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Hi guys thanks a lot for liking the intro, thanks a lot. And don’t feel disappointed when i don’t reply, even if i don’t reply ur comments means a lot to me.?, well let’s begin wid epi1: hurray
In fairytopia
It’s nyt,
A small house looks lyk a bud wid some windows and a balcony and ofcourse a door ?. As v go in, v see a fairy arranging dinner at table. She’s sumi.
Sumi : ragz come fast and help me.
Ragz : y only me maa, call swara.
Sumi : ragz, u know she’ll not come out.
Ragz : ok ok, i’m coming.
Ragz comes out in her pajamas and hair messed up.
Sumi ( angrily ) : ragz, what r u doing? , already in a sleeping mood. rajat and kavya will come at any minute go and change.

( rajat and kavya, as they r gud in magic, try new spells & portion on swara to break the spell.)

Another screen

A room is shown its beautiful. On bed flower petals r layed as bedsheet, a bee is staying inside a petal box which works lyk lamp, and all such beautiful things. Wait, v can hear a melodious music from balcony as v turn v see a girl sitting in balcony wid a guitar ( imagine Natural guitar ) she’s in a beautiful pink color flower petteled frock , her hair tyd in pony which is waving by cool breeze . Suddenly, she hears sumi calling her that kavraj has arrived, so she answers ‘ coming mom’.
And i’m sure till now u guys have understood it’s swara.

She goes down stairs and meets kavraj, they have dinner and rajat gives a portion he made. Swara drinks it, they all r staring at her and…………. And……….. A…….. And………. As usual nothing happens, all gets disappointed once again.
Kavya : don’t wry swara one day for sure we’ll break her spell. Till then u focus on magic as ur too weak in it and practice as much as u can as ur holidays r going on ( yeah, it’s a boarding school ). Ok??
Swara:ok…… and leaves for room.
Rajat: i don’t get it, mahi knows everything, she’s awesome at spells, then y don’t she help swara.
Sumi (kindly): don’t say lyk that, there must be something cause of what she’s not doing anything.
Kavraj : hmmm
Ragz : don’t think too much, eat rasgulla, i made it, they r very tasty……. Said ragz her mouth filled with rasgullas…. She’s a big foodie.
Sumi and kavraj laugh by seeing her childishness. They all have a chat and after sometime kavraj leaves.

In room, swara is continuesly trying spell of changing a tomato into ruby, but no use. Let me tell u this spell is even done by kids but not by our swara. She gets frustrated and sits on bed. She feels a hand on her shoulder only to find out her ragz standing behind and she’s giving her a confidential look. swara practices all nyt and ragz teaches her all nyt atlast till morning 5 swara learnt 4 spells and both r happy. Swara already knew Flying spell, plant growth spell, talking to plant and animal spell, healing spell and using Crystal ball. And now more 4, yeah!!.

On other hand
A fairy girl is shown in blue sleeveless, backless own and she’s wearing some bracelets. She looks stunning wid her open hair. She’s chanting some spells on a big bowl in which some portion is getting prepared. Suddenly, a girl comes in a colourful dress and ‘MAHI’ what r u doing?, the girl is mahi, she turns and says ‘ kavita u here this early morning?? ‘ asked mahi astonished.. ‘ arre yeah yeah, u know swara has learnt 4 new spells’ says kavs excitedly. ‘that’s good’ said mahi happily. Both have a chat and laugh, later kavs leaves.

At palace ( a coconut tree?)

A women comes in a big room, she’s janki, ‘ sahil dear ur sleeping till now? Plz get up dear, u need to be a good boy come on get up’….. Listening to his mother he gets up from the bed lazily and hugged her mom ‘ mom i love u’ says sahil lazily but with love. ‘ one day will come when u”ll say these words to someone else’ said janki, her eyes full of tears, ‘mom plz don’t cry again’ says sahil concerned. ‘okok now go and get ready, as u r having holidays ur dad wants u to go around the kingdom and help the people who r in need’ says janki cupping his face, ‘ mom i’m having only 2 holidays and i want to enjoy, but it’s ok I’ll do it’ says sahil happily.

Windsie kingdom

A palace is shown ( coral plants ), a man and woman r having breakfast, they r dp and ap
Dp : where r sanlak??
Ap: is it even a question? , obviously one is in playground and other in oldagehouse.
Dp: i’m really proud to have them as my sons ( happily )

In playground
A guy in white shirt is playing wid kids and distributing chocolates, all kids love him, yeah he’s our sanky, sanky plays throw ball wid them for sometime and leaves

In old age house
A guy in black shirt is playing chess wid the a man, later he helps a man to swim to the room and yeah, he’s our lucky.

After sometime they both meet eachother
Sanky : bro, i think to go and meet sahil.
Lucky : i think the same, but u know na, he’ll again tease that swaragkavs and again comes our insult. ( yeah, sanlaksah and swaragkavs r rivals )

Precap : face off

Hi guys this was only introduction of how characters r tomorrow it will rock
So drop ur precious comments below
Till the other ff, gud bye???

Credit to: Zayra

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  1. Arshi

    Really awesome waiting desperately…

    1. Thanks, i’ll update as soon as possible ?

  2. Jiya_Ani

    Muaaah zyra ..amazing.. Well its ur ff on which I am commenting of Swaragini for the first time..ever!..Congo..after all I don’t read all Swaragini ffs and comment to main karti hi nahi ..(sorry??..emotions main beh gyi thi)..well I am not new to TU..I am an ff writer.. But on this page for Swaragini …U forced me to comment sweetheart… Loved it..
    Post next part soon..
    Waiting waiting… Coz I love Fairies ..??

    1. Hi lovely , thanks for commenting on my ff, i’m really happy for getting such an awesome response from every one, and i’m sure, i’ll force u to comment on my every epi by making it fairiastic. ?

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  5. Mind blowng…..u described everythng sooooooo beautifully…..hattsss offf to u dear….wtng for face off 🙂

    1. Thanks, i’ll update next epi as soon as possible ?

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  7. Alisha

    Hey Zayra, I know I am late. Apologies! BTW, the episode was superb. You manage all the characters so well. Loved it!
    Keep writing! ❤️?

    1. Thanks and it’s ok, i was waiting for ur comment only ?

    2. Thanks and it’s ok, i was waiting for ur comment ?

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