Facts about Ramayana

Here by I am writing facts of Ramayana

• Lakshman never slept during Rama’s excile. He is also known as Gudakesh meaning the one who has defeated sleep.

•Urmila slept both Lakshman’s and her shares of sleep for 14 years so that Lakshman remained awake protecting Rama and Sita. She only woke up when Lakshman returned Ayodhya.

•Lakshman was the twin brother of shatrughan. Their mother was Sumitra

•lord Rama left this Earth by taking the Jal Samadhi in sarayu river with his brothers

• Lakshman killed 3 sons of Ravana, while his killing of meghanaad is more popular, other sons of Ravan were Prahast and Akitay.

• Hanuman also defied the sun from rising before time as it would have killed Lakshman.

• Ravan had 4 brothers . Vibhishan, Kumbakarna,Ahiravan and Mahiravan. Khara and Dushan are also believed to be his brothers

• Hanuma killed Ahiravan and Mahiravan by taking his pancharoopi form

• Ravana was cursed by Nandi that Lanka Wouk be destroyed by a monkey. Later Hanuman put Lanka into flames

• Ravana was also an excellent veena player and the sign of his flag had a picture of veena on it

• Rama and Lakshman were abducted by Ahiravan and the both brothers were saved by Hanuman

• Sita was known as Vaidehi during the excile

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  7. Urmila asked NIDRA dev to take away laxman’s sleep

    Sita was born for the death of ravan but in real vedvati herself cursed ravan and became his death by being sita ( known as maya sita )

    Shree ram took sita’s agnipariksha as he knew that sita who was capture by ravan was not sita but agni dev’s wife as shree ram himself gave sita to agni dev and from then who was in ravan’s capture was agni dev’s wife

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