Facts about Ramayana part-2


I am having few wonderful facts from Mahabharata and Ramayana.


The birth of Sita- Long back ago, Ravan was the cruel king, and people got fed up of his violent and anyay. There were few saints who were punished and insulted by him. Thus, they decided to do something. They had a big yagyas and then with all the holy things they made a pot, in which they bore the seeds of a new born baby. They cursed that, the baby who will born out of this pot, would be the fruit of our deeds and the reason for Ravan’s death, in future. And after long period, the pot got broken and a baby girl took birth who was found later by King Janak while farming. Yes! That girl was Sita, who became the reason of Ravan’s death.

It is said that before Ram and other brothers were born, King Dashrath and Kaushalya had a daughter named Shanta. Kaushalya’s sister Vershini and her husband Raja Rompad who was the king of Angdesh had no child. Once in Ayodhya, Vershini joked to have a child, and Dashrath promised that she could take his daughter Shanta. And as promises are to be fulfiled, Shanta was adopted by Vershini and Rompad.

Then there is another well known story of Ram and squirrel. During the stone bridge was building to Lanka, a little squirrel was carrying little stones with it to help. But them monkeys laughed as it was little, so Ram gave it a boon that it’s body and the body of it’s next generation would be converted into gold. Little creature got happy and it went home to show it. But elders advised him to give it back as this boon could result into a curse, one day. They will get extinct due to the greed. Finding it somewhat right, he went back to Ram and asked to took away that boon. At that time Ram touched his back with his four fingers and the body got back into its original form. But those print of four finger, we can even find today on the back of squirrels.

If you find them interesting then do comment so that I continue with more. It’s just a sample………..

Credit to: Shivangi

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