thinking. I fact, I am facing humiliations since day one. But I never lost any my battles. I won’t lose this new one too. And will always want you to fight. I got to know that everything is true. My husband confessed his guilt. Please keep faith on yourself and fight the case. I will make sure that you get justice.”
Thus our bonding gradually grew stronger and stronger.

After six months, Varun and the other wretches were sentenced to life imprisonment. I did not cry. I felt happy instead. As if I only got justice. I didn’t answer to any questions of those annoying reporters, instead went to Varun and gave him a hard look and smirked. “See you stupid rascal. I am alive and I will be so. You actually gave me my long-lost strength and I’m strong now,” said I and simply walked out. I hugged Seema’s mother and told her “Congratulations aunty!”
She told me,” If you wouldn’t have been with us, we would not have got justice so fast. Thank you for everything.”
“No thank you aunty. You are a very strong mom and fought for the justice bravely.”

That night I hugged Myra and we realized that finally our bright days have come. We will be happy again. We are a happy family of two now.



I am really sorry for not updating all these days. But right now I am coping with some tough situations and I am completely broken now. But I need to write the story for y’all. Hence, I beg forgiveness. I will be back shortly. Well, inferiority complex has eaten me up always. Do you all really think I am capable of writing?
And guys, I found that the little comments I used to get are suddenly vanishing. So please everyone tell me how the story is going. If you all want, I can stop writing stories altogether. Well, The Yellow Rose is also updated.
And yeah! I am thinking of starting a new SwaSan fanfic here and in Wattpad. The working title is ‘Conned Love’. The prologue will be posted as soon as you all tell me I am capable of writing or not. I hope today’s chapter was good and you all enjoyed. Be frank to say how you all felt.

Especially, this was dedicated to Meher. So Meher, tell me did you like it? And did you get any other hidden surprise here? 😉 . OKAY!! I hold my ears from before only for doing bad with your surprise. I am SHOLLY!! *Holds Ears* *Puppy Face* LOL 😉
Well, I need not tell about Meher to you all. And promoting her would be like a rat endorsing for a lion. So enjoy awesome stories and beautiful one shots. She is no doubt an awesome person and her one shots were an encouragement for this author to start writing. Love you Meher!!

Unedited. So please bear with it.

Thank You.


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  1. Bhishu that was a complete shock for me.. ????

    This story was so real… I mean ya it happens… Some jerks can’t be a one woman man… The courage little Myra has shown was excellent. … Society has a habbit of humiliating guilty’s family member too…

    N I will punch straight on ur face if u say that u can’t write… I literally used dictionary while reading this ??? oh man ur vocab… N what do you mean by rat endorsing lion.. Idiot I feel so new whenever I read ur stories…

    Luv u loads baby ????

    1. Shocked!! Ahaan!! Ab jake khushi mili!! Shock jo laga tumhe!! Lol. Joking 😀

      Yes! I loved Myra here. She is a lil girl but she had the courage to face everything for her mumma. Really!! I usually dont go for reading the story because I feel I will start criticising and feeling dhusss could have bee better. But thanks to you. Love ya loads..

      Yeah! Some people can really never be a one woman man. Thats human nature too!! Shitty though. Omg! Okay. I wont say that. Lekin idiot to mai hu hi. Jo aisa soch baithi. But you are really a lioness writing such wonderful os n ffs. Hats off to you.♥♥♥♥

  2. i think this is the first time i’m commenting on urs…. i have not read all urs but swear i read ur faith parts and some of ur one shots…. really i can’t even explain in words wat is going through in my mind after reading urs especially…… pls don’t ever say u r not a good writer… u deserve to be a writer… even i felt sometimes “reading a novel or what”…. seriously i don’t get words to say about ur writing and vocabulary skills…. hat’s off…. don’t ever think to stop writing…. i’m waiting for ur next series….. hope u don’t get me wrong….. be blessed…..

    1. I feel really great that you came up and commented. So very great of you dear.
      Yeah! I wont stop. I never thought only I could write before I visited this site. I always used to get average marks in compositions in school. Tgere also I used to write random stories only. And now I am getting encouragements from you all. Thanks a lot dear.
      And why to get you wrong? You are such a sweetheart! Keep reading dear♥♥

  3. really gud story dear..luvd it

    1. Thank you so much ryths!!♥♥

  4. How come a human can do like this?He had a happy family!I like her charecter.Heart touching..Awesome like always..U born to be a writter,ok.Don’t say like this again.I like ur stories,dear.SORRY cz sometime i can’t able to i always try my level best..Pray for me,i have some health problems..and a request frm ur little sis,write something based on frndship,plz.plz.plz.. If u want i can give u my frnds name too!

    1. Born to be a writer? Lol. Really dunno. I never wrote before to get such praises. Wouldnt have thought of writing before I came here. Even in school I used to get average marks for compositions. I usually wrote stories only. Thank you so very much for tge encouragement.
      And dear! What happened to you? No worries dear. You will be all okay and veryyy fine dear. You are and will always be fine. Just have that Faith on yourself that you will become all okay. In fact you are.

      And i will obvio write. May not includethat in this series. I may keep it as a separate os. Tell me their names.

      Love ya. TC♥♥♥♥

  5. You are an amazing writer dear !! How could u doubt urself ? Well , u did it once but from now on never ever doubt ur talent girl . U r the only writer I have came across on this TU page who writes on so touching and sensitive ,but true , topics . I mean it !! Hats off to u yar !!
    Love u and will be waiting for next update of Faith .

    1. Thank you so mich Advaita. It meant a lot to me. But only one of that kind? No! Many better writers are writing up there dear. Tc bye

  6. So sorry for late comment my sweeeeeetheart bisha…I was busy so couldn’t come here……the story awesoooooome n very encouraging. ..loved it very much. ….best justice to that jerk varun…proud on meher….also Lil angel myra…seema too…keep it up honeyyy. nailed it again my sweeeeeetheart. …keep writing. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh. . Bear hug 🙂

  7. Dont doubt your writting skills again indeed u r awesome n that story has made me apreciate the strength of a woman, indeed a woman can do anything provided u hav the zeal as 4 the tough time it wil pass just b courageous, nice going n yes a happy reader. God bless

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