Faith~ A Collection Of Short Stories Story #2- MISSION NO NIKAH (Part 2)


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I went out. I put on my gentle face again and politely said,” Umm… aunty! Can we both talk together alone?”

Fufi interfered, hurrying,” Arey No! No! Everything is okay. What’s the need to talk? We, elders have settled everything. Now just do the nikah and tell him ‘Qubool Hai’.”

Qubool Hai My Foot!

“No! Nazia ji, it’s completely fine with us. Mansi beta, go and talk with Nazibul. After all, you are going to spend the rest of your life with him. Have a talk with him. Go Nazibul.” And she glared at him.

At this, Nazibul got up and I took him towards my room, ignoring the ‘what-the-hell’ looks on Fufi and fufa’s faces.


“Look, let me be simple and straight. I don’t want to marry you,” I said blankly as I closed the door behind me.

Nazibul’s face beamed with joy. “Same here. I too want to study, not to marry at this age,” he said.

“Um…, well I have a plan. We need to play false with the elders. Lend your ear to me.” I said and told him my plan vividly. He eyes lit up.

“Wow! What an idea sirji! Done.” we chuckled a bit at his words. Finally, my plan’s going to work.

“Hey Mansi! I have a proposal for you.” He said it intently.

I rolled my eyes,” Don’t tell me you are going to propose me. I am never going to accept that.”

“Umm… it’s a proposal only. Just listen to it once.” He pleaded with a puppy face.

I let out a light chuckle.” Okay! Let me see what your proposal is.” I said it casually.

He sat on his left knee, and extended his right hand towards me. My body tense up. What is he going to do? Propose me? God! Please. Save him. I am going to kill him if he does that.

He looked up at me. And said,” Dear Mansi, since the time I have seen your photo, I knew this is the one. This one is alright for me. Let me be straight and simple. Mansi, Will you be my…”

I was all in fumes and all ready for a tight punch on his face. I kept my eyes tightly closed, trying not to show that anger building up in me.

“Best Friend?”

I opened my eyes in shock. My clenched fists open up and my hands hung loose. “HUH?” I was smiling now,” What did you just say?”

“Whatever you heard! I was actually lacking a good friend. I found that in you. So will you be my friend too?” He wriggled his eyebrows.

“Why not? You are a good person after all. But for that you did such a drama? Sitting on knees and all? Big drama queen- no- king you are.” I started laughing hard now. God! He is so funny.

“Yeah, I am!” he put on a big smile ear to ear.

“Now get up otherwise people will think I am punishing you.” I said, still laughing.

He got up and held my hands. “Mansi, whatever I am going to tell you now- please hear everything with patience and don’t react.” He was serious.

“Say” I sighed.

“My parents are going to sell you after marriage. Actually, they are marrying me to sell my bride and get that money. In this case, it’s you. I just overheard them yesterday.” He told everything in a breath, covering up all his emotions.

I felt a hard lump blocking my throat. Tears started to wail up in my eyes. I looked up at his eyes.

“Mansi, please don’t cry. Don’t lose the faith you have in yourself. We will surely overcome it. Right?” His grip on my hands tightened.

I gritted my teeth and bit my lower lip hard in order to prevent those tears to roll off. I took away my hand and rubbed those unrolled tears and said after a long, deep breath,” Yeah Nazibul. You are right. Already my fufa and Fufi betrayed me. I can’t expect anything better from some strangers. So I’m not going to give in to this. I will execute my plan tomorrow. But you have to tell and do everything in the right place. Will you?”

“Yes.” he replied.

A knock was heard just then. My Fufi spoke,” How much time will you both take? Are you completing all talks before the nikah only? Wait to get hitched. Then you will definitely talk as much as you want.” She giggled.


I opened the door and said in a disgusting tone,” Stop it Fufi. What the hell?”

“Shut up.” She glared at me.


At midnight, as I lay in my bed, everything that happened today flashed once again in my mind. One day, and so many people changed. Huh! I sighed. But I have to get out of this hell. Well, not everything was negative. I got a good friend in Nazibul. ‘Sleep dear. Tomorrow’s a big day. Not for your nikah but for your plan to execute’ my brain told me. Yes, I said to myself while shutting my eyes.


Next morning, Fufi pulled me out of the bed. She told,” You did not say anything to Nazibul, did you?”

“No.” I said sternly, looking on the other side.

“Look” she grabbed my chin tightly and turned it towards her,” Don’t try to do anything clever. You can’t outsmart us, remember that. Now go, bath and get ready, fast. We have to go to the Dargah for your nikah. So get ready Now.” Her eyes were red with anger.

Where is my beloved Fufi? This woman is completely unknown and new to me. But I need to get out of this hell- by hook or by crook. Get ready for the blast, Fufi. I only smirked as I got relief from her iron-tight and painful grip.


Mansi had gone to the bathroom grabbing her towel and bathrobe. She needed to bear many things to finally free herself from the snare placed in front of her. She had a determined look on her face as she closed the door. Mansi has always topped in everything and she will always make it sure that she gets what she wants (A/N- This line is dedicated to my dedication- Mansi. She herself told a similar line, as she gave her description). She had immense Faith on herself and her deeds.

Nazia Fufi was preparing the nuptial prerequisites. She was ready to get her niece married. She bore her for 15 long years. Moreover, she is able to give her away without any dowry. Who won’t grab such a chance?

She was humming a popular kawali tune while doing all those works. Just then, she heard Mansi’s voice,” Aaaaahhhh…Ammii…!” She was shrieking with pain.
“Oh! This girl! Now let me see what new drama she is doing. Duh!” she clenched her teeth for a fraction of second before knocking on the door.
She voiced out, feigning a tense voice,” What happened? What new mess did you get yourself into?”

Mansi writhed with pain and managed to answer,” Fufi! Ah..! Fufi, I twisted my ankle and slipped on the f-floor! Aah… Its paining Fufi– v-very m-much! Aaahhh…” She let her tears roll down. Then she dragged herself towards the door and opened it slowly.

Fufi was now tense. A bad omen, according to her. Dulhan fell down on her nikah day only? She saw her sitting on the floor, writhing and wincing with pain. Her ankle was swollen and it was getting a bluish tinge slowly. The mother in her rose up suddenly.

She moved her hand over the ankle and said,” Eh! Mansi! A big thing has happened. Dear, did you get hurt anywhere else? Allah! This ankle has swollen up so much.”

Her voice was so soothing that Mansi’s burning soul seemed to soothe a bit. But she wasn’t going to fall for the motherly affection now.

She said,” Fufi! Ahh..! This ankle and also on the butt. My butt is also paining a lot. I think we should go to the hospital. Now.”

Nazia shuddered a bit at the thought of going to the hospital. But a neighbor who had came to see what happened, said,” Nazia bi! I think she is right. She must be taken to the hospital. Or else after the nikah she will have to listen to taunts from her in-laws. And if left untreated, it may turn into gangrene.” Mansi shuddered a bit when she heard the word ‘gangrene’. But still went on with her work with her painful body.
Nazia looked at Mansi who nodded her head.
“Okay! Let me call her fufa. We will take her.” She finally said after a lot of hesitation.

Her fufa came home as soon as he heard the news. He picked Mansi up and took her towards her room.
He said to his wife,” Change her bathrobe. Help her wear a dress. We will go.”

Mansi’s eyes beamed with happiness as her heart did a quick happy dance hearing those words.

After a lot of hard work, her Fufi and she managed to put on the dress. Mansi was unable to walk. She was limping and it was difficult for her to stand properly even.

Her fufa and Fufi held her from both sides and carried her to an auto which was summoned. They reached the hospital. The doctor told them to wait outside while she would check her state.

The doctor examined Mansi. She told her,” Mansi! Your wounds aren’t too big and—“

Mansi interfered to her words and said,” Doctor! Please listen to me first then you think what you will do. Actually…”


Mansi’s uncle and aunt were anxiously pacing up and down the corridor. They weren’t anxious about Mansi’s condition. They were actually thinking what will happen if the marriage gets postponed. Just then, the doctor came out and said,” You are her uncle and aunt. Right?”

“Yeah! How is she? Can we do the ma—“Ajmal stopped when he got a sharp nudge from Nazia. “Uh! I mean can we take her home today?”
The doctor narrowed her eyes at them before replying sharply,” No. she isn’t at all in a condition to be taken home. Her ankle and waist have got an internal damage. We need to fix it. By tomorrow evening, we can discharge her. Few blood tests and—“

Her explanation was interrupted by a ‘NO’ in unison from the husband and wife. Then Ajmal said,” Look doctor. Today we have something important and she is required and we can’t leave her here for a day. Do her treatment within an hour and discharge her. We are sitting here.” He was glaring at her.

The doctor still kept her calm and said,” Listen mister! We can’t leave her. She is a human. She doesn’t deserve such treatments. I mean she needs some time. And we need to keep her under observation. Please try to understand.” Her eyes pleaded.

Nazia sensed the increasing tension and took over the situation,” Okay. Doctor, you carry on. We will sit here. We will only go with her. After all, our beloved niece she is. How can we leave her like this alone?” she let out a bitter chuckle.

“Okay!” the doctor threw a glare at her and sighed. She picked up the intercom and dialed. “Sister, please come to my room and stay with this patient for some minutes before I can go and talk to the pathological laboratories to do the necessary tests.” Then she turned at the couple and told them,” I’m just coming.”

Just after she went out, Ajmal’s phone vibrated. It’s the Islams. He stroke the green button and put it on his ears,” Hello?” he was nervous.
“It’s Amina- Nazibul’s mother. When are you all coming? We have already reached.”

“Umm… Amina bi, a big trash has happened with Mansi. She slipped in the bathroom and has hurt her ankle and waist. We are currently in the hospital. If possible please come here. Will you?”

When Nazibul heard those words from his mother, he immediately wanted to meet her. Amina couldn’t resist her son’s requests and told them that she, her husband and son would go.
When he hung up the phone, a nurse went inside the room and after some minutes, she came out wearing a mask, muzzling her. By then, Nazibul and his parents had reached. Nazibul anxiously asked the nurse,” How is Mansi? Can we meet her?”
“No. She is sleeping now. The wounds are a bit too deep for her to bear. Let her rest.” The nurse went way.
The four elders were startled hearing her voice. It seemed so much familiar to them. But they shrugged the feeling and sat there, waiting for further information.


“Fufi”, Nazia was startled by a cold voice from her back. In fact everyone sitting there was startled.
“Mansi! You were inside the doctor’s chamber, right? Then when did you go out? And w-who are these p-people? Why did you bring p-police with you?” Nazia’s eyes popped out and her face paled and she stuttered when she saw police with Mansi. In fact, all the four grown up sitting there, was drained out of blood having seen police there with the doctor and Mansi.

“Sir, all these people were getting Nazibul and me married without our consent and we are not yet 18.” Mansi boldly said to police officer, pointing at those four people.
“What are you saying Mansi, we were getting you ma-“Amina’s speech was interrupted by the police officer’s voice,” No need to act anymore. We have already talked with the people of your locality and also with the Dargah’s people. We also visited both of your homes and saw the preparation of the nuptial there. And Mister and Missus Islam, we are arresting you for child and women trafficking. You all are with the international gang of trafficking. And Nazibul statement will prove that. Speak up my boy.”
Nazibul too boldly said what he had heard that day, word by word. He controlled all his emotions but broke down after this blurt out. He could never imagine even in his worst dreams that his parents would turn out to be such mean people. Mansi held him tightly, as if assuring to be with him always. Nazibul felt her touch ailing him slowly. And he again became normal.
The constables arrested both of them in spite of their resistance and fight. Before going towards the car, Amina and her husband, Siddique threw death glares at Mansi and their son. Then they started to curse Mansi,” Listen chori! What you did was not at all good. We will sue you surely. Let us just get the bail, you will be finished.”
Mansi smartly replied,” Huh! You can’t do anything. Very soon your whole gang will be caught. Already the police had got the information regarding this matter. But they just became sure that those people were you two. So just get lost you wretch.”

After this conversation ended, Nazia suddenly said,” But why can’t they marry? They are both 18.”
The police officer smirked,” Huh! You all are people of this 21st century? Unbelievable! Look, the rule says girls can’t marry before they are 18 and for boys that age line is 21 years. So, even if Mansi has reached her marriageable age, Nazibul hasn’t. Hence, you can’t marry off them. Moreover, why don’t you understand that it is illegal and also not good for their future and their health too?”

Ajmal was now enraged. He held the officer’s collar and yelled out angrily,” Look officer! Hume mat sikhao. Don’t try to teach us. We very well know what’s good and what’s bad for her. This marriage will happen— at Any Cost!” he looked at the officer with blood reddened eyes.

But before he could do anything, the policemen caught hold of both of them. The police thrashed Ajmal before sternly replying,” Ajmal, your game has ended. I really praise this little lady for her sharpness and that brain which worked coolly even under the worst circumstances. Listen from her only what plans she plotted to help us catch you all. You both are also arrested for illegally forfeiting Mansi’s parents’ money and torturing her. Do you get that?” he paused a little before turning to Mansi and told her to say her plans.

Mansi smiled a fragile smile and said,” Plan was not only of mine but also credit goes to this friend, Nazibul. We both devised this plan. I intentionally slipped on the bathroom floor and made my wounds in such a way that you all were bound to bring me to the hospital. Then the doctor examined me and told me that my wounds weren’t severe, hence I can go home after applying the spray and take rest a bit. That’s when I stopped her and told her everything. Then she told me that she will definitely help me out. Hence, she came out and told my uncle and aunt to go home. When they didn’t agree we had to execute our plan B. Moreover, it was good that even Nazibul was successful to bring his parents there. According to this plan, the doctor called in a nurse with an extra set of nurses’ uniform, which I wore and went out. Remember the nurse going out that time, muzzled with mask? That was me. And I went to the police station with this doctor and informed the police of this matter. I told them everything and then we went to both of our homes, the Dargah and then, you all were caught, finally.” At the end, her voice chocked and she started to cry. Nazibul pulled in a quick friendly hug, as both of them cried on each other’s backs. The middle-aged doctor caressed their backs and told them,” My dears, don’t cry. Now you both are free and can get admitted to a home to complete your further studies. Right officer? And Mansi, your pain will go away very soon. It’s not too complicated as you acted. Just eat some medicines and apply this spray, you will be all okay. But I really wonder how you could bear with this pain to free yourself and also this boy out of this trap. ” she smiled at her.
Mansi only smiled.
“Yes. They will. Constable! Take these two criminals too. We will make it sure that these people’s bad eyes don’t fall on you both. Mansi, you are very courageous dear. Wish you all the success in life.” He said, caressing her head. He had seldom seen such brave children in his entire life.

Just then, the doctor told the officer,” Officer, I have a request. Can I keep these two children at my home and help them and fund their further education?”
The officer was happy. Mansi and Nazibul were also stunned to hear that. But they couldn’t deny too. It was like a sudden boon of god on them. They too approved and the three hugged again.
“Ma’am, just some legal documents to complete and then you are free to take them. Don’t worry children; you will be able to fulfill your dreams now.” The police officer’s face lit up with happiness for these two forlorn children.

Mansi and Nazibul looked at each other and smiled. Their Mission NO NIKAH was accomplished.



NUDGE! NUDGE! *Nudges the readers sharply*. How many of you are still awake? Or everyone slept while reading it? 😀 Probably the longest ever chapter I wrote. LOL 😀
So how was it friends? Comment friends your views. Your love and encouragement have helped me a lot to pull my spirits up. Chappals, tomatoes accepted for today. And jago Silent Readers jago (if any). Write your views and criticize me so that I can grow up.

So this one is dedicated to – Nazz and Mansi (Mandy), as said earlier. Hey Mandy, did you like my idea?
I hope you all read Mandy’s 3 beautifully written and fun filled ffs-
Swaragini- A Modern Tale of Love; Friendship, Love and Passion; The Bond Of…?
The last novel is really wonderful. Do give it try friends. One of my favorite stories here. Immense passion, emotion with fun- these are her assets.

Coming to my point now, next dedication will be another amazing person and one of my inspirations- MEHER. Are you ready Meher to fall in a bad situation and rise up again with Faith 😉 ? Do tell me your opinion.

And just like Nazz suggested me this story’s theme, you all can also suggest me some ideas. Anyways, next two stories of faith will also be based on rape. But obviously a different point of view. And Yellow Rose coming soon…
Forgive my typos and grammatical mistakes. I don’t have a good vocabulary.


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    1. hmm.. Thank you So Much Amna for providing me with the information. Well, Mansi’s fufi and fufa weren’t much educated. Probably they never read the Quran properly or understanding each and every line. But yeah! In the very next line Mansi also said that There is no such thing written in the holy book and that she has read it too. So, I may not know what is written in it but i never disrespected the book. Still, as you told me this thing, I will surely try to avoid such less-known topics (I mean I know less about that).

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