Faded Lights~ A TEI FF by Aashiya Chapter 1

Sleep my boy! Tomorrow’s a big day!”

She was done with her instructions and left the room with a sigh. She felt pity for him. All she could do was to make him ponder on the fact that they were long gone and he should move on . All she could was that. But, sleep was far from his eyes. He knew his soul seethed with a turmoil and sleep didn’t have that caliber to brighten up his dark life.

Emotionless he stood up,and dallied up to huge study table that was placed in one corner of his king sized room,whose walls were painted in the darkest shades of black,potraying how dark his life had been. Making his way to the giant table,he took out a tiny golden key from his pocket. It fitted into the tiny dent as swiftly as it could,unlike those keys which tried the gates of his soul ,but flunked every time. The silence of a dark night is always enough to take you back to what had happened long ago, even if you aren’t willing. Same happened with him. Every night his heart seemed to take him back to the past. He remembered the blissful moments that were spent playing with his dad and fighting for chocolates with his mum. But,every time his lips tried to form a curve,the flashes of the dreadful past made him feel vulnerable.

Tears brimmed in those hazel eyes , but never managed to make further way down. Maybe,they were too tired to repeat the same procedure every day. His heart and mind were tired fighting with each other everyday. His soul was tired of living. But, he couldn’t simply die maybe. When it came to thinking of death,he just felt somewhere that the purpose for which he’s living isn’t fulfilled. He himself was unaware of this very purpose. But he knew he wasn’t born to simply die out of grief. He knew death wasn’t his fate. At present,the drawer slided open making way to the story of his life ~ his personal diary. He started writing it when he was 8 and still continued doing so. Not so regularly,but,whenever his soul felt killing, the feelings were meant to be vent out on the pages of this very diary. Today was one such night. He silently dropped to the floor and made way to the page he’d stopped the last day and started writing something which didn’t require a sense of imagination~ coz it was all real.

Dear Diary,

Been missing since last 42 days. You must be thinking why I am here after so long? As always,this much -dead creature needs someone to vent out his feelings on. Well, I don’t have and never will have a human for this purpose, and thus I turn to you dear diary. I know you’re tired of listening my wailings, and even I’m tired of verbalizing these feelings to you.
Well,Tomorrow’s an important meeting. Maybe a game changer in the professional field. It’s 2 o clock but ,I certainly don’t care. I’ve been an insomniac past 4 years. There’s no one in my life who can sing me to sleep. Why am I even living? I don’t have a reason but I don’t want to die. I miss my parents. My mum,my dad~my life. This is everyday ‘ s pattern. Everyday I’ve the same thing to do. I think I can live a day without pondering on the fact that my parents are dead long back and no one is meant to be in my life. But,the love I have for my parents will never die. Well,hope that we meet preety soon on such a deadly night ,me and you~dear diary. Till then,it’s a good bye.

Signing off,
A dead soul.

His day started looking over the darkness of his life and ended amidst the darkness of the night. The dark didn’t leave him.

Let me know your views so that I can continue the story accordingly. Forgive me if this couldn’t stand upto your expectations. Thanks a lot guys. Love you people.

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  5. Nice story…
    m looking forward to see whats gonna happen when a ray of light will enter his dark life… nd will make his dead soul full of life!!

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    Perfect…! The word which can describe my feelings right now
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  7. intresting &amazing
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    pls address the person by his name

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