Faded Lights~ A TEI FF by Aashiya Chapter 2

Somewhere round the globe,a tiny figure was seen wrapped in a blanket. The room had lit up by the sun rays protruding from the pink curtains of the room,which had walls painted in different shades of pink. The birds chirped their sweetest melodies and it was all peaceful around. But it wasn’t meant to last for long. At that moment,the alarm buzz would have been most irritating sounds to her. Seated on the bed with closed eyes,she frowned cursing the alarm clock. Trying her level best,she somehow opened her eyes. The sun shone even brighter happy on the fact that somehow he was able to wake up this sleeping princess. Stretching her arms and still in the dreams of being a super girl,she jumped from the bed. But, she was dragged to the reality when she found herself entangled in the covers on the floor. Smiling on the realisation of what had happened,she smiled to herself. “Good Morning preety “.

Saying this was a daily ritual for her. On the way to the washroom ,she had a good look of herself in the mirror. Giving herself a quick flying kiss, she rushed to the washroom. After good 45 minutes,she came back. In front of the mirror she stood,drying her silky hairs. Suddenly her gaze shifted to a picture frame that was kept on the beautiful dressing table. A soft smile appeared as she picked it up and started talking to the person in frame.
“You know,it seems weird when you stare me like this everytime I’m back from my beauty bath. I know I’m preety but have some control.”

Thinking something,she began speaking to him with a sigh
“I don’t know you but you’re known to me. Why is it so? I’ve tried to know you but everytime you cover the originality with that magical mask of yours! But I’m so used to it nkw,that I’ve started understanding you in some way. You’re someone very different from this crowd of humans. Everytime I’ve met you,my soul has just wished to know why are you like this? But life plays games. I’ve been behind you past 2 years,but I’m still unsuccessful. Unsuccessful in revealing the real soul of the very Emotionless human on earth~ ‘The Kunj Sarna’.

Putting that “The” is really important you see. Afterall,The Great Kunj Sarna isn’t just someone. He’s one of the biggest businessman of London who has acquired all Fame in these 25 years of his life. I know I won’t get anything by bringing the reality of your life out,but it will certainly make my life adventurous. Mind it Mr. Cutie,or should I say Mr. Hottie, if you’re the greatest Kunj Sarna,I’m the great ‘Twinkle Taneja’. The same journalist who has taken your personal interviews twice and the same girl who..” Well that’s a secret which even you aren’t aware of Mr. Hottie. Well talked a lot to you today. Twinkle’s getting late. See you soon.”

Unknowingly she kissed the photograph and headed to the door. Pondered why she did that,but the great queen brushed off her thoughts. She didn’t know what the destiny had for her. The mission which she thought would give her nothing,was planned to give her something in return.

Hey guys. I’m back(with a sigh) I’m so sad. It’s my first fan fiction here and all I got was 14 comments in the first chapter. See people,if you don’t like it,tell me clearly. I’ll be happy if you share your opinions. Suggestions are always welcomed. I’ll try to make it more convincing as I think you guys aren’t liking it. Well,thank you everyone who read it. Your comments meant a lot. Love you guys. Thanks again.?

Thanks for your suggestion vags. I’ve included the name here. Love ya?

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  1. Hkaur

    NYC chap. And don’t get disappointed with low comments. There will be many by the flow of tym. Take care. And most imp. pls try to post longer chapters

  2. It was awesome
    U potrayed it amazingly

    Thanks for complying to my request☺
    Post soon??

  3. Marrie

    Beautifully portrayed dear
    Loved it
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  4. Presha

    Awesome hai

    Loved it

  5. amazing☺
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  6. Amazing episode

  7. Cheena2001Cp

    Hey! Aashiya!! It was beautifully written….. The description in the beginning was very good ?Don’t be discouraged due to comments, with people accepting your ffs , they’ll surely comment….?

  8. Baby

    baby everyone is loving it ♥
    but d matter is dat now d ppl left in TU are less and also some who r dere r hving their exams n stuff soo busy schedules u c dont worry u cheer up keep it up and keep smiling ♥
    dheeree dheeree as exams vagera will get over ppl will come bck n surely give it a read ♥ n will love it ♥
    srsly too cute episode ♥
    lods of love ♥
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  9. Twinj2000

    That was awesome ❤️❤️❤️
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    Nd about the comments don’t worry dear …ppl will surely comment …n ur ff is very pleasing u don’t have to do anything more
    Post soon??
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  10. Nice episode..

  11. Aneka

    hey aashu dont be sad of low comments ….people will surely read it and love it and will also comment on it…waiting for your next epi..post soon

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  13. amazing !
    don’t be sad with less comments it will increase with the flow
    keep writing
    keep smiling

  14. Roshini125

    I really loved it to the core but I am sorry I couldn’t cmoment on the previous one as it was soo long na it didn’t have time to read it…so today I read the both and it’s amazing and turning out to be more n more interesting…..I am falling for it…plz do post soon☺☺☺☺

  15. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing
    Twinkle entry is superb

  16. Amazing episode dear superb mindblowing
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  17. Ananya_DSK

    Splendid!! That was so amazing!!!! I’m absolutely speechless… Ooooh Twinkle is stalking Kunj…? That’s making it even more interesting… Now I’m anxiously awaiting the next episode…. Please post quickly, and don’t you worry about the comments, it’s just a phase… The response will surely get better soon

  18. Amazing dear…
    Loved it
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    Fantastic it was!
    Wow yaar ur writings are absolutely brilliant…. ?
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