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A Fairy Tale Of A Fairy

Hey guyzzzzzzz this is my first time on fan fiction and thanks to all who are reading this so…… lets go
Mikhail:20 yrs hot, handsome and dances likes an angel. Arrogant , egoistic but is sweet in heart just keeps an attitude coz he is popular. Mom and dad stays with their husband and wife ie., divorced. Has 3 frnds dia, harry, nehtra
Niharika:18 yrs cute, beautiful and sweet.mom n dad settled in London. Single child and dances amazingly but a bit shy so… she stays with her brother amar and her best frnd sonam also known as baby.
All stay in Goa
Morning 5:00am a girl is shown jogging in the beach the sun just started rising……
Sametime a big mansion is shown

A guy is breaking things and shouting . a man hurriedly comes there the guy is shown as Mikhail
Mikhail : nobody loves me no one
Man : mike baba why are you saying that everyone loves you very much
Mike : no kaka NO ONE LOVES ME and i don’t love them either
Man : mike baba but………
Mike : kaka please go away i don’t wanna hurt you
Man : mike baba……………..
Mike: GO AWAY FROM HERE!!!!!!!!
Mikhail cries and breaks the mirror shouting i hate you
Scene shifts the girl is shown to enter her house
Sonam and Amar surprises her
The girl is shown as baby

They all laugh and joke . just then niharika aka baby’s parents calls her she picks up the phone and starts speaking to them
Mom : baby how r u , how is amar n sonam, what about your studies and others, etc…….
Baby : mom amar sonam and me we all r fine , my studies are going well and exams are due next month.
Dad : baby take care of yourself and of ur stupid brother.we got 2 rush love u my fairy bye
Baby : bye dad bye mom love u both

Precap : Mikhail is shown beating up a guy and baby is watching it.

Credit to: crazy4u

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