Fab5 + Golden Sparklers (manan together forever) Part 3


GS except nandu goes to class nandu was going to cls but there she saw fab5 who were talking
After listening to them she went to class Fab 5 also comes there
After class all students left except GS and Fab5
Fab5 came to GS
Fab5- we r sorry guys we shouldnt have done that
GS were shocked to hear
Abhi-Its okk
Cabir-So…..frnds nd extend his hand
Mukti-ya guys we wanna u as our frnds becoz first tym somebody has the guts to go against Fab 5
Abhi-okk frnds (shaking hand with cabir)
Alya- so lets go to canteen
Thay all leave for canteen but our nandu was silent and thinking about something
Mukti-lets go cabir lets order something
They went nd after sometym came back with their order and placed in front of them
Nandu was still upset about something
Alya-hey nandu where r u lost haaan
Nandu-ummm ….nothing guys i was just thinking its first day of our frndship so we should ate it by sharing
Fab5 except manik were shocked
Alya-ummm y whats the need to do that
Nandu-i heard that by sharing food frndship gets stronger….or do u hav any prblm?
Alya-ummm(thinking-agar maine mna krdiya to inhe shkk hor jayega ek plate se hi to share krna h baki to apna apna hi khayege….lekin ye nandu bchjayegi…kya karun chl haan boldeti hoon). Okk we will do it

Fab5 eat from nandu plate only one bite was left in that plate which is taken by nandu then
abhi,arya nd navya-(making pout face)yr hmari frndship ka bhi to pehla din h so what about us…
And with this nandu smiles and Fab 5 bicharo ko khana pda
Nandu-(thinking)bichare hume fsana chahte thhe khud fas gye

Alya-guys unhe sabk sikhana to pdega na
Mukti-haa yr
Cabir-i hav an idea pehle hum unke frnds bnege then unhe canteen le kar jaayege or unke order m ye poora ka poora packet mirchi ka daal dege agr vo nahi khayege to hum unhe emotionally blackmail kr k khilayege
Mukti -osum cabir so i m in
Alya- me too
Manik-yr ye kuch jaada ho jaayega
Dhruv-haa guya
Alya-dhruv plzzzz mere liye
Dhruv-okk guys lekin sirf tumhare liye alya
Manik mukti and cabir-ooooohhhhh
Manik-but ye jaada ho jayega
Fab4-tere paas koi option nahi h
Manik-okk but m kuchh help nhi kruga tumhari okkk

Fb ends

Nandini was smiling seeing there faces(thinking- m sorry ye sab krke m bhi khush nhi kyuke tum jaante ho na i love u but mere frnds mre liye meri family h unhe hurt hote nhi dekh skti)

Whom does nandu love…??
Y manik didnt do smthing to hurt GS…??
R nandu and manik hiding something from their frnds????

Recap-(new entries) nandu goes to a mansion where 4men and 3 women were standing

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  1. Nyccc….nandu..Manik i guess definltly….n e ways nyc update t c

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    nice dear…update soon

  3. I’m a silent reader and like me there are many other people who can’t get enough time to comment .please don’t stop your story for less comment. ????????

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