Happy Sunday frnds….so here is a one shot ….this is for my dear Sathya…..please read and let me know hw was it


Sun was up shining brightly…..smiling and waking every one up….but someone was still not ready…and there other were dragging her out…. That’s Sathya….she is happily living her dream with closed eyes and her two flatmates manha and Dipika are trying to wake her up….but their attempts were brutally failed by Sathya….who had wrapped herself I the blanket in such a way that her friends hands were not able to reach her body…. Dipika; ‘’Satz stop dreaming about Arjun proposing you….get up’’

Manha; ‘’Satz up in a minute….or I will drench you’’

Sathya mumbled under the blanket; ‘’water is a scarce natural resource and should not be wasted’’

Dipika shook her head; ‘’God Satz get up or I will lock your cupboard…and you will have nothing to wear’’

Sathya; ‘’That sounds like freedom….please take the keys with you….I will have the whole flat for myself for next 10 hrs’’

Both the girls gave up….but mahna smiled at the sudden idea….she went close to Sathya’s ear and whispered; ‘’Sweet heart ….if we don’t reach office on time….you might miss the opportunity to see your crush….Arjun’’

Suddenly the blanket flew as if pulled by an unknown gravitational force….and our darling Sathya was up….she was so active as if she haven’t slept at all….she looked at her two roommates and best friends were gaping at her…Sathya looked at them; ‘’You guys are always late….now stop looking at me…or you guys will cast an evil eye on me’’

Sathya jumped from her bed and ran towards the washroom to get ready ….Manha and Dipu were still trying to process things in their heads….Dipu got up and walked out Manha called after her; ‘’Dipu if you are going to make tea….one for me too…I guess I am all tired waking her up’’

Sathya Dipika and Manha were friends colleagues and flatmates…they worked for a leading entertainment channel… Manha was a assistant director….Dipika was an editing head and Sathya was creative director and sometimes a script writer…..which she did only as a hobby…. Her bosses trusted her with scripts…it was Sathya who would pass the script before channel took the decision of going ahead with the show…..

Sathya kept on checking her calendar if there was a meeting request…and then called Manha on the intercom…Manha answered; ‘’Manha this side’’

Sathya; ‘’You said Arjun will be coming to our channel…..what time is he coming’’

Manha pressed her lips; ‘’That was a lie just to wake you up’’

Sathya; ‘’Fine….stay hungry dinner for you tonight’’ Sathya angrily packed her stuff and walked out of her cabin….at the exit she banged her head….she rubbed her head…mumbling everything is DIpu and Manha’s fault….when she heard a guff manly voice; ‘’Sorry…hope you aren’t hurt’’

Sathya looked up and froze….infront of her was her dream man…her biggest crush…..the television heartthrob…Arjun….girls went gaga over him….Sathya blinked….Arjun cleared his throat and asked ; ‘’Are you fine miss’’

Sathya; ‘’No…actually I don’t know’’ She heard a giggle behind her and looked back…her two naughty friends were smiling mischievously at her Sathya gave them a death glare…and got up…meanwhile Manha walked ahead; ‘’Hi Arjun…..welcome…the production team is waiting the board room…please cum’’ Manha winked at Sathya…..and took

Arjun to the board room… Arjun looked back once and smiled… ‘’Have a good day Miss’’

Sathya just nodded her head….she just left for home…unlocked the door ran to the washroom….She splashed water on her face….and looked at the mirror……she wanted to kill her 2 friends…they knew she would get nervous coming face to face with him…Sathya smirked; ‘’You 2 are dead ‘’

At the office

Channel head passed on the contract to Arjun; ‘’till you are working for our show you are not supposed to sign any show reality or fiction with our competitive channels ‘’

Arjun; ‘’Yes I know….since we are shooting from tomorrow…..I hope there are no last minute changes like last time…..I can’t go about re-rehearsing my dialogues again and again…I should get the final sheet by tonight’’

Deepika raised an eyebrow at his starry demands….she spoke with a smile; ‘’We are already done with that…the file alos has the details of tomorrow’s shooting plan…and everything…we will be working with the production house aout the same in future….and every alternate date our creative head Sathya will hand you and other actors the final scripts for next 2 days’’

Arjun looked up; ‘’who is she…. &where is she’’

Manha; ‘’The girl you bumped in….and there is no need for her to be here…as she is done with her work’’

Arjun; ‘’Are you sure the work is done….you know what I mean…she doesn’t look like one of the best….I mean too young to be a head’’

Channel head interrupted looking at frowning girls; ‘’She is the best….there is none like her and she is professional…..I hope we are done for today see you guys tomorrow’’

The girls left giving a plastic smile and left…Arjun understood their annoyance he turned to the channel head and asked; ‘’why were they so furious’’

He smiled; ‘’No one speaks a word against any one them 2 the other two…not even the president of the country….they will fire him too’’ Arjun chuckled and left

The Girls flat

Manha and Dipu kept knocking…; ‘’Please Satz open up we are tired….plus we fought your lover boy for you’’

Sathya quickly answered as now she was double curious….they told her everything and Sathya decided ….she will act stern whenever she will be infront of him…Sathya could tolerate anything but nothing against her sincerity…dedication and hard work…

Next day

As the shoot started Arjun’s tantrums were keeping everyone busy and giving production team and channel people headache …..half of the girls were drooling over him….Sathya handed him the details…and briefed him….and walked out….Arjun couldn’t believe the girl who forgot to breathe infront of him was so detached ….he kept watching her….as she directing and discussing with the production house….she quickly finished her work….and left

It was late….and the cab Sathya booked had yet not reached…..she was looking for a auto or cab when a SUV stopped by her….Arjun got down; ‘’Let me drop you home its late’’

Sathya; ‘’Thanks but I have booked the cab… will be here any time’’

Arjun; ‘’Going by cab is also not safe…..’’

Sathya; ‘’and its safe with you????’’

Arjun; ‘’You don’t have a reason to distrust me….’’

Sathya; ‘’I don’t have a reason… trust you….’’

Arjun; ‘’Fair point….but guess…its intelligent to go with someone you know…than with a stranger’’ Arjun was still talking whwn a bike came and stopped by them…the guy pulled
his helmet off; ‘’Sorry Satz….come dear….I will drop you….Hi Arjun Sir….’’

Arjun just nodded…Sathya walked to her friends bike and looked at Arjun; ‘’Its good to accompany a known than a stranger….you were right….and by the way my friend the assistant director of your show…Akhil’’….Arjun smiled at her royal snub…..and waved her

This kept happening for few weeks….and Arjun would notice her… was only Sathya who never payed any attention to him….that was new for him….finally he decided to break the ice….Sathya was busy with the script…..reading the script and highlighting things which should be changed….Arjun watched her…..she was dressed in blue jeans with a smart white shirt….hair tied in an bun….all engrossed in her work…..Arjun came stood by her he coughed … reaction….finally he spoke; ‘’It good to take breaks’’

Sathya did not look up; ‘’ I get my salary to do my work… I love take off time with my buddies…’’

Arjun; ‘’Try making new friends’’

Sathya looked up; ‘’ yes but that depends on my choice….’’

Arjun; ‘’Are you allergic to me’’

Sathya; ‘’No I am allergic to snobbish and rude men….who judge people before knowing them’’

Arjun; ‘’Sorry….but its my duty…to make sure the script and role I am getting is best’’

Sathya; ‘’Then you should have commented after reading the script….’’

Arjun; ‘’I am sorry…. can we be friends’’

Sathya; ‘’No…but one thing I want to tell you…you are a star because of people behind the camera….and the one sitting infront of the television…..respect them’’

Sathya walked off leaving a smiling and speechless Arjun behind; ‘’Wow….I think I like her’’

Arjun tried his level best to be friends with her…but she ignored him completely….The more she ignored the more it intriguied his interest….. Finally their hard work bore fruit…the show celebrated its 500 episodes and was rated at the top… was a grand celebration…..the 3 girls were dressed to kill…..Sathya dawned herself in floor length anarkali which had net sleeves and neck….. and tied her in a beautiful bun….Manha opted for a gown and Dipu went ahead with a saree with a backless blouse…. The party was in full swing…..and the cast was busy cutting the cake….Sathya was looking at her watch…..she wanted to rest….as working back to back had tired her bad…..the music started and DJ asked everybody to join the dance floor…..Sathya rubbed her ear and walked out to get some silence…. But silence was nowhere close….Arjun followed her; ‘’Satz can you please forgive me’’

Sathya; ‘’I am not angry…..then why forgiveness’’

Arjun; ‘’then why are you rude…..’’

Sathya; ‘’Rude… many from my team keep hanging in your neck or are your friends’’

Arjun; ‘’I care hell about them…..its about you….I like you’’

Sathya; ‘’ No you are just worried that a simpleton like me is ignoring you….once I say yes….you will forget all’’

Arjun; ‘’May be… but you know why I like you …..because you are not one of those girls….who pretend to be dumb ….or someone who keep giving impression to a guy that she needs him to be strong….you just love to be yourself…..’’

Sathya; ‘’Impressive….but I am little picky when it comes to my friends….you don’t fit the bill’’ She just walked off

Arjun pulled her back to him….and wrapped an arm around her waist….and held her hand with other…..; ‘’fine then date me’’

Sathya blinked; ‘’Are you crazy….you are Arjun…..THE ARJUN….guess you have hit your head some where’’

Arjun; ‘’No I lost my heart…to the girl….who bumped into me and blinked….she made me feel like god that moment…and for next 5 months she is making me feel like trash…..yaar…leave it….say yes….how about a trial… if you don’t like me ….I will back out…but please….don’t ignore yaar…..I have started spending…..2 hrs extra infront of mirror to know….what makes you ignore me so much….’’

Sathya looked at his curled lip and sad face and smiled; ‘’well to be frank….I had a big crush on you….but the attitude you showed that day and your comment about my work made me realise….that looks are deceptive’’

Arjun lifted her chin up; ‘’we are advised to throw some attitude as actors….sorry’’

Sathya; ‘’You should its required but not to everyone… are what you are because of the people…if they love you return it’’

Arjun smirked; ‘’Same pinch…return my love then’’ Sathya was about to speak…when he went on his knees…’’be mine’’ Sathya blinked and froze….Arjun shook her..’’is it a yes’’

Sathya; ‘’Is it true….are you real…..’’

Arjun pecked her cheek….and smiled….and our heroine froze….he smiled and hugged her…..holding her close….after a minute Sathya responded the hug all shy hiding her face in his chest….what painted faces couldn’t a simple honest and brave heart did….Mahna drank whole bottle after knowing that Arjun proposed and Dipika decided to quit her dieting…and celebrated with a cake…

So Our Cinderella got her Prince….and who am I well I am the fairy who wrote this story

Please girls don’t kill me after reading this…..Sathya…..your views please….. I am biting my nails

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  1. Wonderful thank you honey I really don’t know how to comment bt still I write for you hny

    1. Gauri

      Thanks a ton Aaliya 🙂 loads of love

  2. Aadia

    Wow di..that was so cute..i think Sathya akka will be on cloud9 now..really awesome

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Aadia 🙂 love u 🙂

  3. Jessie

    Gauri….This is brilliant..what a Sunday morning Treat!!! Am jumping n squealing.. deepz n manha’s sathya bumps on him..Aha…,* blush* Arjun’s attitude.. sathya’s stern reply.. and he feels d pull..wah!wah1! I liked where satz give back 2 back..! Arjun went on kneeeezz n pecked her..OMG!!!sathya wud be cloud 11or 12th.. its gonna be hard 4 her 2 stop blushing..
    D dialogue..she made him 2 feel like God n next 6 months felt like trash.. truly love struck one.. muaahh.. and Arjun spends extra hr wondering why she ignores him…haaye.!! I loved Sathya’s dialogues stating d reality!!! When its abt her she won’t spare even her heartthrob!! Samaj gayi.. hone wale jijaji shld read this one first 2 get 2 know abt her.. Gauri.. U are a Adorable Friend!! Thanks..n I just loved.. TC n loads of so happy…

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Jessie 🙂 u know formula no. 101 to make a guy fall for u ignore him 😛 🙂 thanks for commenting loads of love

  4. Dipika

    Gauriiiiiii my sweet heart where is ur cheek babe…i want to give u a trail of pecks for this wonderful surprise at morning n making it beautiful…i just git surprised when i read my name in start n reaf twice to confirm… I think this is the best gift ever satz got n i m sooo happy n blushing tht u make me part of it..satzz manhu n sound soooo happy…i want u too on it yarrr….i just bowing my head in frint of u …i loved tge concept very much..u depicted satz nature very well…. I can imagine her holding her breath while reading proposing part…omg..she is blushing… Haha…n i wearing backless blouse n blavk….i was imagining the thing..n yess today i will forget my deit n eat sweet in happiness for this lovely morning gift..Thank you soooo much spreading ur magical wond n making me spark in illuminating light…Love you loads n loads n loads…tighest hug n millions kissess….u can wipe ur cheek now..haha…tc..muhhaa

    1. Gauri

      Thanks DIpu 🙂 I was so scared if it dint come out good…but now Iam smiling wide 🙂 thanks again for your beautiful words 🙂 love you big HUG

  5. Sathya

    Gauri…. Mein tho margaya….. What a beautiful morning gift for me… This is the best gift I ever got from anyone…. I am all smiling widely from the start n til the end…. Love u soooooo muchhhh gauri ???????? you made my dream come true in ur words. Am n arjun ‘s clutch so close…. Oh God I cant breathe now…. M getting goosebumps…. Lol

    Dipu n manha my lovely ladies…. Made all attempts to wake me up but finally arjun mantra worked….. Lol… Now I really think to stay with them…. Gauri.. U made so many things in a beautiful way which I want to happen in real…. I really wanna hug u tightly… U r my fairy girl to make my with true… I can’t pick one scene n said… Each n every scene is the best…. I loved each scenes being with dipu n manha… U made arjun run behind me n I ignored him… Oh no…. Everything is going in in front of me…. I m on Sky now… I don’t wanna come back lol…. Gauri… U made me mad dear…. Ha ha ha boss got panicked seeing they frowning toward arjun… Ultimate…..


    1. Gauri

      🙂 Phew now I can Breathe 🙂 finally papu pass ho gaya Big hug for you and thanks a ton Sathya 🙂 loads of love to you stay blessed and keep smiling 😀

  6. S.v

    Not fair di not at all fair i was waiting to ask a birthday gift from you as a os but u gifted to sathya but ya my bday is more than 15 days to come. Will u gift your crazy sis a os ?? But a lovely os awww my arjun has got her arjun lol sathay enjoy baby enjoy an outstanding update di seriously an outstanding update sathaya thank you so much and i was eating after i came to know about the update i gulped it everything in one shot and my mom looked at me like it was a Guinness record as i used to keep my plate in my hand for more than half an hour surely its gonna rain here.

    DIdi again i missed to be first but thats alright i m so happy that i was read a beautiful os . Arjun was made all mad by sathya awww and dheeps and manha so furious when they were speaking about sathya, Mr. Arjun(not u sathya) when u speak something about my sathya sry mister u have to face the whole of mmz team and i will be in the first row as she is my best friend. my arjun he he he possessive to the peak love you didi love you so much love your words and also u love you soooooo much and waiting for mmz di pls say me in advance so that i will come first. Love you so much. MUhhhaaaaa and bear my hugs and haa didi jiju will be soo lucky mr jiju take care of our precious love you di

    1. Gauri

      SV baby tell me what OS you want…..I will write and post on ur bday….MMZ on wed for sure 🙂 🙂
      Aur yeh Jiju kahan se aagaya…. 😛 Thanks a ton for your amazing comment dear 🙂 means worls to me stay blessed 🙂 keep smiling 🙂

      1. S.v

        Well I donno what I want I want is only one thing credit gauri thats all . wed super for my mmz . Honevale jiju didi. He should pass all the test which we guys are keeping coz he is going to take the hands of our didi my didi so only said that he is a luckiest person. Love u soo much didi.

      2. Gauri

        I am blushing

  7. Shree

    What am I reading?! Are you kidding me? I swear I’ll track you down in CV Raman Nagar and hug you tight.. you’re biting your nails?! Are you kidding me?! I’m going to tell someone special to read this right and I’m passing the link right now… Sathya ka got her dream come true.. she’s on cloud nine … lol Manha and Dipika di!!

    I was like laughing throughout and still am.. hahahahahahahaha… great friends.. waking her up.. bumping.. blinking.. haha.. cold shoulder… he approaching.. are you kidding? The Arjun approaching! Hehe.. “I think I like her”, “I like you”, “I lost my heart”, two hours in front of the mirror to see what made her ignore him.. lolol.. cheek peck, going on knees, hug .. wonderful.. Manha with a bottle.. Dipika di with cake cutting hwr diet.. lol.. it was cute..

    Now all I need to do is peck the beautiful fairy’s cheek who wrote this beautiful tale..

    Now stop biting your nails.. else I’ll hit your knuckles.. ik I’m too young to so it.. still I will..

    Love you loads ??

    1. Gauri

      Thanks a ton shree 🙂 love u waiting for u to track me down

  8. Omg….sats sisssy u told me to read…but abha really yaar what u r made of…and sissy ur role …m very much impressed n jumping…awwww my heroine stopped dieting…manha gulped whole bottle…lol…sissy u rocked every where here…awesome…

    1. Gauri

      thanks Rossy 🙂

  9. fantasticva!!!

    1. Gauri

      thanks ritu 🙂

  10. Astra

    Nice and cute…

    1. Gauri

      thanks astra 🙂

  11. Starz

    This is amazing di…. Sathya. Dipika and manga are lucky to get you as a friend and I am lucky to read ur masterpiece….today was a gloomy day but you really brought a smile on my face….I wish that let God give you all the happiness…. stay blessed and love you so much…..after reading this my respect for you increased triple and more….????

    1. Gauri

      Thanks a ton Starz 🙂 love u

  12. Starz


  13. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii muaaaaahhhhhh. …it’s really reallly realllyyy veryyyyyyy superbbbb. ….thx jesss a tons for sending me the link…otherwise I’ll miss it in the ocean of ffs……Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my sweeeeeetheart darling abhaaa. ..u r truely a fairy who has a very precious n diamond heart….whose shine will never lose its glow till eternity. ….wowwww….I just loved the friendship bond between satz, manha, n dips…lol…waking satz in morning with lots of threats n she ignoring with her smartness but trapped in her crushes threat by manha’s trick….lol…..arjun n satz first meet was tooo good…..she blinked n froze…made him feel like God…wowwww what a lovely words…then his attitude n manha n dips furious words…..well nobody can dare to talk rubbish about their lovely friend’s sincerity about work. …yes n then satz attitude to arjun made feel like trash…lol…made him mad for her….n he chased her like love struck puppy….the party was wonderfuln dresses of girls to kill….wow…. Arjun’s words…so awesoooooome….he standing in front of mirror everyday for 2 hours asking why she ignores him……n satz very true to reality.. told it’s not looks but your attitude who doubt on her capabilities without even knowing her……the proposal was really dreamy…arjun ….The Arjun proposed Satz.. on his knee, pecked her cheek, hug her n apologized for his behavior. …Awwwwwwwww….was mind blowing. ..Satzzzz must be floating in Sky somewhere…i want to catch her n peck her cheek too, to congrats her….gauriiiiiiiiiiiii…where do u get these awesoooooome ideas. …it’s really stupendous n splendid…..I just keep wondering if I could meet u n hug u tight n share very precious time with u n tell you how much I love you…n admire you….I’m blessed to have friend like you….n all of the friends here, I feel very luckyyy to have u all by my side….we all friends are strength of each other….Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my lovely Fairy…..I wanna give u infinite kisses on cheek to thank you for being with us……..I loved this os from the bottom of my heart. ..a dream come true n a fairy tale…which every girl want to have in her life. …but very few luckyyy ones get it……I wish my all lovelyyyyyy friends get their dream man n live very happy life…Forever….n you gauri my sweeeeeetheart I wish u find your neil sooon 😉 ……love u loads my dear…muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug….take care n keep smiling n writing alwaysssss. . 😉 ♡♡♡ 🙂

    1. Gauri

      Oh Roma darling you did make my day 🙂 yes every girls dreams of a fairy tale…but it comes true only for few… Me Neil …..OMG now I m blushing…seems like everybody is hell bend on getting me hitched…LOL thanks a ton darling love you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. good one gauri … 😀

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Vini

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