Fab5 + Golden Sparklers (manan together forever) Part 2


In clg,
Fab 5 reached clg in the meantime a girl came there
Manik- u r a fresher,right..??
Mukti-whats ur name??
She-am navya
Alya-then do something interesting which can entertain us…??
Nandu,arya and abhi who were passing by saw that some students ragging a girl but the dont know who the girl is as girls back is facing them…

Navya-what the hell u want haa m not ur puppet okk
Mukti-how dare u to speak against fab5 haa now u have to bear the punishment…
Alya takes one egg and throws on her wid full spead but….our nandini catched the egg and throw back on the face of alya…?
Nandini-how dare u..u guys know na ragging is a crime and ragging our group’s member u messed wid wrong group u know we r the shining st…we r Golden Sparklers
Manik-u….???how dare u to it wid alya haa wt do u think of urself…saying this manik starts coming closer to nandini he was about to toch her when someone hold his hand he was none other than arya…
Arya-u have messed with wrong persons guys…
Nandini-lets go we have to go to principal’s office (turning towards fab5) guys wait and watch u will regret to mess with us
Saying this she leave and arya abhi and navya also left and get their schedule

Fab5 was shocked what just happen
Alya-how dare she to do this with me…how can she look more prettier than me….??
Manik-r u sure u r angry with that girl due to this reason
Mukti-OMG alya she insulted Fab5 and u r angry for that stupid reason that she is looking prettier than u
Fab5 was thinking about getting their revenge except dhruv and manik…
Maink(thought)-how beautifull she is her eyes her nose her lips she is awesome wait!! Wt m i thinking she insulted us nd i m thinking its tym for revenge manik not love story okk concentrate….!!

Recap-fab5 plays a prank on GS but our smart nandu traps them in their own plan….

Guys if u like it and u want me to continue then plsssssss tell me in comments…and sry for grammatical mistakes….

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  1. I am really liking your ff but this is very small one plzz try to upload a big one if possible take care good going

    1. Jp5444

      Thnku but i hav my exams going on only 2 days then exams will be over nd then i will write big one

  2. Pls continue its a nice story dear

  3. Nyc dear

  4. nice going pls continue…

  5. Hiii dear…read ur oll updates 2day…its an reallly interstng story…complt bang onn ha….strong bold nandu fightng not individually bt wd her group….i reallly likd it…waitng nd t c

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