Faded Lights~ A TEI FF by Aashiya (Promo)

Tenebrosity~ A word that seems to fit my soul in every way possible. I’ve had a dark past,a mysterious present and a broken future. I am an unwanted soul. No body really cared for me. No body really loved me. I’ve been all alone, all on my own. Twenty years have passed but my life is still at its beginning,not ready to start. This mankind might look upon me as a famous young business man,but to myself I am a dead person. Yes I am partially dead. My heart has stopped working. At times I suddenly begin to bridle, while the other half of the day is spent thinking about my dark future. I still remember pa’s and ma’s smiles. They meant the world to me,and maybe I would have meant the same to them. But,they left me. They went far away leaving a 5 year old kid on the gates of an orphanage. I loved them right. Is this what you get when you love someone? They were my parents Damnit. They couldn’t leave me like this. I wasn’t meant to be abandoned. But now,I don’t really care if I’m loved or not. Coz I’ve seen what love has given me! I’ve become a human without a heart. Neither do I care formyself nor for anyone else. I don’t have hidden secrets coz my life is all hidden in the shadow of darkness. ~All dark~

Hello people. Aashiya is back with her very first fan fiction. It’s a sentimental yet hard headed one. Suggestions are welconed~both positive and negative. Thanks to all those who read and commented on my previous works. Thank you so much people. You’re love. I’ll be posting the first part pretty soon. Thanks?

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  1. Nice concept

  2. Aneka choudhary

    hey aashiya…that was amazing…i read it before also and yeah you are a awesome writer..post soon

  3. Presha

    Awesome aashi
    Loved it
    Too good
    Love u
    Post soon

  4. nice☺

  5. Unheard-Of

    It was marvelous yaar! ??
    Loved it…

  6. amazing aashi

  7. Ananya_DSK

    Oooh!! That has created a whole lot of excitement!! This is surely going to be interesting…. Amazing!

  8. Twinj2000

    WOW yaar just Loved it ❤️❤️
    Looking forward to it ??

  9. Awesome start dear
    post soon dear

  10. Ramya

    Awesome one amazing
    Seems interesting

  11. Baby

    amazing aashii ♥
    loved it…excitedyeah ♥

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