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Hi guys, zayra here , writer of ‘it’s RevengE on my mind’.. Before starting let me say u that it’s totally a different ff, its lyk a fairytale. So hope u guys lyk it, it’s upon magic, fairies and mermaids, prince, Princess, King and Queen and a MAGIC SCHOOL.

Let’s begin :

Fairytopia Kingdom :

King Shekhar lewinton : he’s King of fairytopia. A kind, humble man, always thinks good for his kingdom.

Queen janki lewinton : Queen of fairytopia, loves and cares for her kingdom. Loves her son and wants him to be perfect at magic so that,he could become king and defend people of Kingdom.

Prince sahil lewinton : loves his parents a lot and obeys to them always, but, is a flirt and a little spoiled.

They all r fairies

Fairy Sumi eivi : a kind and humble lady. A normal person of Kingdom. Organiser of every event & party thrown by King &Queen. Mother of swaragini.

Fairy ragini eivi : a mature and obedient girl, loves her mom and sister a lot. Good at magic.

Swara eivi : she was cursed by a witch in childhood. so she’s neither a fairy nor a mermaid. She’s silent girl. Loves music.

Fairy mahi sun : only fairy who is compatible to any kind of witch. She’s beautiful and kind hearted, loves swaragini a lot. ( in my ff i’m taking mahi as PRATYUSHA BANERJEE, she was and is my favourite actress, may god bless her soul in peace, i love her a lot as a fan, so i thought give her a special role in my ff)

Windsie Kingdom :

Mermaid kavita parre : modern and attractive looks. Frnd of swaragini. A big flirt. Assistant of queen ans ( anapurna )

King Merman durga William : loves his kingdom, Frnd of shekhar, ( in this world mermaid can take human form to walk on land but cannot take a fairy form ). Loves his sons a lot.

Queen mermaid anapurna William : kind, humble lady, loves her Kingdom and sons a lot, Frnd of janki as well as of sumi.

Prince merman sanky William : Frnd of sahil. Mature and cool. Loves small kids a lot so always v can see him in underwater park.

Prince merman lucky William : flirt, mature, kind and humble and obedient guy. Helps old people everytym.

Professor rajat david : magic Professor in the school of ‘MAGIX’. He’s pro at magic and mostly in portions.

Teacher kavya david : Teacher in the school of ‘MAGIX’. She teaches and takes special care for weak students.

‘MAGIX’ : is a school where swaragkavs and sanlaksah study. Kids, teens and even old people can study there as they only teach magic.

Witch Urvashi mendetor : an evil minded witch, who’s spells r very powerful. And the only witch for whom both the Kingdoms r afraid of. She’s the only one who cursed swara.

Witch uttara mendetor : hate her mother, she’s a good Witch. But even if she hates her mother, her mother loves her.

So guys this,story depends on swara, how She’s just a human. rajat and kavya help her in studying magic. Ragz takes care of her everytime. How they brake spell of urvashi. And what she becomes fairy or mermaid?? Well it’ll be shown in episodes only. And remember this world,is just of nature, no buildings, no offices or even cement houses. They live in flowers, bushes or a big tree etc.
And yeah,

PAIRS R : SWALAK & RAGSAN because guys i’m already writing ff of swasan and raglak so, in this it’ll be SWALAK & RAGSAN.

So hope u guys lyk it and don’t forget to drop ur precious comments below

NOTICE : hi guys ‘, hopu liked the intro ?, and i wanted to say that, i’ll be uploading my other ff (it’s revenge on my mind )IROMM on Saturday and Sunday only and this ff if possible daily, so drop ur suggestion below.

Gud byeee ??????

Credit to: Zayra

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  1. awesomaw

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  2. loved it zayra. i think it would be better if you make it like swara has do do something to break the spell like falling in true love

  3. Divyanshri

    unique interesting I ll surely read…..

    1. Thanks to all

  4. Thnkz for ragsan

    1. It’s ok

  5. Alisha

    Zayra, I must say the concept is new, plus it’s awesome. Mermaids and Fairies, seems liked I have been teleported to my childhood. Please do continue. I love to read such stories, still a fairytale addict. Lol! Keep writing dear, have a nice day. ?❤️

    1. Oh that’s sweet, i’ll make sure it comes out best. Thanks

  6. Waitg for next part

    1. I’ll update it soon

  7. It is like I’m reading winx witch and even little mermaid cool buddy

    1. Well., it’s different in Indian form?

    1. Thanks for reading this story also ‘S’?

    2. Thanks for reading this story also ‘S’☺

  8. Omg omg omg itsss super coooll….loved it zayra …wooowwwww rags is fairy 🙂 …wtng for d episodes plz update soon…?….n u remind me of barbie fairytopia …. 🙂

    1. Thanks, actually i wasn’t getting any name so thought of fairytopia only. ?.

  9. Awesome awesome dear plz upload it daily interesting and new concept loved it I hope sanskar must break the curse for swara

    1. Thanks, but it’s swalak and ragsan ff

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    new concept…..really loved it.

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