Fairy tale – epi 1 – face off


Hi guys, thanks for all the comments and now lets start wid epi 2 : ???

Sanky and lucky decided to go and meet sahil.they come out of the water and transform their tail into legs and r walking towards the fairytopia.

Sahil leaves the castle wid guards and is in one of the ground of Kingdom when he sees swaragkavs chatting wid eachother and at the sametime sanlak arrived,

Sahil: hey, bro, how r u??
Sanlak : v r fyn…. They notice him staring at swaragkavs and warn him not to create any drama.
Sahil : come on, it’s gonna be fun.

He walks towards swaragkavs and
Sahil: ladies and gentlemen, here is our fellow girls, and this one ( pointing at swara) she has voice but is a great dumb. So lets have a face off wid her.

Swara : i’m not interested
Sahil: y getting scared.?? ( he doesn’t know that swara is pro at music)
Ragz : swara u participate, (gives her guitar )
Swara : what if i win? (attitude )
Sahil: u can use any spell on me, and if i win u have to be my maid for 2 days.
Face off starts
On joghania song
Male voice is sung by sahil and female voice is sung by swara, every one is attracted towards her mesmerising voice. She is playing guitar plus singing song but is doing great, sahil is just singing but isn’t compatible to swara.sahil then takes guitar from her as now it was his turn and plays very harshly cause of which strings broke.
Face off ends and swara won
Swara uses a magic spell which gives Sahil a joker look wid makeup
Swara: yesterday nyt only i learnt it by trying it on ragz but it suits more on u.
The trio laughs
Sanlaksah leaves from there angrily
Sanky : i told u not to do, but no u have ur own ego.
Sahil : who knew that she’s pro at music.
Lucky : leave it yaar

While on other side, swaragkavs r happy on their success. And leaves from the ground.

At palace
Janki : u have ur own ego, that’s y u loosed.
Sahil : but mom…
Janki : go and change ur dress and remove that makeup
Sanky : aunty, it’s not removing
Janki uses a strong spell which removes it permanently
Janki: i told u Whether swara is a human or fairy she has will power, confidence but she doesn’t show it. Don’t try magic spells wid her next tym, it’s an order.. And leaves
Here lucky is busy in thoughts of swara, her mesmerising voice is still coming in his ears.
Sanky : oye, lucky, where r u lost??
Lucky : no, no where.

They sit and have a chat.

In swarag house, they say everything to sumi, she laughs and said my swara is best. She makes her favourite gulab jamun
Just then a jingling sound and a lyt is blinking from Crystal ball ‘ oh someone is calling’ says sumi going towards the Crystal ball. She speaks to someone and comes to the hall.
Ragz : who was it ma?
Sumi : it was queen
Kavs : is she angry on us??
Sumi : no beta, she’s happy, u know v r organising a party in the great ground ( every royal party is done in great ground )
So she wanted swara to sing a song in the party. ( happily )
Swara : no maa, i can’t.
Sumi : dear u have to it’s an order from queen.
Swara: ok if u say so.
Sumi: and yeah this party means a lot to us, It’s very important for all fairies. King is going to make an announcement. So all the Kingdom and even windsie Kingdom is going to come. So be careful.
They all r happy.

At palace
Shekhar : i’m very afraid, if something happens tomorrow then?
Janki : think positive, my dear hubby, everything will be just fyn.
Shekhar : hope so

At mahi’s house
Mahi : i sense something wrong, something is going to happen tomorrow, i’ve to be prepared.

Screen freezes

Precap: attack at the party

Hi guys, i know too short but what can i do it’s fairytale and i can’t strech the story, short and fantastic is the concept of the story. ?
So hope u guys lyked it

And i’m going to give a question that u can answer without searching it anywhere…. Honestly

It’s a kinda riddle

Triplets ( neha, sawmiya and pooja ) borned in august but their birthday is in December. How come??!!!

Bye ?≧▽≦?

Credit to: Zayra

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  1. Sry, guys, i did mistake it’s epi 2 not epi 1

  2. The epi ws really sweetu nd yeah ans to question august must be name of place where trio born (sry for poor english)

  3. awesome

  4. Akshata

    awesome…. maybe august is a city or town?

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