Fairy Tale Love! -Prologue

Note-: Before starting I’d like to clear, IT’S SWASAN , PURELY SWASAN! So kindly don’t develop doubts and expectations for any other couple.

Sanskar slowly sneaked into the flat in tip toes. Trying not to make any sound.
Quickly his removed his T-Shirt and stood beneath the shower.

Shower was gonna make sound! He knew it but there was nothing he could do to help it. Luckily he was successfully able to bath without waking anyone. A moment later, he dried his hair and wrapped a towel around his waist, he quickly unlocked the door and stepped out, intending to return to his room. Instead, he ran straight into her!

Ragini. He had not seen her for 3 weeks. She had cat eyes and lips so thin they sometimes disappeared completely when she laughed. She was wearing a man’s shirt-his shirt-reaching her mid thigh. She looked like she had just woken up.

‘Sanskar?’ she whispered.
‘Yes, it’s me. Don’t look so shocked. I live here too, remember, apart from your other boyfriend?’ he muttered.
‘Why are you being so mean? I thought we were over this—‘ Ragini began, but Sanskar cut her off.
‘Stop it Ragini; I am not in the mood.’

‘Mood for what? I am not doing anything. You’re the one being mean.’
‘Fine, I am going to my room lets both forget we bumped into each other.’ Sanskar said.
‘But I don’t want to forget. I want to know how you are doing.’
‘Never been happier. Can I go now?’
‘You do not look too happy!,’ She said softly.
‘Not born to please you, woman.’
‘What is wrong with you—?’ Her eyes looked like those of a hurt puppy.

‘Seriously?’, Sanskar hissed and the words were out of his mouth before he knew it. ‘Six years,Ragini. Six years we were together. I gave you everything I had and more. What did you do to me? Cheated on me with my best friend?’
‘I’ve said I’m sorry—‘
‘And that makes it okay? That makes it ok for you to cheat on me not once..not twice..but for months?’

‘What was I supposed to do….? I fell in love….’ Ragini started sobbed, like always. It was funny how genuinely hurt she looked from her words.

Ragini continued. ‘ Don’t be so rude to me Sanskar! I never meant to heart you, I really loved yo—‘

That was the last straw, Sanskar curled his fist and roared. ‘DON’T YOU DARE TO SAY THAT YOU LOVED ME! I’ve heard enough lies from you in a lifetime. I do not need more!’

‘What the hell is going on here?’ Laksh asked walking in, clearly woken up by the commotion.

On seeing Laksh’s baffled expression Sanskar said,’ Oh relax! Its not like you walked in on your girlfriend making out with your friend roomie!’

And with that Sanskar jerked open his bedroom door, walked in and slammed it shut.
Precap- Swasan !!! <3 <3 <3

Who else feels bad for Sanskar? Guess how will Swara mend his heart? Well, wait to know and surely comment if you want to know what happens next.
Thnx ;p

*From my creation box.*

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  12. its nyc but confused being cheated by firend ex-gf still living with them

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    For 6yrs dey were 2gthr ????
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    Exctd for swasan

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      Me too cant bear rag___________san✋✋✋

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