FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter 4)

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Chapter 4 – Mangalore

Precap: All were gossiping.
It was night when everyone were sleeping but someone wasn’t able to think n it was our Tomboy. She was thinking what happened the other day.
Mukti was standing in the cabin when Abhi pointed towards the chair. She sat on the chair. Abhi said close ur eyes, she closed her eyes, then he said forget everything juz think u r in some beautiful place, can u see a beautiful place? She nodded her head. He again said don’t think u r a tomboy think ur a beautiful girl in girl’s outfit, can u see it? She again nodded. Abhi now said see some1 is coming towards u maybe he is a boy, can u see him? She again nodded but she said I can’t see his face.
Abhi said hmmm then think the guy is me, can u see its me? She nodded. Abhi again said I m coming towards u, I m very near to u, our lips r only inches away n I m gonna ki before he could complete Mukti stood up. He said
Abhi: what happen?? R u okay?
Mukti: yess I m ok.
Abhi: then lets complete what is left?
Mukti didn’t turn to him n came outside blushing.
(Flashback over)
She was smiling thinking about it. She missed him n slept. It was morning now. Everyone woke up n freshened, Navni came to meet Fab4, Nandini said them they should go n change their outfits, they all first said no but after insisted by Nandini, they all agreed n went to their homes. After 1 hour they all returned. Every1 were seated, Nandini brought breakfast for them. They all again compliment her. The day went in talking about their social life. It was a new day with new hopes for Fab5 that maybe today Manik vil come back to them. But today too it wasn’t the day but a day of new relations. Nandini made them realize that when Manik vil get conscious, if he sees his family like this in this state, then he vil feel guilty n they all understood her point n used to be happy. Nandini has made her place in Fab4’s hearts. They all thought she takes care of them as Manik. She is suitable for him. Its been one month since the accident n god was in mood to fullfil Fab4’s wish so today Manik was gonna become conscious. It was 10 of morning when Fab4 were busy in talks when Cabir felt a movement. He moved towards the bed n tears of happiness were flowing from his eyes. He called Fab4. All came running n they saw Manik smiling at them. Their anger flew away n all hugged him tightly one by one. Cabir went to call Doc. After 5mins Cabir came with Doc. Navya too was coming in the room but she got a call. Inside the room Doc checked Manik n said he can be discharged within 2days. Fab4 were very happy. Then Navya entered the room n was shocked too see Manik awake. Mukti came running to Navya n hugged her, Navya hugged her back. Everyone hugged each other, Cabir too in happiness hugged her but this hug was different for them as they got shivers in their bodies. They suddenly broke the hug thinking what happened before. But someone was confused their n that was Manik. Everyone saw him confused n Mukti reminisced something n asked where is our angel. Navya said she left for Manglore. Fab4 were shocked.
They all asked in union: when?? Why??
Navya: guyzz chill I vil answer ur questions actually when I was coming inside the room I got her call.
Nandini: hi Navya!
Navya: hi Nandini! Where r u?
Nandini: actually I m going to Mangalore.
Navya: what?? Why??
Nandini: amms is ill. So
Navya: hmmm I understand. But atleast u should have met Fab4.
Nandini: I can’t meet u also .
Navya: why??
Nandini: I m in bus with Rishab n plzz forgive me.
Navya(sad): k I understand.
Nandini: k bye, luv u.
Navya: bye, me too.
(Flashback over)
Fab4 were sad. Manik was confused n Cabir sensed it. He informed him how Nandini gave blood, took care of them.
Manik reminicsed that Cabir’s mom met with incident, so he asked Cabir about her. Cabir didn’t wanted him to know about the lie so he said she is k n is at home. Manik had doubt on him but didn’t said it. Then he met Navya n thanked her for taking care of his family. She said u should thank Nandini. He said he will. It was discharging day, Abhi came to meet Manik. They informed that today they vil be going to their secret house. Listening this Abhi n Mukti became sad. But Abhi said with his eyes to her don’t be sad n she smiled. They all left for “Secret House”(in Shimla). They all stayed together n took care of Manik. They all were missing Navni n Mukti was missing Navniyu. After 1 week they all returned back to Mumbai. They all informed Manik about the lie n they all together found out it was none other then our “Harshad”( he is not Alya’s bro in my story fyi). They all got bzy in concerts but Fab4 were missing Navni, they decided to meet Navya. They met her n all gossiped. Next day Mukti hiding herself with sunglasses n scarf went to meet Abhi. Abhi was very happy n hugged her. They talked till 1 hour n Mukti left. They were friends now.  One fine day Fab4 received a message on Fab4 Group, they all together saw but from different places. It was from Manik
Manik: sorry guys, didn’t informed but it was urgent so I left for Mangalore.
Cabir: what???
Dhruv: y didn’t u inform us??
Alya: we would have cum with u.
Manik: guyz take breath. N y Mukti is not replying.
Cabir: Saale tu aise achanak batayega to hum naraz nhi honge.
Manik: hmmm to hmri tomboy naraz hy, accha to phir aate wqt uske fav chocolates nhi launga.
Mukti: ?kyaa mere fav chocolates.
Manik: yess
Mukti’s anger flew away n they finished chatting. Manik after 1 hour reached to Mangalore. He reached to office, he had a meeting in 10 mins. So he was running towards the office when he bumped with someone, the person was carrying coffee which spilled on Manik’s suit. Manik was very angry on the person. The person was a girl, she was very sorry but she too was in hurry. She gave him his napkin n ran in the office. Manik thought who was she, I vil not spare her. He entered the office, every1 was staring at the stain of coffee. He gave a glare to every1 n entered his cabin. He directly went into the washroom n washed the stain away. He called his manager asking, where is his new PA. After 5mins manager entered n a girl entered behind him, it was the same girl who met him outside the office. He got angry n asked Who is she?? Manager got scared n said Sir ur new PA Ms Nandini Thakkar.

I think this one was small update na, really sorry for small wala update, n wait for next promo till then have patience, waise what’s ur opinion n Nandu being Manik’s PA? Waiting for response………..
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