Faith~ A Collection Of Short Stories Story #2- MISSION NO NIKAH (Part 1)


HELLO FRIENDS!! It’s Bisha, back with FAITH. FINALLY!! 😀 ! I know you people are damn angry on me for my BIG delay!! I am really very sorry. Well, I have something interesting to tell y’all in the Author’s Note at the end. So, please bear with my story till the end!! 😛 .
Well, this story’s theme was suggested by Nazz in the last update. Hence, writing my story based on that. Well, I don’t really have much ‘faith’ on myself how much idea I do have!! 😛 😉
Here is the link to the previous update :-
“FUFI! 97!” I yelled. (Fufi= Father’s sister)
My bewildered fufi rolled her eyes at me and said,” What 97? Did you score 97 in the last match? How many times should I tell you..”
“Fufi! Fufi!” I interrupted, hugging her,” Ufff! It’s not my cricket match score. It’s my boards’ result. I got 97 percent. YAY!!!!”I yelled in ecstasy.
I broke the hug and looked at her face. She bore an expressionless face. She told in a lukewarm voice,” Okay Mansi! It’s good, very good, and excellent that you scored such high marks. But now you should forget studying and get ready to marry someone.”
The earth seemed to slip underneath my feet. I was completely dumbstruck. What is she telling me to do? MARRY? HELL NO!
“NO. I am not going to do that.”
“Look Mansi, we have brought you up with utmost love and care after your parents died. And we are no rich business magnets that we can fund your higher education any more. So its better that you get married so that we can now focus on our children well. For how long shall we bear you? All these years, we have given you almost everything you wanted. You played cricket- we did not deny. You learnt western dance- we didn’t deny. Now, you too should return something to us.” Fufi looked at me with a stern face.
I have never seen my lovely fufi behave in such a way. Well, I did not get many things. I got a lot too. She used to give all the best things to her children. But I never complained. All because after I was orphaned she looked after me and is still doing that. Who would have done such a big favor?
“But fufi, I want to study more and more. Moreover, I will get a full scholarship to complete my higher education. I want to be an IAS officer. I want to reach heights of everything. Why should I marry? I am just 18!”I said condescendingly.
Fufi now yelled with an angry voice,” NO. You will marry. And that is FINAL. We have got a nice groom for you. And next week is the date. The simple thing behind all these love was to grab your mother’s property. And we got that. And hence, time to get you married. Today only those people are coming. Wear this sari. And remember, girls don’t need much education. And we bore you for 15 long years! And now I am done with it. And from now, your cricket, dance, going out is completely banned.” She laughed crookedly. And my fufa (Father’s brother-in-law, Fufi’s husband) joined her too.
“NO fufi. Please. Try to understand. I don’t want to marry. And you fixed the date too! How strange! I will not let it happen. I never imagined my close people will turn around completely. I will go to the police. I will never let you interfere in my life.” I told them sternly. But I broke, crying helplessly. How could these people change overnight? But they have. And I am all alone. GOD!
Surprises were still left. My fufa now grabbed my hair and hissed underneath his clenched teeth,” Mansi my girl. You will not. I will show you what I can do. COME.” He pulled me.
“ NO.NO. please leave me. I won’t tell anyone anything. Please leave me. Its paining fufa. “ I cried, yelled, begged. All went in vain. He locked me in a room and told,” Today your in-laws will be coming to see you. So get ready and don’t dare to flee. Huh! Girls should get married as early as possible. What will they do by studying? This much is enough to teach your children and bring them up. All those big talks are just rubbish, beating about the bush. Whatever, you will marry and that’s final. Moreover, our Holy Quran only says that.”
I retorted,” But fufa, I too have read Quran. And there isn’t anything like that.”
He slapped me and shouted,” SHUT UP! You foolish girl! Don’t you dare try to teach me. And now onwards, you will not step outside this house. Stay here till you marry. We know what’s best for you girl. Come Nazia.”
“AAAH!!” I shrieked in pain. I have never ever got any slap from anyone. Fufa used to scold me but never slapped me. Allah! What did I do that you are giving me such pain? No. I have to get out of this hell. My own blood turned against me. Property can change people overnight. When they needed my abbu and ammi’s property, they showered all their love and now that their need is fulfilled, they are throwing me! All that love was just a show-off! Incredible! What the hell ! No Mansi! You can’t fall weak. Be strong.
I started banging and shouting, “LEAVE ME! I WANT TO GO. LET ME G-O-O. P-L-E-A-S-E.” my voice seemed to break.
Fufi hurriedly barged in and gagged my mouth with a cloth. Then she forcefully made me wear that sari. I was by then hopeless. I did not resist anymore. That will make everything worse. I should not give up and have faith on myself. Be prepared Mansi for Mission NO NIKAH.
‘Yes Boss!’ My brain saluted me.

In the evening, the groom’s family knocked at our home. No. It should be Their home. I digested all the curses and glares from my fufi. I brought the plate full of food. UH! All those tests. I loathe these. He groom was almost of my age. A good looking one. But Mister, I am not going to marry you- whatever qualities you have. I will surely call off this nikah.
“Keep these here beti.” The groom’s mother told in a warm voice. As if I am going to melt in all these. HUH! I can’t.
Now I took the plate to the boy. As soon as I handed it to him, a chit was slid onto my hand under the plate. Whoa! A chit!
‘Dear Miss Mansi,
I don’t want to marry you. I have told my mom that I want to study. But she is bent on getting me married. I am only 18. If you are a kind-hearted girl, please help me and cancel it. I will take the blame. Moreover… well, I will tell you everything. Just tell the elders that we two want to talk. Will you?
Nazibul Islam.’
So somebody here unknowingly wants to help me only. Great. My would-be groom is only against this marriage. Now what? ‘Arey Mansi! What are you thinking? Go and avail yourself fully of this opportunity. Run!’ My brain scowled at me. Uh! Okay. Yes! I should. I headed towards the living room. After all, silver lining in these dark clouds.

So friends! How was it? Good? Bad? Share your views. Well, I could not write more. Hence a second part is waiting.

My news-time starts now-
First, I want to announce that I have got a way to dedicate this collection’s stories to my friends here in Telly Updates. I thought that I will use their names as the central character in my story. So, do you want me to do this? Then let me tell you the disadvantage too. Bad things will happen with the central character as this is such a collection. So tell me if you want it after knowing it. And I started it from this story only. This one is dedicated to-
1) Nazz- She gave me the idea. And I modified her name twice, as Nazia and as Nazibul. Did you like it Nazz?
2) Mansi- Well, let’s see if this person can identify herself! 😉 And yes, this one is for her because she was my very first inspiration to write my own stories and encouraged me in doing that and all along. One of my close people here.
Second, I have a puppy eyes- wala request *makes puppy eyes*. Please Anjali di and Sree Harini di, will you send me a link of your ffs’ all chapters? PLEASE!! For now, Mr. Maheshwari and I and Acceptance- both. I will read them no matter what. If not them then someone else can also send. Well, they are praised a lot. Hence, my brain instigated me to read a good story.
Oh yes! I am giving all the links here of my earlier three one shots-
I don’t know how much you all will like them. But I still am giving them if anyone wants to read them.
Hope, you will like this story. I am open to all polite and logical criticism. You love and comments have encouraged me a lot friends.
Thank you so much for bearing with my rant.

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  1. Finally u r back dear ?

    I was eagerly waiting for faith collection…

    The story is so real.. Ppl can stoop low for money… Blood relations are just for name sake infront on money now a days…

    Only Parents luv children selflessly… No one else can do this… N y ppl think that girls are bound to do household work.. Marriage.. N giving birth to kids that’s.. It..

    But m glad that I born into a family.. Where educating girls is preferred…
    M blessed to have a mum who thinks that I shld do job n stand on my own…

    Luv u loads dear u r such an osm writer… ??

    1. Yes! Iam. Thank you so much Meher. Ya I too want to show this through the story. I too am feeling happy to see your comment dear!!
      Well, I am very glad to know you have such a lovely mom.
      So you wont have any problem if I use your name as the crntral character in one if my future stories here? Tell me now. And think all sides. 😛

      1. Yup my mum is just osm… U won’t believe once me n my was going smwhere n a bike over take my activa rashly.. N my mum shouts “jldi bhaag bhaag jyegi” n I go rofl?????

        I don’t hv any problem with anything dear… ??

  2. hi bisha…as usual u come with a thought provokng theme..pls update soon.

    1. Thank you so so much Ammu 🙂 . And yes, keep reading!

  3. Osm
    …..eagrly waiting 4 d nxt part

    1. Thank you so much Dev. I will try to do that asap keep reading 🙂

  4. Loved it *_*

    1. Thank you very much M ^_^. Keep reading.

  5. OMGGGG!! I LOVE YOU FOR THISSSS!!! That is super duper sweet, when I thought you had a surprise for me, I thought you would probably write something about Bond or Swaragini. But you amazed me for writing about me! I am so popular *hair flip* lol..jk!
    Well coming to the story, you did great job to show what ppl do for money. Ironically, the rant I was talking about, the topic I chose Is MONEY worth it all?! We are soo soul sisters, we reach each others mindss…see we chose the same topic unknowingly! ???? See, grt minds think alike????
    You should make her run away, now that sounds like me, and oh do that the minute before she says qubool hai and send her off to like some amaing and relaxing island?? I cant wait to see where you take this story…upldate fast!!! Cant wait to finish this off! You are an fab writer, amazing friend and an awesome human being!! Bye!

    1. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH MANDY!!! I wanted to inaugurate my thinking with your name!! 😛 . Glad to see that you loved it. I was laughing while I read your comment. Much awaited one after all. Obv you are soo popular!! *claps*
      Woo!! Same Pinch then. Probably we are long lost sisters. Pichle janam ka 😉 . Thats why thoughts match so well. All The Best For your rant. Yes I second you!! *winks* LOL.
      Hmm.. nice ideas but. Lets see what I can do. To keep a happy ending I have shown the boy too wants to call off this nikah. Well. Stay well. Keep reading dear. Lots of hugs for you!! ^_^you are such an amazing person and a. Awesome friend at the same timw too. Obv one of my fav writers.

    Am in love with ur ideas.. So taboo and unconventional… <3 <3 <3
    Superb job…

    And pls no need to call me di and all!!! only a year difference between us 🙂 🙂

    And yeah.. Here are the links…

    Here you goo!!! Hope you enjoy it!! 😀

    1. Thank you so so much *jumping in joy as if a chocolate has been given to me* 🙂 😉 😀 .

      I will go and read all these chappies. Okay I wont call you di. But you know what I love calling people di. Anyyways thank you very much. Keep reading.

      1. Lol…. if it makes you happy then call…. idm!!! ???

  7. Ow! Mansi was like me. A bit. I love playing cricket ♥

    And yeah. Can’t believe it. People stooping so low to get money. Like seriously. But this all is so real. Life is no fairy tale. Waiting for the next part eagerly x x

    Update soon . Love ya ! A lot. ♥ ♥

    1. Yup. Will be updated by tomorrow. It was great to know that. I only once played cricket that too when I was a kid. And now getting only fats everywhere!! Lol.
      And unfortunately my stories keep on showing that. XX Still you people love me so much dear.

  8. Nice

    1. Tysm!! 🙂 keep reading dear!!♥♥

  9. Wowwww bisha, awesome update…u always find a very touchy topic n very brilliantly nailed it. ..I just loved it….ppl really stoop very low for money, its so true in our society…n mansi here should give very good lesson to her relatives…i like boy’s thoughts too…so lovely story….recently joined wattpad n following you there too…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 🙂 🙂

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