A fairy tale of RagLak (OS) 2nd(last part)

Fairy tale of RagLak 2nd part.
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Dear Asthu, you have asked me, has Laksh was just attracted to the beauty of Ragini. But, I never compromise in showing pure love of Laksh towards Ragini. So, to satisfy you and all other readers, I’m extending this OS into 2nd part. (but, this is last)

Let’s go into next part…

Spring has returned back to the kingdom as Ragini came back to that place. It was the marriage day of Ragini and Laksh.

The fairies are showering flowers all over kingdom. The fragrance of sandal wood was spreading through the wind. The nightingale songs have filled every corner of the empire.

In a huge flower like stage, Laksh was about to marry that innocent flower kingdom’s Ragini. The flowers from the valley have sent the shower of flower petals to them through wind.

While Laksh is about to put thalli(magal sutr) in neck of Ragini, then suddenly all hear, ‘BHUM..!’ sound.
All shock and look.
{THE DEMON IS BACK………!!!!!!}

Yes, it’s the demon which in start kidnapped princess.
(assume it’s not me.. heheh)

Prince Laksh takes his sword and comes to fight with it, but it’s after a demon…

‘Dishumm..!’ it has pushed Laksh back. Laksh fell down. In one hand.. just in one hand. The demon has raised Ragini up.

The innocent princess Ragini who is unaware of bad or good, monsters or gods, smiles looking at the demon. Aww… that demon’s cheeks become red looking at Ragini’s smile. After all, she could bend that spring, sun, moon and wind.. why not this demon..?

Laksh stands up and tries to fight with the demon, but… the demon pushes Laksh.
Looking at it, Ragini shouts, “Laksh..!”
All look amazingly at Ragini, because Ragini never spoke any word till now, as she was grown up in human world. she spoke the 1st word, “Laksh” from her mouth. Laksh looks at her amazingly.

Laksh tries to stand, but as his leg was hit to a stone and blood was oozing out, he can’t get up.
“Hey Rakshas..! give me back my Ragini..!!”

That demon in anger throws a wooden pillar on Laksh. Ragini becomes shocked. Looking at her sad face, the whole spring season becomes fade. The flowers in flower valley wither.

The demon flies away taking away Ragini with him. All people become sad.

Prince Laksh is taken inside and he is given treatment. He is unconscious.
There, that demon takes Ragini to a ocean. That demon opens his mouth and blows the water… the ocean breaks into different parts and a palace like building is visible. demon takes Ragini into that palace. As soon as he takes the ocean covers the palace again.

Ragini looks out from window and she sees all types of fishes and water around. (Just like aquarium)
Demon comes near Ragini. Now, Ragini fears looking at the demon.
Demon: oh flower girl, don’t afraid looking at me. Smile as before.. it makes me happy..!!
Ragini closes her eyes and turns other side covering her face. Demon becomes sad.

Prince Laksh awakes from the injury. He starts going.
“Rakumar, it’s not safe to go now.” doctors say.
“Nothing is important than Ragini to me.” Says Laksh and gets up from the bed. But, he is not sure where that demon has taken Ragini.
So prince Laksh, keeps asking all people on way… ‘where that demon went?’
He goes according to the way the people said.

“I saw, that demon went up on this ocean..!” one sailor says to Laksh.

“where did he take Ragini now..??” Laksh sadly looks up into the sky.

He joins his hands and prays to sun god,
“Hey surya dev, everyone say that you are the witness of all happenings on earth. You surely know, where Ragini is. Please tell me.”

Then Laksh hears a Akashavaani,
“Rajkumar Laksh, that demon has taken princess Ragini into the middle of ocean. But, it’s impossible for you to go there.”
Laksh nods his head negatively, “anything for Ragini..!!” he says and starts sailing on the ship.
Demon comes to know, that Laksh is coming. Then he creates a thunder storm. Laksh’s ship will break and he will fall into ocean.
There Ragini opens her eyes as if something near to her heart is lost. Demon was laughing wickedly. Ragini wanted to talk with that demon, but poor soul, she even don’t know how to speak.
Ragini looks out of window, all the mermaids, fishes, shells have come there to just to see the majestic beauty Ragini.

There, Laksh was fell deep into ocean, but he has fallen in the lap of ocean. The shells have protected him. He can breath due to their effect.(anything can happen in stories right. Hehe)
The shell queen: why did you risk your life for her? only for the spring season..?
Laksh: no. I love her.
Shell queen: I won’t believe you. Prove that you love your princess.
Laksh: what should I do..?
Shell Queen: cut your hand before me.

Laksh does as she said. She amazes.
“I’m ready to die for my Ragini. But, at least, anyone of you save her.”

The shell queen smiles and some star fishes come and cure Laksh.
Shell queen: that demon is very dangerous. Take care..
She says address to Laksh. Laksh goes there.

That demon is getting frustration that Ragini is not talking to him. He shouts on Ragini. But, Ragini won’t scare bcz, she don’t even know that she has to afraid. That demon scratches his head.
Just then Laksh enter, “hey Rakshas. You are finished.” He holds the sword.

Demon just plucks one of his tooth and throws on Laksh. Laksh falls down. “LAskh..” Ragini again shouts. “Ragini..” says Laksh lovingly and stands.
Ragini: laksh…
Laksh: ragini…
Ragini: laksh..
Laksh: Ragini…

Demon closes his eyes in frustration, “tell what will you talk next..! what..? Laksh.. Ragini.. Laksh.. ragini.. are you guys doing bhajan..??”

Laksh comes near Ragini and holds her hands, “the love birds have only their lover’s name to do bhajan..” he says looking into her eyes. Ragini with shining eyes and lots of love says, “laksh..!”
(aww… my heart is melting as dairy milk chocolate. Laksh is only her language)

Now, the demon comes and pushes Laksh in anger. Laksh falls down and his head hits to a glass vase. Blood oozes from his head and he becomes unconscious again.

Ragini shocks looking at Laksh like that. she gets tears in eyes. A tear.. the first tear… which is shining as a pearl drops out from her eye.


It is said that bhu maata(mother earth) gets angry when her innocent kids shed tears. (we all are kids of mother earth)

Mother earth gets angry, the oceans start raising with her anger. The volcanoes start erupting. The tornadoes, cyclones start coming on earth. And, the earth is about to crack… the demon scares looking at all the changes. He is going to die if he won’t stop Ragini crying.

The demon kneel downs before Ragini to stop tears. But, Ragini was silently crying murmuring ‘Laksh’ looking at him. Then demon rushes to Laksh and wakes him. He gives medicine to his wound. Laksh wakes. Ragini smiles. Ragini runs and hugs Laksh happily. He hugs her back.

Looking at her smiles, the mother earth becomes calm… and everything becomes normal. All take breath.

Demon was standing on knees before Raglak, with joined hands.
Laksh: why do you always try to kidnap her?
Demon: bcz, I’m alone. I want a friend..!!!
Laksh: then come with us to kingdom and do good things. All will becomes your friends.

The demon smiles. The demon holds Ragini and LAKsh in his hands and goes back to the kingdom.

The spring returns, the flowers bloom and fairies dance.
On that special day.. Raglak are married….
Everything is sound and perfect….

Huff..!! story finished.

And, a little romance… Ragini was leaning to Laksh and Laksh was hugging her from back. Both are sitting under a flower tree. Flowers are falling on them.
“Laksh..” Ragini speaks her only language when she feels loved on him.
Laksh smiles and kisses on her cheek making her blush more… If the beauty queen is in love and blushes.. what happens to nature… the whole nature is filled with nectar of honey and the winds are spreading the fragrance on sandal.. it’s the lovely spring of their love..

The end………..

Author’s note:
Someone said to an author(in our tu, long back) “this is a story of movie try on your own…!!! Your story resembling that story, this part is resembling that part…. Etc.. etc..!!”
For the kind information, we are original writers here and we are far best than those who copy paste others work and show as their own works and give build up as great writers.
We means(the real authors) type something with our tips of fingers and use our own brain. And guys, stop supporting the fake authors and plz support the real ones. (I know, it’s difficult to find out who’s who)
Those dummy one’s copy from IF, fanfictions websites, wattpad to here and from here anywhere they want. They just change the pairs, some names and think themselves as smart. This really don’t make them great writers.
I was upset because, even my two works are copied like this. it really hurts, when someone steals our works and yaa… copying others works won’t make that dummy author the original one.

Sorry for the long speech here. And… guys, are you scared looking at the married life quiz yesterday, bcz.. v. less participated. No problem. I promise I won’t do such stupid experiments again.

And other important note, I may not update the stories till this month ending, I have an important competitive exam for my career. (I can’t stay as Raguvaran B.tech always know.. hehe)
So miss you guys… bye…
If, there is possibility, I will come.
Don’t forget to say about this part..!

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    hey baby don’t worry…… a fairy tale is always around same pitch like happily ever after aur copy cats ki toh TU main kami nahi hain so unhe baki sab bhi copy cats hi lagte hain….. we should not stop our experiments for such stupid dumbheads……

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    this is my fairy tale with you……
    coming to the chappy awesome, love laksh care, love and concern towards her. and her only language is laksh. loved it.
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