Hello guys pehchane mujhe nahi pehchane so bad guys itni jaldi bhul gaye ???? hah jao katti …..
Hahahah so sorry for this bakwass
I was missing tu and u all very much ????
And yeah I m sooo sorry to ff writers for not commenting????
No proof ready ignore errors …..
Belated Happy wala birthday to my love chehak urf chiku aur Hamari pyari shruti ur nacheez sorry guys couldn’t wish ur personally
So here is an os hope u all enjoy ….
Lets us begin …..

Does Fairy tale love stories really exist a cute bubbly pretty girl is standing in a pub wearing western clothes looking extremely hot her eyes wanted the answer of her question “Does Fairy tales love stories still exist ….ohh twinkle what R u asking let’s enjoy the party nah replied her friend chinki (so the girl is our Punjabi pathaka twinkle…)
Yeah what I am asking let’s enjoy tonight after all I am going to get married tomorrow says twinkle with a tensed face ??….DJ just play the song …
From the other side a handsome hunk is shown wearing black jeans n shirt with a brown blazer looking extremely hot He enters the club with his bunch of friends every girl eyes popped out seeing his physic when the song plays ….
(Nashe si Chad gayi from befikre…)

Ton sourire m’ensorcelle
Je suis fou de toi
Le désir coule dans mes veines
Guidé par ta voix
(Twinkle comes on the dance floor with her friends the guy looks at twinkle n gets freezed seeing her beauty and smiles when twinkle starts shaking her booty n enjoying forgetting everything…)
Hey kunj let’s dance what say asked his friend rohit (so the handsome hunk is our kunj ?????)
No bro not interested kunj says n was just seeing twinkle “ahh bro u are getting married tomorrow we came here to enjoy ur bachelor’s last night replied rohit and pushes kunj on dance floor )

Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi (x2)
(Kunj signs song n twinkle looks at him n they shared eye lock when kunj holds twinkle and twirls her around while twinkle looks at him with her glossy eyes when rohit passed vodka shots n twinj drinks dat n continues dancing )

Aise khenche dil ke penche
Gale hi pad gayi oye

Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi

O udti patang jaise
Mast malang jaise
Masti si chadh gayi
Humko turant aise lagti current jaise
Nikhla ho warrant jaise
Abhi abhi utra ho
Net se torrent jaise
(Kunj n twinkle looks at each other n started enjoying each other company forgetting everything and they were continuously taking vodka shots and they r now out of control ??)

Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si ladgayi oye
Kudi patang si ladgayi

(They all get out of control when twinkle goes towards bar n takes more shots kunj comes there and he too takes the shots and they came out of the pub on the isolated road )

Nashe si Chad gayi twinkle is humming n waking on the road stumbling And she gets hit by a stone when kunj holds her they have a cute eye lock ….
T : hey u r the same guy nah who were Dancing inside with me right asked a drunk twinkle ….
K : yeah I am the same one …
T : don’t tell me dat u are following me hawww mummy plz save me shouts twinkle ….
K : ohh hello miss siyappa queen i am not following u huh replied kunj …
T : no I know u are following me huh but u know tumhe faida nahi hoga mujhe follow karke …
K : kyun .. kyun ????
T : u know Mr follower tomorrow I m getting married n makes a sad pout ..
K : what UMm even I am getting married tomorrow says kunj childishly and the both started walking together sharing their pain ????)
K : so love marriage or arrange ….
T : UMm arrange I didn’t even saw that boy pic …. and u
K : same in my case ….
T : wow same pinch n twinkle pinches kunj …. ur name ???
K : my name is hah naam jaan kar kya karegi n laughs ….
T : hawww tum nah ho hi sadu….
K : huh aue tu tu nah siyappa queen
They laughs and have fun whole nights they walks on the streets …

T : let’s do a prank…
K : what????
Twinkle shows a house and they moves towards the door. …
K : hum yaha kya kar rahe hai ???
T : wait I’ll show u twinkle rings the bell n runs from there leaving a shocked. Kunj
K : oye siyappa queen kunj also runs from there before anyone opens door ..
They come far away n laughs ….
T : hahahah kitna maza aaya nah …
K : tuh nah sachi ki siyappa queen hai
T : life is about enjoying waise b kal ..
K : ha ha I know we are getting married and I didn’t met the girl till now … and makes a pout . .
T : hah twinkle laughs at him
They spend whole night enjoying on the roads and goes to their houses back ..
T : ba byeee sadu ….
K : byee siyappa queen…
They left from there n reaches their houses n slept….

Next day ::::::
Twinkle is shown sleeping in her room n everything messed up leela comes to her room and sees twinkle room …
L : ye jhalli kudi nah kabhi nahi sudhregi (this mad girl will never improve ..)
At sarna mansion:::::
Usha comes to wake up kunj ……..
U : kunj wake up beta ….
K : maa let me sleep nah …
U : kunj u are getting married today ..
K : ha I know n sleeps again ….
U : who only twinkle will make u responsible…
K : abey ye twinkle kaun hai …
U : Teri hone wali biwi u know kunj Maine suna hai she is so responsible …
Here twinkle is shown getting up from bed stumbling. …
U : Maine suna hai badi sansakri ladki hai twinkle takes her head phones n started dancing … bas ab wohi tujhe thik kar sakti hai here leela says to twinkle to stop this childness…..
K : bas bas maa ab ye twinkle twinkle little star ka naam japna band karogi waise b me itna irritated hu and he goes to freshen up….
Leela -rt : twinkle is not leaving her childness we have told several lies about her gi …
Rt : leela don’t worry I heard kunj is a gentle man he will make twinkle responsible….
L : I hope so ….
Here twinkle is shown listening to their conversation n thinks this kunj nah I’ll not leave him twinkle taneja ko koi nahi badal sakta ….

After sometime::::??
Twinkle gets dressed up as bride looking perfect and she recalls last night n a broad curve appears on her face …. same kunj is dressed as groom n recalls twinkle …
Mahi comes to twinkle room n tells her dat her In laws came …
Here leela welcomes kunj n does his aarti nd takes his inside …..
Sarnas n everyone was waiting for the bride when twinkle comes there …
L : lo twinkle b aagayi ….

Kunj looks at twinkle n they get shocked seeing each other recalls last night n smiles looking at each other ….
K (thinks) : what she is twinkle just look at her she is looking like an angel my angel ….
Twinkle comes n sits beside him n soon wedding takes place n twinj takes every blessing n left for sarna mansion…
Kunj comes to her room n sees twinkle sitting on the bed n smiles ….
Twinkle looks at him they have a eye lock n soon both burst out in laughter ..

K : omg seriously u are twinkle dat sansakri ladki about whom mum was taking I can’t believe u and sansakri
T : hahaha sadu even I can’t believe u and responsible man hahaha ….
They both told ech other how their parents praised them n laughs …
K : so as we got married we will have some rules …
T : yeah even I wanna say dat. …
K : firstly we will not behave like typical husband n wife
T : 2 thing I am not going to sacrifice my dreams …
K : 3 we will support each other in every circumstances ….
T : we will be always there for each other in need ….
K : yeah we will not change our self for others ….
T : yep they promise each other and become good friends…..
Days passes bye everything twinj is sees supporting each other and living their life fully they both stared to feel for each other kunj supports twinkle in everything and same twinkle too supports kunj they r getting close day by day their life was fully perfect just like a fairy tale ….

One day :::::
Twinkle was working when she recalls their first meet n smiles n thinks kunj in these few months I got a true soulmate I don’t know what u think of me ur wife or ur friends but I have fallen for u she smiles n gets a call ….
C : hello is this twinkle kunj sarna ….
T : yeah ….who R you …
C : mam actually here an accident happen n the man was taking ur name only to call plz come her fast …
Twinkle gets big shock n I am coming she runs from there n took her car keys n drove her to the place where kunj accident happened ….

She enters the place n gets shocked seeing the scenario the place was fully decorated as date set up with a table on middle and the place was fully decorated with flowers …
Kunj comes from the other side twinkle looks at kunj n runs to him n hugs him tightly (tere sang yaara plays in bg )
T : kunj kunj u r fine nah …
K : yeah twinkle I am absolutely fine see he breaks the hug n looks at twinkle
T : then who called me ….
K : shh twinkle I wanna say u something he went on his knees and holds a rose I know siyappa queen u are shocked but today I wanna confess my feelings yaar twinkle don’t know when n how it happen but I started feeling for u I LOVE YOU TWINKLE… I love u so much dat I can’t even describe I wanted u to call her dats y I have called u by fake accident to know if u care for me or not twinkle I love u soo much yaar plz forgive me …
Twinkle looks at him n says u are soo bad kunj I hate u u know when I heard about ur accident I felt like I have lost my life huh I don’t wanna talk to u …
K : oyee meri maa mere jawab to de u love me or not dekh my knees are also paining …
T : hah idiot ye bhi koi puchne wali baat hai yes I love u idiot twinkle holds kunj n makes him stand yes Mr sadu I love u u know kunj i usually used to think does Fairy tales exist but u prove it true kunj u prove if u have a good bonding friends trust loyalty n supportive person in ur life then ur life is not less than a fairly tale n she hugs kunj tightly tears were gushing from twinkle eyes….
K : hey twinkle don’t cry I LOVE YOU
T : I LOVE YOU TOO kunj ???
They broke the hug n looks at each other and have their perfect date n then twinj lived happily ever after …..

The end ::::
So guys how was it ????
Hope u all enjoyed ….
Drop me comments
Waiting for it n miss me ???
Bye bye love u all ….
Ops once again Happy belated happy birthday chiku and shruti ???
Sameera ????

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  1. Awesome os sam… It was sooo cute… Loved it… Aur kya bola tune ki ham tujhe bhul geye haa,,, agar tune aysa socha bhi toh, for u’r kind information mey tujhe bata du ki aysa kabhi ho nehi sakta, aur na kabhi hoga… Are yaar koi insaan apne itni cute si, sweet si frnd ko bhulta hey vala haa… Jhalli kudi… Nd happy belated birthday chikuuuu… Happy b’day shruti… May God bless u guys… Love u alot…

  2. Adya

    Awww samu di…
    But let me tell u… U r late..
    That was soo cute…I love it… Nd we forgot you !!! What about u… ??? Even u forgot us…huh….
    We love u di !! Till infinity.. os padh kr Maza aa gya… Wooowwww
    Write more if u r not bzy..
    Love uh samu di..

  3. awesome os loved it sammera

  4. Ramya

    Hi sameera
    Awesome n lovely os jusst loved it

  5. Angel20

    Awesome! It was really a cute love story! Loved it very much! Do post more such stories.

    With Love

  6. Hey sameera is was superb try write some more OS. Like this….luv u ?

  7. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome Was missing you so badly 🙂 Love you 🙂

  8. Ayu

    Sammu!!! What shall i say!!?
    Awesome 1!
    Ye jo bachelors wala idea hai…that was so damn funny?
    Loved it! Do write more…wanting to read more from u❤️

  9. Kruti

    Hey sam so happy to see ur post
    The os was damn cute….loved it
    Loads of Love 🙂

  10. Chiku

    Sammu woaahhh!!!!!! Glad to see u back. Lovely. Loved it?????
    Bachelors idea??????was amazing
    Thank u for all the wishes?????????
    Love u?

  11. Roshini125

    Hey sameera wr were u all theset days….I missed u..welcome back n the os is cute n awesome

  12. Presha

    It was awesome fabulous

  13. Aanya_pandey

    That ws superb OS yrr jst so good

  14. Simiyy

    I loved it Sameera it was fab

  15. dreamer...arundhati

    Sam…. Lovely

  16. Hi Sammu, how are you? waise I’m angry with you…. itna achha OS likha hai aur mujhe bataya bhi nahin… very bad…well I’m sorry for late comment actually main bimar ho gayi hun toh TU open nahin kar payi….

    Anyways OS was sooooo sweet n cute like you… everything was just perfect… I was smiling in whole epi while reading… It was amazing mindblowing… loved it…

    Waise maine is bimari mein apna ff post kar diya hai if you are free then do read it….. aur haan sochna bhi mat ki tumhein itni asani se bhul jaungi…samjhi? I miss you too.

    Love you….


  17. sam…???
    its so lovely…

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