FAB5 AUR MANAN (Promo 9)

Heya guys, wassup?? Sorry again for updating late but now Inshallah I vil update daily, here is the promo

Promo – 9

Manan reached the airport after 1 hour.
They checked out n were shocked to see Cavya, Mukbhi n Dhrulya standing as if they are couple. He went to them n asked

Manik: whoa, guyz tumlog aise kyu stand krre ho jaise
Nandini: couples ho?
All in union: haa hum hai
Manan: kyaa??
Cavya: guyz pehle chalo hum sab batate hai. They both were still shocked n nodded. They all after 30mins reached Malhotra Mansion(Mumbai). Both Manan freshen n sat on couch together. All couple adjusted themselves, Nandini started

Nandini: toh ab jaldi batao ye sab kese hua.
Mukti(blushing): Mai batati hoo.
Nandini: oho someone is blushing.
Mukti: chupkar, ab mai start karo?
Manan: ha ha karo.
Mukti: Abhi called me to some place n
Mukti reached the place, she was shocked to see the place. It was the same place she imagined. She went inside n saw an arrow(right), she went right n saw a table, two chairs n a candle. It was beautiful decorated, her favorite flowers were all over there. Her favorite chocolates were on the table, a note was with it
To My Beautiful Lady
She was very happy, she called Abhi, he came from back n called her. She turned n saw Abhi on his knees. He said
I don’t know how to say it, I know u know ur beautiful but for me ur very beautiful, from the day I have known ur inner beauty, I love it n I love u. Do u luv me? He removed a ring from his blazer, Mukti was in tears as no one has done this to her, she was in many relationships without make-outs n kisses but no one loved her truly. But today she was very happy, she too sat on her knees n said
I love u too Abhi n with this Abhi made her wear the ring. They both stood up n hugged each other tightly.
(Flashback over)

So guys, how was it?? Liked it, I don’t know much abt confessions, so inform me how was it, waiting for response……
Lots Of Love ❤️❤️️❤️️

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  1. Superbbbbnb nazz dear loved the promo sooo much take carevdear keep going

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      Thanx n u too take care

  2. Nycccccc…..saare ban gye ..wahhhhhh…..Manan kb banenge…..Mukbhi proposal was really gud nd cute more..lovd it..happy finally u will update daily….lotts of love frnd ..t c

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      Thanx anji n take care

  3. It’s awesome Naaz…. you are an amazing writer yaar. Please update as soon as possible.
    Love you to the moon and back ❤ and take care

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  4. Woah mukbhi confession super dearr & manan in Mumbai sachmei super but y re & miss uu

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  5. Mahi13

    Mukbhi confession was super cute n sweet. Update soon.

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  6. ?????oooo mukthi to blush episode was good

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      Choti its promo

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