Fab5 + Golden Sparklers (manan together forever) Part 1

In Newyork
A beautiful lake is shown a girl is sitting on bench
She-(thought) a lot has changed in that one day i dont know why all this happen with me and my frnds what wrong have i done that i have to bear the rudeness of my aryaman my best buddy whenever that day is rememberwd….
Suddenly one girl came and sit besides girl 1  and 2 boys also came and hog girl 1
Girl1-I love u guys r u ready to fly to India and have u guys told lisa to come there whenever our signatures needed
Boy1- relax nandini(yes the girl is our nandini) we have done everything
Nandini-guys u know without u guys am incomplete and then pointing towrads other girl- navya have u packed all our stuff
Navya- yes and pointing towrds boys- abhimanyu and aryaman ki packing bhi kr di hai maine so chill ok!
Then they had a group hug they went to their home and went to airport
They came to India and nandinis driver was waiting fro them they sit in the car and went to Golden sparklers mansion

At fab5 mansion,
One guy was playing guitar then suddenly one girl came and said- manik (the guy is ourmanik)u r playing guitar at this tym u get up so early….
Manik-mukti i was feeling like our lives our going to change by the way u also get up so early haa…
Then 2 boys and 1 girl came ther fighting
Manik- What happened guys y r u fighting??
Boy1- manik we r not fighting yr
Manik- that means cabir u r teasing dhruv and alya right
Cabir- no manik i was not yr this makeup kit wants to doshopping today also today we have our first day at clg after vaccations and u know fresher students will also be there…
Before he can speak dhruv interupted and said-and if we dont go to clg then who will bully those students haaa…
Manik – alya u can go shopping in evng also na now we willbe leaving for clg okk guys get freshen up
All left but manik was thinking about his weird feelings andin meantime nyonika came and said-Go get freshen up beta
Manik left
All leave for clg fab 5 as well as golden sparklers

Recap:navya was alone and fab 5 starts bullying her….seeing this nandini gets damn angry

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  1. Nice start dear

  2. Intresting ff with lot of suspense in itawesome start

  3. hiii……It is really nice and different track…keep going

  4. Hmm jasmine a nice name indeed and can we be sisters and can I call you Di if you are comfortable and episode is SOMETHING DIFFERENT I loved it

    1. Jp5444

      Ofcourse u can call me di sissy

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